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    Calvin and High Speed Punches, Nazi Kamikaze Soldiers

    by , 12-07-2012 at 11:22 PM (530 Views)
    Calvin and High Speed Punches (Non-lucid)


    All I remember is that Calvin from Tyler Perry's, "House of Payne," is engaging in an intense battle with some random dream character.

    Calvin is wearing a maroon dress shirt buttoned up along with black jeans. He's giving it his all punching this DC, and his opponent seems to be giving him an equal amount of punching as well.

    Their punches are so fast that it ends up being a Dragon Ball Z type of battle where you just see random flashes and it's hard to know where they're trying to punch.

    Oh, and he's also flying and punching too, and he has his mouth slightly open, probably to exhale as he's exerting immense force in his attacks.


    Nazi Kamikaze Soldiers (Non-lucid)


    I'm inside of a store with a few random people. Everything about this area feels suspicious, like everyone is watching us, watching to see when we'll seem like we're out of synch with everyone else.

    Kind of like in Inception when the subconscious manifestations of dream characters start looking in on someone who isn't in synch with the host's mind.

    I believe we were trying to retrieve something, and I was going through a fairly long aisle in front of me. The flooring was all white, the lighting was pure white, and the shelves were mostly gray and dull in color.

    The dream shifts where I'm trying to take something, and I'm doing a horrible job at hiding it. It's a really long white pole, that I'm putting underneath my random black robe outfit that I'm wearing.

    I tried pushing the pole down to see if I can make it shorter, but the action itself was too awkward, and I started to get growing suspicion from everyone around me.

    Then I heard someone state,

    "Get him."

    I tried to rub it off and walked casually to just to make sure I didn't assume they were talking to me. But with the footsteps picking up their pace, I made a dash for it. Things go out fairly well in my escape, until I temporarily had my speed decreased for no apparent reason.

    I literally was pedalling my legs....how is that even possible? I tried so hard to speed up, and I did, though the reaction time was very awkward because I went a little too fast.

    Spoiler for A bit too poopy:
    Spoiler for A bit too poopy:

    So after that's settled, I accepted whatever is inside of me, and completely ignored the simple function to just find a bathroom and do #2.

    The dream shifts where I'm in a mini-mall of some sort. There's a lot of dark-skinned dream characters, and I had a feeling this was a tribal setting. I also felt that these people were most likley cannibals as well.

    I tried my best to remain cautious in everything that I did inside this area. It was difficult getting out, because I didn't want to stare at anyone for too long to provoke them, and also not make myself too out of norm where they might just attack me for no reason.

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