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    Car Accident & Looking For a Mechanic

    by , 12-12-2015 at 12:02 AM (279 Views)
    Car Accident & Looking For a Mechanic (DILD)


    Iím driving a really nice vehicle; a BMW I believe. Iím trying to either park in, or get out of the parking lot, and came to the realization that I probably needed to get something at the convenience store. I had a yearning to get some kind of breakfast burrito, or at least some beef fajitas for some reason. The setting of the dream environment entailed that it was early morning, or close to evening time; but based on the context of what occurred soon after, it was probably the former.

    So thereís a quick skip where I received the food, and just as Iím trying to get out, I visualize myself outside of the car, and itís parked halfway, and thereís a truck to the left of it parked parallel as well. Then, the perspective changes to where Iím driving again, and I see a car ram into me abruptly. I knew who it was for a split second, but I didnít really feel any kind of rage. I only cared about tending to the vehicle, and finding a mechanic that can get the job done at a reasonable price.

    For the rest of the dream, we had our backs turned. They tried to ask me a few questions, but they were afraid to make a face-to-face interaction with me. I wasnít afraid, but felt that trying to argue would be a waste of time, and I spent some time looking at a screen related to Google Maps of nearby mechanics. The problem is, theyíre way too far; oneís 67 miles, the others are about 200-300+ miles.

    I hear the relative talk to someone on the cellphone, and I presumed that they found a mechanic. For a little bit, I started to recall the sensations of being in the car crash again, and there was a sense of relief, for some odd reason. I spend the rest of my time casually scrolling through the computer/laptop while ignoring further interactions with the relative; it seems were both at an impasse as to what to say.

    I checked up what car crashes may entail with a grain of salt, but most of them made sense in context of conflict, and even reaching a big achievement. I didnít elaborate more on the dream since I didnít want to get too personal, but yeah.

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