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    Carrot and Anderj101, Talking to Carrot

    by , 05-13-2012 at 01:39 PM (1846 Views)
    Carrot and Anderj101 (Non-lucid)


    I took 6mg of Melatonin last night, set the alarm to wake me up around 3.5-4 hours of sleep.

    I had the alarm wake me up another time after that, and I typed up this dream in the mean time before going back to sleep to wait for the second one to ring.

    At first, it seems that I'm the only one in the backyard of a random house, but both my father and mother were there, they were just in different areas of the garden. It's really bright outside, but I don't necessarily feel too hot.

    There's this huge tree stump that I'm walking on, and I'm wondering when we're going to get out of this place. There's a random female dream character walking back and forth on the other side of the gate, which was kind of weird for me. I believe she had dark brown hair,but didn't get to see her face sadly.

    The place has fairly high grass, almost reaching to the top of your ankles. The dream shifts to where I'm on top of some really green hill with someone who probably is my father. He's wearing shades, and we're looking over at some people below.

    It's still a bit bright outside in the dream, and the area almost looks the same as the place near my apartment, except that there's a really huge peak somewhere in the middle this time. Some people look familiar, one person on the bottom looks like Anderj101, and I don't know what they're doing, but it looks like they're waiting for something to happen in the mean time.

    I told my father that these are people I know on the forums...

    Shit....are you kidding me? He wouldn't even be the last person I would tell ever about this forum, but I said it without feeling hesitant, so this is all the work of my sporadic non-lucid state of mind. He didn't really take what I said too seriously, probably to respect my own business.

    Then the dream shifts a bit to where I see this girl that looks like Ashley M--almost said her name
    (for personal reference: girl with light brown hair at A&M)....Anyway, Ashley wanted to get some guys to help her carry a mattress I'm assuming. It looks an awful lot like mine, dark blue, and having a gray bottom.

    I decide to randomly join in with carrying the mattress. It wasn't too heavy, and it was pretty small for a mattress, so I don't know why she would need 4 guys to carry it. Anyway, me and 3 other random guys carry the mattress while moving forward in a completely different environment.

    It seems like the setting is early morning, or early evening with the sun fairly close from being out of sight. The guys helping me carry the mattress, one by one, start to take their hands off it, and I'm still holding it awkwardly.

    It takes me a while to realize this, and then I tell and yell at time a bit, not too loud, just out of surprise. One I believe started to laugh a little bit, but I didn't see their faces, just the back of their heads.

    They started to run, and I started to run as well. It takes me a while to be cognizant that I'm still holding on to the mattress, and then I put it on the top of my head, and started dashing for those guys for being silly and not helping me out.

    I realized that they were basically useless, and I could take care of holding it myself. I believe I dropped the mattress at some point in this moment of running.

    Then, another dream shift, I'm in a fairly busy area, and most of the dream characters are Asian.

    (Just using this to remember how rushed the dream felt at this point)

    I didn't notice this yet, but I was holding my pillow on my left hand, and running like crazy looking for Carrot (DV member). Dodging people and trying not to cause too much of a scene, I finally see Carrot running as well.

    I don't know exactly why she's running, but as I'm running, I notice something barking, and I turn my face to the left, while still running, and see a black and brown dog.

    It had a mix of a German Shepherd, and the face of The Sulimov Dog.
    Basically, a hybrid between Lapponian Herders and Turkmen golden jackals

    It didn't seem to be after me, but rather, a companion? I ignore it, unfortunately, since it was a brief moment and was too concentrated on why Carrot is running so quickly.

    I take advantage of my environment with a fair amount of people walking in a city by blending in with the crowd, still maintaining a steady run after her. I see Carrot finally decides to take a break and walk a bit, and she turns to her left to see if whoever is chasing her is gone.

    She looks relaxed, and then turns her head back in front to walk. I come in casually, like nothing didn't even happen, and told her while having my hand on her left shoulder about something related to me and her having a party before I have to leave and go back home.

    The dream shifts to where I'm sitting down with a blonde female to the right of me at a restaurant, but I only recognized her hair with peripheral vision, and I didn't seem too interested in the table I'm sitting next to her.

    The reason being was that I was seeing that the dream was going to fade a little bit, and it sucks that I didn't get to see the face of the blonde to the right of me.....damn it lol, dream signs of blondes are getting a lot more frequent now.

    And I'm not even picking out random blondes, she was RIGHT there next to me, sipping on some kind of beverage. I believe she was also wearing a strapless Khaki dress, but it looked a little bit lighter in material, so that's the best thing I can associate with it, not really keen on the fashion stuff for women.

    And I noticed that the table cloth had red and white squares, but I didn't pay too much attention to that.

    I believe I was talking to someone in front of me, and even though the speech was diluted a bit, signaling a dream fading or something of the sort, I could tell that I didn't really want to engage in the conversation in the first place.

    The interesting part of this dream is that as I typed it up in a Dream Journal program, I was looking for breeds of police dogs on Wikipedia, and the Sulimov Dog was the BEST match for the face of the dog that I saw in the dream.

    And it's a Russian dog too (I think?), seems either it came to light in the dream because I read an entry of Sinoblak's where she met Eva and her playing Russian music (Eva that is), or it came as a coincidence.

    I don't think that's mere coincidence, homologous association at least, but not coincidence....because my mind likes to associate a few things late at night rather than during the day, sometimes.

    And another interesting thing was me holding a pillow. I never held a pillow before in my dreams....ever, at least, all the ones that I recalled. I wonder if it's because I watched the commentary and walk-through of "Catherine" for the XBOX-360/PS3 on YouTube.

    Spoiler for Vincent in Catherine:

    Spoiler for Random stuff about Catherine the video game:

    Talking to Carrot (Non-lucid)


    I decided I should sleep for 1-2 hours, I didn't really expect a lot to happen in that time, but it was good practicing to listening for the alarm though.

    When the alarm started to ring, I kept my body still, and dozed off to sleep was I was trying to recall the dream I had before it woke me up.

    All I remember is that I'm talking to Carrot, and probably someone else as well.

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    1. Whattheboy's Avatar
      Cool long dream.I have alot of dreams like this when I have not been dreaming lately.Woah,I should put that in My DJ.Anyway yeah and only 4 of my long dreams have been Lucid.
      Linkzelda likes this.
    2. Linkzelda's Avatar

      It helps me a lot setting the alarm at different intervals, so that I can wake up hopefully right after the dream ends.
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    3. Carrot's Avatar
      I was curious why are you chasing me with the pillow too.

      Regarding Catherine and Katherine, that's a really tough choice to make. Even for me.
      Linkzelda likes this.
    4. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I guess personality might help you make a choice.

      Katherine is the type of person who looks forward to marriage, settling down, having children, the good ol' mother and father splitting chores of taking care of the baby while working.

      Catherine is a succubus that loves to be free, seduce all kinds of men, satisfy temporary pleasures, and keep things sporadic and interesting.

      So, Katherine: Conservative and staying within the sheep (by that, I mean the norms for what is the example of having a family). Boring, dull, but stable and worthwhile in the long run, and can provide happiness as long as you see beyond the repeating elements of the marriage.

      Catherine: Free, subjective, wild, sporadic, intense, but unstable because she lives in brief moments of spontaneity...living in the moment, and not really considering about the consequences of her actions.
      Carrot likes this.
      Updated 05-14-2012 at 05:29 PM by Linkzelda
    5. Carrot's Avatar
      I'll choose neither. Above all that I need a cheerful and genuine character.
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