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    Catherine with Purple Wings, Sakura and Sasuke (SDE Day 24)

    by , 09-07-2012 at 02:39 PM (892 Views)
    Catherine with Purple Wings (Non-lucid)


    All I remember is someone levitating above me, she had huge purple wings. Whenever I'm trying to recall how she looks like, she looks a lot like Catherine from the game "Catherine."

    The background behind her was shining with bright colors, like a mix of white, a little bit of orange, pink, and other things. She was wearing the default costume in the game, but what was different this time is that it seems she's wearing white lingerie stockings as well.

    How I see her is starting the bottom of her feet in stockings, all the way up to her arms spreading out to me, as if she wanted to wrap her arms around and hug me. Then the angle shifts up more, and she's smiling at me.

    Well......I guess there's no doubt about it, I was just heartbeats from getting a direct answer from her, but I don't even remember what I did after I saw her.

    She's my dream guide, or if I want to start getting more into it:

    -My Guardian Angel
    -A Succubus
    -Or a Shape shifter Dream guide...which probably means the blondes in my dreams are all some element, and Catherine is just another form she can take....probably because I had an attraction to her in the game (gaaaaaaah video game crushes............)

    Hmmm....finding which dream to try and draw gets harder, especially when an idea pops in my head to help me remember the dream and get it engrained in my mind.

    I still remember the dream with the lady in the blue dress.

    Then there's Ada Wong with the Black Wings, and now Catherine with the Purple Wings.

    As much as I want to interpret this dream as just a figment of my imagination, as an aspect of apophenia, ugh....

    that's no fun thinking like that! Oh well, maybe I'll have some luck tonight, that's what I always say to myself. -__-

    Sakura and Sasuke (Non-lucid)


    The environment is dark, it had colors ranging from dark maroon, red, and black. Sakura from Naruto Shippuden is wearing the same white cloak she had over one of her default costumes in the series. Sakura is right behind Sasuke, and Sasuke is just standing there, waiting for a response I'm assuming.

    Sakura bends her neck a bit forward and I think she starts crying, almost similar to the scene where she tried to kill Sasuke
    (sorry if I spoiled it for anyone, but I doubt anyone is going to die if they were trying to catch up on the anime and manga).

    She decides to get the kunai in her hand closer and closer to Sasuke's back, and the moment he turns around, both of them have their weapons next to each others neck. Sasuke has his sword, and she has her kunai, things look like a stalemate.

    Hmm....that's weird, Sasuke allowing himself to get into that position, I honestly thought he would

    EMS+ Spam Amaterasu+ Spam Susanoo to overkill her or something.

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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Maybe you can talk to this shape-shifter/dream guide/succubus while lucid, and ask her who she really is, and the meaning of all her appearances.
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