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    Children Blocking the Street

    by , 10-21-2014 at 03:19 AM (429 Views)
    Children Blocking the Street (DILD)


    The foundation of the dream environment is similar to one Iím residing in waking life. The weather seems to be very ideal, with more clouds forming around than usual, almost to the point where it might rain later on in the dream.

    The garage, vehicles used, and the dream characters Iím close to most of the time are almost picture-perfect copies of those in real life. But this is a presumption based on magnifying my peripheral vision, and getting pretty bleak conceptions of their visage, but I get sensations that makes me feel itís them, and I feel Iím shifting into third person perspective every now and then.

    Iím not sure how the first event occurred, but it was either my relative backing out their vehicle from the garage, or me backing out with the vehicleís front facing what wouldíve been the perimeter for the garage to close down completely. Whatever the case, letís focus on me taking the vehicle out.

    I can sense thereís at least two people inside the vehicle, excluding me, and it feels like Iím driving my relativeís vehicle instead. The reason being is that it felt a bit more spacious, and the engine seems to be running smoothly; this could just be my mind rendering out an ideal portrayal of my vehicle, though.

    As Iím driving out of the garage by making a left turn, and then preparing to turn the wheel to go straight out, I see another vehicle coming into the garage. It doesnít seem that my relatives are shocked by this, in fact, one of them suggested for me to keep going, and donít bother minding whatís going on. I take a look of whoís inside the vehicle, and I noticed it looks a bit like who Iíll nickname as Amb.

    Same visage, except she looks like sheís stressed out, and had a rough morning/day/whatever time the dream is emulating. I get a strange sensation glancing over her, and with the confusion still lurking about in my mind, Iím not as fixated on what will be going on beyond the neighborhood. I eventually snapped out of it, and continued to drive along to the street perpendicular to the driveway.

    I drove slowly, mostly out of habit to watch out for children that may be going to school, or may be randomly playing. At this point, I just let predispositions roll out as Iím watching myself and controlling my movements on and off. As Iím turning to the right side of the vehicle, I didnít hear any squeaking sound as the vehicle is landing on a flat surface from a highly curved highway.

    The transition is so smooth, that I briefly reveled in the thought of said transition, and I felt this subtle moment made me cling onto lucidity a bit since being victim to psychosomatic experiences in my dreams, and predispositions from waking life are going to be the ďvehicleĒ of my movements and processing whatís going on.

    I can literally feel the gravity as the vehicle is landing on a flatter surface, along with the rolling, and then the abrupt stop from the curb, and then the vehicle gradually picking up pace. Naturally, I presumed there would be a stop sign just a few feet ahead of me, and using my peripheral vision validated this belief.

    From here on out, the perspective changes completely, and just when I thought I would have to make a deep turn to the right to straighten out, and be perpendicular to the stop sign, the vehicle is already straight. Itís like the transition was like what you would see when playing a Need for Speed game on the GameCube where you would press the ďZĒ button to reset the vehicle in the straight position after crashing, slowing down, etc.

    And before you know it, a band of children are forming a barricade, making it seem impossible, at first glance, of passing through them unless I ran over them. I didnít want to do this, obviously, even though it was a dream. The children were diverse in race, though the ones that seemed to have been leaders that enticed this weird human barricade were Caucasian. Thereís a boy wearing an open light sky blue dress shirt with dark shades of blue stripes forming a checkered pattern (but only having the light sky blue as a filling within the borders).

    His hairstyle seems abnormal for a little child, and it looks like he had applied too much hair gel. The hairstyle consists of random spiked hair with curved spiked hair that looks like itís very close in becoming hardened to the point where I wonder if his hair literally his part of his whole skin for his visage.

    The more I observe this child, the more I feel as if Iím on the ground just to be able to look up and see him entirely. Heís probably wearing slightly baggy jeans with the soft fading blue colors along with white shoes. He has his hands in his pocket, and his visage twisted at an angle just a bit to exhibit a serious demeanor that I wonít be able to pass this barricade for quite some time.

    Then one of the dream characters in the vehicle told me to keep going, even though I knew I wasnít going to take actionÖuntil I looked more to the right, and that some of the children to the right were gone, or were a bit slow in making a completely impasse for us all. I take the chance to go to the right, but going at low speed even though it was a perfect chance for me to just swoosh through them.

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