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    Chirpy Chick, Naked Chick, One Piece & GTA: San Andreas, Joker Tries to Scare Me

    by , 10-24-2014 at 06:58 AM (692 Views)
    Holding a Chick (Chirp Kind of Chick) (DILD)


    Too lazy to go into detail.

    Riding a vehicle, or something like that. I see chicks walking in a neighborhood, and I look at ones near perfectly green grass. I grab one, and I get a first person view of the chick in an ultra 4k type of resolution, and then some, and even that would be an understatement of the visual quality.

    I take the chick home, and wanted to take care of it by cleaning it.

    At some point between this experiences, there were a few 3d cartoonish chickens and chicks wearing police outfits, trying to grab the chick away from me, but not being able to do so at all.

    I apply some green dishwashing soap, and just as I was about to rinse it, their eyes are gone, and their whole body and eyes turn into glass.


    Naked Female Outside By the Door Wants to Play (DILD)


    Iím only wearing a towel that consists of a variety of colors with a base color of a light swamp green, and subtle shades of yellow. I have a body completely abnormal from one I have in waking life, and the whole dream has an atmospheric overlay of an overly-realistic lighting setting of sunset, or early morning.

    I can sense two people are in the house, I presume they are a few of my relatives, and the whole house in general by deducing the environment just through peripheral vision alone was akin to the one Iím residing currently IRL. It seemed too idealistic, and the sensations and emotions I was exhibiting seemed a bit beyond my cognitive grasp.

    It must be a feeling of just taking a nice shower in a dream. The doorbell rings, and I somehow was the first person to get to it. I open it slowly while forgetting that Iím basically half-naked, and in front of me is a naked female. She has her right leg bent slightly, as if sheís raising her right foot up to where itís just the tip of her toes that are on the ground.

    Her left leg is mostly straight, and sheís bending her back slightly, but not too much. Her right hand is placed firmly on her love handles, kind of like those facebook pictures you see girls mostly posing as.

    She has her left hand near her mouth, with her index finger sticking out thatís the closest to her lips. I shift around perspectives, and look at myself from her point of view, and noticed how my mind is rendering out ideal proportions of a maleís body, I guess.

    Iím not so sure on my reaction in seeing this female, and all I can really pay attention to was her facial expressions, and how she was able to indirectly tell me that she wanted to be sexually playful with me. She resembled the anime style below, albeit with blue hair and eyes, and maybe a red collar with a yellow orb attached to her neck:

    I hear one dream character state,

    ďPut some clothes on.Ē

    Iím not sure who they were directing that to, but I had a feeling they meant me since Iím sure they couldnít see anyone outside seeing how the female was standing by a point where anyone standing to the left, and even in the middle of my location would be completely unaware of whatís going on.


    One Piece and GTA: San Andreas (DILD)


    Iím watching a dream character that looks like the main character from GTA: San Andreas in a white vest, and baggy blue jeans. Heís coming out of prison, and somehow, the One Piece crew mates are appearing one by one as heís walking, running, and/or driving his way out of prison.


    Joker Tries To Scare Me (DILD)


    The Joker tries to scare me by setting up flying and rotating saw blades with chains linked to them. I can hear the swooshing sound, and after realizing this is a dream a long time ago, I just donít care Joker.

    I just can't, your existence is transient anyway.

    Also, Batman shows up, or maybe it was Owlman:

    But I hardly think that really matters.....HAAAAAAA
    Spoiler for what do you mean by that:

    When youíre not afraid of whatís going on in front of you when youíre looking at someone thatís supposed to be the epitomized totality of chaos and hell-bent insanityÖÖÖÖÖ

    I should get that checked.

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