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    College Appointment

    by , 08-05-2012 at 07:08 PM (1012 Views)
    College Appointment (Non-lucid)


    I'm inside of a room, and it seems to be a hotel, and not my apartment. It seems my mother and father are both in here as well...looool.

    Anyway, while I'm looking through some random papers, I think it somehow reminds me of the appointment that I can set up to switch my classes before the year starts. I think I'm going inside of a room to change or something, and my father passes by, and I tell him that I have to go somewhere to find what classes I need to change.

    I thought he would say something negative, but it seems he keeps clear and just nods. I think my mother gets worried about the funding that I'll be getting for college. I get annoyed by this quickly, and I find some small random video clip that should convince her to ease her paranoia.

    The same clip involved Elie from Rave Master, and then some random female voice declaring that college funding isn't really all that bad or something like that. I tell my mother to listen to that video clip when she can, and she leaves.

    I noticed the carpet is red, and there are two beds as well, and the walls are white as well.

    This is the part below I'm confused on whether or not it belongs in this dream plot.

    It automatically changes to night time, and I'm riding my bicycle along the bicycle lane slowly. I reach an intersection, and look left and right for any cars coming, but it's clearly obvious that this place is empty of traffic.

    Even the traffic lights have shut off, but I still make sure to check. There's a few randomly generated DCs walking on the sidewalks as well, and for some I had a weird hunch would look similar to people in waking life if I paid attention to their presence.

    I turn to the left, and keep riding until I get on the street that will lead me to the Sbisa building. The dream setting suddenly gets brighter. I go into a random building, and it's a long stairway going up. I go up a few levels, and then see a girl with black hair. She's wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, she's petite, and is Hispanic.

    She looks a lot like a girl named Olivia that rode the same buses I did in Middle School and even in High School. She's chasing boys, literally, but I don't know what factors she's using to do so in the first place. I feel bad for her in a way, and I quickly went up to her, put my hand slowly on her shoulder and declared that she shouldn't put herself in a position like this.

    I know I felt bad for her, but I don't think my words matched to the situation, but either way, I smiled at her, even though she didn't look at me, and I walked away.

    After that, I can't remember anything.

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