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    Cranky Chemistry TA, Detour, Tennis talk, Pink Velour pants, Code Lyoko Fight

    by , 04-18-2012 at 03:47 PM (2261 Views)
    Cranky Chemistry TA (Non-lucid)


    I'm inside a nearly perfect replica of a Chemistry lab at my University. Black top tables, gray vents to suck up chemical vapor and the such, perfect environment for me to not do any kind of reality checks.

    The experiment seemed simple at first, just get a graduated cylinder, and inside a fairly lukewarm water bath made from one of those huge beakers, probably the 500-600 mL ones. Once you put the cylinder inside of the beaker, some small reaction should occur to manifest some kind of "L" shaped figure that would be tilted in various positions for each person..

    I looked at the girl to my right, I didn't pay attention to how she looked like, since we were wearing goggles, and sometimes there would be a natural shine on them that would prevent you from looking into their eyes without things being awkward, but I guess the dream was really trying to fool me by even incorporating basic eye safety for once.

    Oh, and the girl was probably wearing a light teal green shirt, with some fairly tight pants that make her curves more distinguished, at least from the perspective I'm looking at her, since I'm taller than her. I think she was my lab partner, because she was looking at my materials on the table, but I couldn't remember what we were talking about exactly.

    I believe I looked at a female to the left of me, she was Black, and looked like the girl in my Chemistry Lab that was black as well. She was wearing a black shirt and really short Khaki shorts
    (which should've prompted me to do a reality check because they're really strict on us wearing only long pants or dresses in labs that cover our ankles at least).

    Then I realized the graduated cylinder I had didn't even look like one, it looked more like flask with a circular bottom, and it was filled with some type of yellow liquid. And the water bath itself was a bit odd as well, maybe it was the setting of the lab's overall color, seeing as its color was mixes of yellow, apricot, and light brown.

    Since I realized the object I have isn't a graduated cylinder, I go up front to replace it with one. There happens to be one graduated cylinder left, and I grab it, and I think I finally get the same results from putting it in a water bath just like everyone else, which makes me worry less now.

    After everyone is done, we all group up near our Chemistry TA, who is black. She's getting ready to tell everyone some helpful hints in finishing the Data Reduction Analysis worksheet for the experiment, problem is, there are a few people that are talking way too loudly for her to make a coherent speech.

    She stops in the middle of her talk to signal those talking to be quiet, and she continues talking some more, but there's still some idiot talking to another person. They were whispering most likely, but when everything is quiet, those whispers started to become annoying.

    Then the TA got annoyed and said that we'll just have to figure out how to complete the DRA on our own. Everyone's pissed of course, and I turn back to someone, probably my lab partner, to say,

    "Man, she really is cranky huh? Especially how red her eyes look right now"

    I believe my lab partner nodded, and I mentioned her red eyes because the TA looked really tired, like she didn't get any sleep at all.

    We leave the room, since lab was finished, and I walk slowly with my lab partner, or just by myself, but I'm paying attention to the idiot was talking too much in lab that prevented us from getting useful information in finishing the DRAs, since those are ALWAYS a b.i.t.c.h. to do in waking life.

    He's wearing a light gray shirt, and dark blue pants most likely, and he's pretty muscular, but I wondered if he was just fat that made it look like he was buff. Apparently, he has to get ready for some kind of jog or track meet, which is what he was talking about in lab before most likely.

    I asked myself how he could possibly be on the track team or anything that involves running with something other than his mouth....

    Then the dream fades
    Detour (Non-lucid)


    I believe the dream starts out with me getting closer to the Sbisa Dining hall, but there's construction going on in front, so it leads me to go to the detour instead like everyone else is doing.

    I was riding my bicycle at first, but because of the detour, I had to get off it and carry it, and I also think another reason I got off was because two females were in front, and they were only making things slower for me.

    (I should've realized that construction near the Sbisa was already done before, so there's no point setting up barriers unless the situation was serious).

    I follow the two females who were annoying in blocking where I wanted to go (they weren't purposefully doing it). The girl on the left was wearing a pure white jacket, blue jeans, and probably a light blue shirt as well.

    She was tall.

    She had black hair.

    Her skin tone...she looks Hispanic....

    I had a "wait a second" moment, and then realized the same girl looks like the one in waking life, Lyanne.

    She always did look at me when she thought I didn't catch her doing that in waking life, and the reason why I'm mentioning that here is that it seemed she was pretending that she wasn't seeing me, and using her friend as some kind of starting point to play the "Oh, I didn't see you there!" game with me to try and have a conversation with me.

    There are these white metal fences at the edge of each step going down towards this random path, and I had to wait for the fences to lower themselves for me to advance to the next step.

    I had to hold my bicycle at a higher angle because the fences sometimes were at chest level, and I wasn't aiming to hold the bike over my head, which made it a problem for me.

    I can't remember much after that.

    Tennis Talk (Non-lucid)


    The feelings I had later on in this dream was really a freaking laugh, I started to get all emotional for no apparent reason over people I didn't even care about in waking life.

    I'm inside a theater, and it seems the clip was going to start since the lights started to dim a little bit. I go up the stairs that had red carpet material on them, and I go all the way up to the top.

    I sit in the middle of the row, and I see a male coming up to my left, and a female coming up to my right. After a few seconds of looking, I decided it's best to just ignore them, and pay attention of the clip that would be showing eventually.

    Then the guy sits next to me, and not even one seat over to the left, he literally is close to me, and so is the female. This tempts me to ignore them even more, until the guy finally says,

    "Come on Brandon.....you know it's us."

    I had a feeling who it was, and just kept ignoring him while keeping the female in range of my peripheral vision.

    The guy looked like Adam, and the girl to my right looked like Kimmie (or is it Kimmy?) in waking life.

    Kimmy has her usual mascara, at least frrom what I remembered in High School. She's wearing a really dark gray hoodie, along with a white shirt. Then I turn back to Adam, and he's talking about something that leads me to break down emotionally in front of him.

    He asks me something related to what me, him, and Kimmie did in the tennis team in High School before.

    I don't know if this was a genuine act of me breaking down emotionally, or a pretentious act to get him to shut up, but I say something along these lines while looking at my hands and --> <-- THIS close from crying....

    "It's just......it's just that I don't have the time to do things like this anymore (tennis, mind you)...and the bond we had when played doubles (LOL LMFAO, WE HAD NO BOND, this is starting to turn weird now!!!!)......I just can't do that anymore because there are more important things for me to do now..."

    He talks some more, but by that time, I thought it would buy in to the sob moment I gave him.

    I think Kimmie just looks at me for a few seconds, and glances back to doing something on her iPhone.

    I've noticed that when I occasionally see Kimmie in my dreams, I'm always sexual towards her. I wonder if she appears once in a while to represent my repressed feelings for her.

    I've always looked her body, it was just....her rear was kind huge, but it was in the right places, and her delicate thighs were always so attractive to look at, especially when she would sweat from activities, they would always give off this shine.


    Pink Velour Pants? (Non-lucid)


    I can't remember much, but I saw a female in Pink Velour pants, white shirt.....

    Reminded me of Alyzarin because of the velour pants she wears, kind of a horrible association to go by, but it's better than forgetting the dream.
    Code Lyoko Fight (Non-lucid)


    I believe William, when he was controlled by X.A.N.A., is facing Yumi and Ulrich, and they're all at the supercomputer!

    I'm presuming they were in their specter bodies Jeremy created for them to destroy other supercomputers in the real world outside of the virtual world if Lyoko.

    But at the same time, they all looked like their virtual versions inside of Lyoko...

    Anyway, I believe Yumi tries to throw her fans at William, but he dodges them and give her a good hit from his large sword, meaning she gets KOd instantly.

    Now it's just Ulrich, and William takes care of him easily, I just can't remember what he did specifically.

    Then all of a sudden, Jeremy is going into the scanner, and he looks pretty serious and mad that William was doing this to Yumi and Ulrich.

    I can't remember anything else after that.
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      Pink velour pants are soooo cute.

      I like the tennis dream. You really got into that, huh?
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