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    Danzo Gets The Senju DNA

    by , 03-09-2014 at 04:56 AM (664 Views)
    Danzo Gets The Senju DNA (DILD)


    It's almost as if I'm at a sky city, but I'm not aware of this throughout the dream. I'm standing on a series of long wooden planks that are coated in red.

    Feeling a sense of adrenaline surging through my dream body, and how I had awkward mental states fluctuating, and that Hashirama is actually talking to me made this obvious. Though it's a typical dream where I decided to be a spectator, and see how things would progress, because those are always fun when you don't have constant worries of having to plan.

    Hashirama seems to be worried about something, but I'm not really bothered to ask him why. I knew that behind me would be a drop off from a high elevation, so I look forward to find there's a very large entrance that seems to be surrounded by some kind of mini-mountain. Inside, there seems to be a lot of retaliation going on, and I rush into the scene for no apparent reason.

    Danzo is fighting someone, though I can't make out the facial composition of the other individual. It seems Danzo gets his neck pierced with a sword that goes digonally into his stomach.

    Forgetting about all Naruto Shippuden logic, somehow I'm convinced that Hashirama's Senju DNA was something conveniently given before his (Danzo) apparent death in this dream. But of course, it's just an illusion when it's prevalent that he's using Izanagi. He looks at me, and probably Hashirama as well. And then he has a purple aura surrounding him, carrying on with the fight with whoever is surrounding us.

    I can't remember much after that.

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