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    Dream Drawing: Ada Wong's Black Wings

    by , 11-04-2012 at 07:23 AM (1954 Views)

    So I decided to do another shitty drawing. I'm looking at this, and I'm laughing at the horrible shading here. I really do miss traditional drawing where it was just different hues of graphite with a few blenders.

    Now I'm still going through pre-K coloring, boy, do I need to stabilize my damn hands when doing this, or just be patient, since I have steady hands anyway. x) Maybe now I can level up to 2nd grade drawing, yay!

    I'll probably never reach the level that I can with traditional drawing....there's just...too much stuff to do with digital attempts, it's absurd!

    Anyway, just don't mind those obvious mistakes. Oh and environments, well, I never did any of that since like...I don't know...elementary? Lol, ooooh. *cries*

    And no, I am NOT masturbating in that picture. Awkward position, but that's not what I'm doing.

    Here's the gallery for the WIPs: http://linkzelda41.deviantart.com/gallery/40174461


    Ada Wong's Black Wings (Non-lucid)


    I believe I was helping someone, a male, but I can't remember the exact details on how they look. I'm helping them kill someone, and all three of us are located at a circular base.

    The base has a smaller circle in between the base we're standing on, so think of it as being shaped like a doughnut. In the middle of that hole is water, and the outside of the outer ring also has water. The walls look like they're made of rock, and it feels like we're inside of a small section you can reach by going underwater.

    As I'm moving around the base, I'm trying to shoot at someone, and when one weapon didn't work, I mentally brought up the Inventory Screen, and decided to go for the Chicago Typewriter because I believed it was the best thing I could use. Infinite ammo and rapid firing rate, surely I can kill whoever it is I'm shooting at.

    After equipping it, I quickly aimed at my target, which ended up looking like Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4. I didn't have time to flinch and think about what I'm doing, because I felt I needed to shoot her for some reason. I aim the laser sights near her, and start blasting away. I kept holding the trigger, but none of the bullets are affecting her.

    She's just standing there with her arms folded, looking at the ground to her left side. She's not feeling any of this, and she's wearing a red dress as well. As I'm trying to continue shooting her, she comes behind me so fast, wearing a different outfit this time, the one in the mini-game Assignment Ada from Resident Evil 4.

    I turn around, and I see things in slow motion for a few seconds. She was kneeling down on the ground, and quickly rose her body up, and I saw her face close-up too. I believe she had brown eyes, and she had a neutral expression on her face.

    She does some weird stuff that I can't remember, but I do know that she took off the belt I had on, along with a few mini black storage cases that were attached to the belt, and they're just placed right on the floor.

    She also has black Angel wings........

    And she does a leg back kick right on my stomach, I take a hard hit to the ground and look up at her. She's completely lost it, she's holding a black object with her left hand, and as I look up more to see her face, she has a sinister look on her face. She slams the object she's holding on to the wall, and tells me,

    "You have 31 seconds before this place blows up."

    I look at the object, and she's not joking. She quickly takes a dive into the inner ring I mentioned and disappears. Seeing that there are no viable options of escape other than to do the same thing she did, I also take a quick dive into the water without hesitation.

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