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    Dreams from Jan-30-2014 to Mar-4-2014

    by , 03-06-2014 at 05:21 PM (710 Views)
    Havenít been interested in recalling dreams to extensive detail, except for a few that were just too overwhelming and crazy to generalize.

    124+ Lucid dreams since the time I joined this site. Of course, with the other 1,022+ dream sets Iíve made, if I took time to see where I couldíve been lucid, the number would be much higher. Maybe there couldíve been more in the 2,000-3,000 dreams from 2011 to early 2014 recalled; the exact number of dreams recalled is still unknown seeing how I had different formats of clunking several dreams into one entry compared to the separate entries Iím doing on a separate program, and then combining it to as few entries on this site as possible. But by that point, it would just be a bias and problematic wondering how I would become aware of my existence in the dreaming state. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere.

    Itís amazing how putting in a lot of hours within a few weeks that I did for image streaming last year would make dream recall easier. Itís just a matter of actually caring to have unwavering acknowledgement of all dreams, nonsensical, hidden with deep symbolism, or actually a potential to relate to helping quotidian lifestyles in waking life.

    Itís hard being busy with the streaming of inspirations in my head in waking life, and wanting to do the same in the dreaming state. I think I prefer the former since there always seems to be a direction to go to fortunately.

    To anyone that seems to have episodic struggles with lucid dreaming attempts: Persevere with your shittiness until you get good at it. Itís a constant struggle that youíll just have to accept every now and then. If I couldnít find some way to reduce how I react in the cluster of dreams filled with a myriad of emotions, or some inspiration to animate them, I highly doubt I would have any more incentive to recall them.

    Public Shower with Women (DILD)


    • Outside in public shower near a pool I guess
    • At least three females diagonally front of me
    • They're wearing bras and panties only
    • One wears a light sky blue bra and panty
    • I'm pause for a moment, and then wake up.


    Riding a School Bus to Catch a Missed School Bus (DILD)


    Yeah, that's pretty much it. It took a while before I decided to give up after doing something futile where I didn't even know the location of the school I was supposed to go to.

    Kingdom Hearts Themed Island? (DILD)


    All I know for the time being is that the island I was residing in the dream was related to Kingdom Hearts in some way. I don't know, it's just what's initially showing up in my mind.

    I did all sorts of random things with dream characters, but I can't remember any significant or memorable moments. It had that weird feeling of accepting the illusion of comfort in a confined island, similar to what I'm sure the main characters had during their childhood.

    Clipboard of Teleportation & Wanting to Take a Photograph with Victoria (DILD)


    Iím inside of a store that looks a lot like the H-E-B within my area in waking life. Apparently, I have a job in this dream, though Iím not sure what it is Iím doing specifically. Iím wearing a red polo shirt, seeing how that would be one of the default colors to wear along with some colored dress pants.

    Iím holding a clipboard which I believe also had the color of red, and thereís paper attached under the clip. Thereís a square thatís split into a series of smaller squares that are numbered.

    Petting a Horse/Dog Hybrid (DILD)


    I'm petting a horse/dog hybrid that's vanilla colored.

    I'm petting it, and then I move around the environment without any kind of indicator if I'm in a body or not. I seem to be able to go through walls, and I see a few wolves that are inside a dark area. They have yellow eyes, and have a mix of brown and black fur.

    They seem to be friendly.

    Walking on Sand (DILD)


    >Walking on sand
    >Entities that looked like they were lost and trying to find somewhere to go surround me
    >I have to walk behind them and keep walking to convince them to move forward and being purified
    >One of them transforms into an older man holding a brown folder, or binder

    Petting a Cat & Backing Up A Vehicle (DILD)


    >Petting a cat, enjoying experiencing the sensation of petting it

    >Backing up a vehicle that I thought was a Blazer, ends up being a motorcycle

    Running Away From Robert Knepper & Prison (DILD)


    Iím on the run, and it seems Iím helping some prisoners escape while trying to elude Robert Knepper. His hairstyle is similar to his role as T-Bag in Prison Break in Season 4 most specifically. Iím not too sure on what his overall composition was, but it seems he was shifting from a human body to something like a large insect composition.

    Iím wearing an outfit similar to what Michael Scofield wore in Season 4 of Prison Break, except the sweater probably has a darker hue from this:

    The closest I can associate to this transient form of is U3 from Resident Evil 4, except this time the overall color for the bottom region is a mix of brown and a few overlays of red, and other warm colors.


    Spoiler for u3:

    Now, all that really mattered to me was making sure I kept moving forward, and that the prisoners I was saving can get out safely. I believe it was two females, or one female and a female, or maybe three individuals that Iím saving, but Iím not too sure because of the cluster of adrenaline and fear surging through my dream body.

    My initial presumption was that Iím escorting Michelle Obama, and one of her daughters, or Obama and Michelle. Whatever the case, it seems that I keep implying that Iím saving them within the dream, but the more I try to avoid Knepper, the less I see the presumed dream characters. Itís really dark outside, and it doesnít seem that I have to worry about security, light towers, or anything that would require systematic planning, or contingencies at all.

    I noticed that Iím going through a cyclical process of running for a few times within the dream. It starts out with heading for a slope, and having to go upwards. The hill itself consists of brown dirt with a few rocky substances here and there, and thereís a set of light gray cemented stairs on my right that I can take to skip the grind work of going up the hill.

    I take the opportunity, while constantly being weary of how Knepper may be close to chopping my body in half, to jump abnormally to skip a few steps of the stairs, and eventually reach the apex of the hill. I look down, and turn my head to the left to find a small house that I can go to that seems to lead to path of other houses that could be used as a shortcut, and give me more stalling time from Knepper.

    Shooting Arrows at Large White Monster (DILD)


    Feels like I'm playing an MMORPG, and I have a Ranger role where I can shoot arrows that have a dark blue arrowhead with a light sky blue aura surrounding the tip.

    There's a huge white whale like creature, or seal like creature that's coming after me. I click on the creature with a mouse click I'm presuming, and the character starts shooting arrows rapidly at it.

    It seems the creature is pretty close to potentially eating the character, but I can't recall what happened next.

    Finger Gets Shot & Golden Retriever (DILD)


    I'm inside of a house, and the dream characters, despite of not seeing them clearly

    Running away, ran for a mile, came back to house, had to go up stairs

    Open door, relative is there, golden retriverer barking at me at front door, but not biting me

    He gets out of the house and pushes a lady that was with a guy.

    Tells them to get out, closes the door, he goes back in, I do too, he gets mad, waves gun, I stay near door, back to door, sitting down telling him not to shoot, hands up, he shoots one of my finger, or fingernail

    Reverts back to normal

    Someone is Kidnapped (DILD)


    >Someone is kidnapped, and I'm apparently trying to save them, even though I don't know who it is I'm after

    >I'm listening to someone that seems to be the one taking the person hostage

    >They're instructing me to do all sorts of things

    >Relatives are suddenly involved in helping me out

    >White SUV is being driven by a relative, never seen him ride one before of that color

    >Female relative ends up going to clinic to get a prescription that's important for complying with the kidnapper's demands

    >Dream shifts to where I'm at a docking area of some sort

    >I head to a shed, and before I enter, I see a green frog outside

    >I decided to play around with it, and started to throw it up a bit

    >Then I went back to focusing in entering the shed

    >Two floor panels near the entrance, I only step on one

    >Open door

    >Kidnapper, that sounds like an old and cerebral female, tells me I made the wrong move

    >Apparently I wasn't allowed to get anyone to help me to comply with her demands

    >Dream shifts to where I'm reading a manga that looks like Naruto Shippuden

    >I see Kakashi, Obito, and Rin in their childhood years

    >Kakashi and Rin are side by side, Obito is on the opposite side

    >Someone is holding Obito's head as his body slowly elevates from being picked up

    >Obito's head comes off, and only his scalp and hair remains within the person's grasp

    >Kakashi and Rin freak out

    >I can't take this dream anymore

    Peter Bergman, Running Away From Bombing, and Lady in Red Gives Up On Wedding (DILD)


    Things start out at a luxurious hotel, and it takes a while before I realize that Iím dreaming. Some dream characters that come to mind is one that looked like Peter Bergman from the Young and the Restless:


    Along with Joshua Morrow as well:



    The latter doesnít seem to show up until later on in the dream, but Iím quite confused on when he does arrive.

    I honestly saw this dream as so nonsensical (and the ones a few days before it), that it wasnít really enticing enough for me to type it down. So my memory is going to be a bit patchy due to wanting to forget this altogether.

    The hotel room itself was comfortable enough for a gregarious conversation with the dream characters, and it also felt as if we were on the higher floor as well. I couldnít make out the actual conversations streaming through, but it seems thereís a scheme to bomb part of the hotel apparently. I canít recall how I specifically reacted, but I felt things were going to get intense very quickly.

    Joshua Morrow comes in at some point, and I believe heís wearing a brown jacket with some milky light brown fur around the collar, along with wearing regular denim blue jeans. He has his hairstyle groomed and gelled up:



    The dream overall has this celestial, blurry, and slightly dark overlay to it. It clearly made it prevalent that this was a dream, and it almost felt like the kind of atmospheric overlay youíd see at sunset, or something like that. While the dream characters are having a conversation over whatever, it seems that Peter Bergman has a control switch in his left hand. Itís a typical black box with a red button, and other small buttons in there as well.

    He becomes impatient, and wants to click the switch now, which basically blows up everything within the room. No damages are done to me, him, and any other dream character that happened to be there. But my instinct was to run away before something more catastrophic would occur. Panic initiates, and I feel that somewhere during the run, I glanced over the window, and saw that people were already forming groups outside to see what was happening.

    Joshua Morrow plays a significant role in this part to some extent, but my memory is kind of horrible at this point for what he really helped out on. All I could presume is that he helped me find a way for shortcuts to reduce suspicion from others that I, or anyone else in that same hotel room were advocates of the bombing event.

    After this, the dream shifts, and despite of the inconsistency of the next dream, I felt this one had some correlation with the previous. Simply because the atmospheric overlay was the same, and my emotions at the time still had a high sense of adrenaline and fear of trying to escape from something.

    Iím riding a motorcycle, and Iím driving parallel to someone thatís riding a motorcycle as well. The freeway weíre on is pretty spacious, though the perspective and perception is clearly abnormal. What seems to be large in front of us takes quite a while before it gets smaller. During this ride, I felt as if I was experiencing another virtual reality where an Asian female wearing a red dress wants to propose to me.

    Her visage mixes around for a bit, and one was similar to someone in waking life. The moment I saw her face, I was questioning why she would want to propose to me when sheís already in a relationship in waking life. Maybe she wanted me to be the man of honor, but her expression clearly wasnít one that was friendly, it was more sexual than needed.

    Then her visage shifts around with other relative Asian facial compositions, and the shape shifting dream character looks more like sheís in her late 20s to early 30s. For the top section of her long red dress, thereís an ďXĒ format of cloth wrapped around her breast region.

    Snap back to the motorcycle riding, and Iím asking the dream character, who I canít really see too well, on why she would propose, or want me to marry her. Whatever the dream character stated, it eventually ended the conversation, and it seems my reaction to it was that my concern was resolved in some way. Apparently, we were on our way to talk to that same Asian female, and once we met her, she called the wedding off.

    I canít remember anything else after that.

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