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    Eva Wants Sex

    by , 08-02-2013 at 06:29 PM (623 Views)
    Eva Wants Sex (Non-lucid)


    This dream is kind of hard to recall surprisingly, but whatever happened, it had to be sexual.

    Eva is wearing a full latex suit, and has part of her cleavage exposed. I go inside a building that looks like the apartment I used to rent in College Station. And the moment I go in, she immediately slams the door.

    I turn around wondering why she has to slam the door like that, and she keeps her hands on the lock so I can't think of getting out of this situation with her. She tilts her head and smiles at me, and after that, the only thing I can remember is me stripping her latex suit off and then slowly sliding down her pink panties.

    She's bracing herself against a wall as she props her rear towards me desperately wanting something to happen as I have the panties halfway to her knees.

    I can't remember anything else from that.

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