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    Female Disintegrates Body and Runs Away from Military Base & A Girl Vomits that Defies Physics

    by , 12-12-2013 at 08:03 PM (977 Views)
    Female Disintegrates Body and Runs Away from Military Base (DILD)


    Spoiler for Personal Notes:

    I recall existing inside of a building that seemed to have high-end technology, almost like some kind of government or private organization that associates with several political magistrates. I wasn't sure what I was doing for this dream, I just knew that I was dreaming.

    The outfit I was wearing is a bit difficult to process, but based on how my dream body felt, it was probably some kind of Tac Suit you'd see in Tom Clancy games. This dream had several themes, and the most prevalent were:

    • Espionage
    • Military
    • Anime

    The atmospheric overlay of the dream environment contributed to how it was mostly a colder region for several reasons. The soldiers or guards within the dream all seemed to have a default format from the MGS2/MGS3 soldiers with the black mask covering most of their face except the eyes.

    Spoiler for personal note:

    The weapon that I'm holding was probably just like the default gun you get from MGS2, the American military M9 that's modified to fire tranquilizer darts. Considering how I was using that gun instead of something lethal, I guess there was some ambition to stop killing figments of my imagination, since the last time I tried doing that to try to save dream characters, it ended up biting me later on.

    I see a few soldiers passively patrolling this linear area I'm at, and I quickly shoot them in the head since I was just going for Metal Gear Solid logic here. The area itself seemed to be split off with a black metal rectangular border in the middle.

    And if you looked from afar, there were more guards on patrol as well, and I had to be very careful of the direction they're facing. I had several guards wondering what was occurring in the area I was in, and I had to quickly go to the other side for safety.

    Fortunately they didn't go too far into investigating things and seemed to have pre-fetched sayings and declarations for whenever they're suspicious or presume the area is clear of intruders. As for the bodies of the soldiers that were passed out from the tranquilizers, it seemed I could care less about putting them in safe areas.

    I figured that there wouldn't be some weird system that demanded one to store bodies, or else there would be an alarm of suspicion. The area that was about 40 feet away from me seemed to be the external section where the weather had a lot of snow on the ground, but no snowing in particular.

    The dream shifts to where I'm now inside another base that has a lot more guards, and what seemed to be unarmed individuals that looked as if they're important. I found myself lying down on my stomach near a section to the left. I believe I was probably under a desk, and there were conveniently placed rectangular objects that concealed my position that were at least 9 inches in length.

    Since my field of vision is limited in this position, I had to make use of my lateral peripheral vision. I saw a Black male that was wearing a milky light violet colored dress shirt and regular jeans. For some reason, he was looking down right where I was at, though I wasn't sure if he knew I was there.

    He seemed to have made several glances back and forth at me and whoever he's talking to. Seeing how he didn't scream my position, he probably wanted to help me out, or he was just staring at random space to avoid the whole averting eyes awkwardness that occurs in most conversations.

    Whatever the case may be, looking at his visage and how he expressed himself, he seemed to have been involved as a computer guru or something of that nature. After a while, it seems some of the individuals leave to their bases and sections, and I finally get out of the awkward position under the desk.

    Unfortunately, there were still a good amount of guards around the area, and I had to time my shots in a specific pattern so one or two would hear their own men being knocked out with tranquilizer darts. Fortunately, the process was easy and I managed to take down the three guards within this room.

    Then the most absurd thing occurs in this dream. There was another individual that was knocked out that was unarmed. My mental image of this person seemed to be them wearing a white dress shirt and red jeans with some pink to it.

    His whole existence disintegrates, and a 3d model of a female that looks like this
    (it's hard finding an image of her not making lewd facial expressions):

    Spoiler for ...:

    I don't know what the hell was going on, and I was busy trying to process what I'm going to do if she ends up doing some weird demonic things to me. I can't really recall what happened after that though, just her running away.


    Girl Doing the Limbo & Vomiting that Defies Physics (Non-lucid)


    I'll keep this short and sweet, no need to be sensory descriptive of someone vomiting in a dream.

    A girl that seems to be 6-8 years of age is walking in a manner as if she's setting herself up to do the limbo without a bar. Then she randomly vomits while in the limbo position, and I'm not sure if the vomit is going in my direction.

    Maybe it's a sign that I'm a pile of vomit, or I'm being aware of certain false pretenses of those who I feel I could relate to. That's not really surprising, though I wonder who it is in particular the dream was trying to inform me on. And I guess the girl doing the limbo is either another symbolic implication of how that certain individual in waking life is still an enigma.

    And considering I had a dream about two children dying yesterday, maybe it's probably that one individual that I feel is another confused woman that just happened to gravitate to my openness to them. Probably a sign that I should go for more stable females than the psychotic ones.

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