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    Fight Fire with Fire, I'm a Sniper

    by , 04-27-2014 at 12:30 AM (440 Views)
    Fight Fire with Fire (DILD)


    Iím navigating back and forth between two settings in the dream, one where Iím outside within a snowy environment, and the other is going inside a building that looks like some large cathedral, or huge fighting stage.

    Iím with Reyn from Xenoblade Chronicles, and a few more dream characters I canít recall too well on.

    Weíre trying to defeat some kind of fire demon, and his minions of knights in black-armor with silver trimming. Apparently, every time I seem to mess up in how we go about defeating these entities, I just have to exit the building, come back, and the enemiesí position is reset, or they prepare to go back to their initial point inside the building.

    One of those attempts at fighting them involved me using some kind of green sword thatís implied as ďEarth Sword,Ē and Iím frantically slashing my way through the demon, and his minions, but it doesnít seem to do much damage. I keep going until I finally stepped back, went for cover, and contemplated on what could be the weakness for all of them.

    Somehow, Iím informed through visual cues within this state of being that a bow and arrow that seemed to have been of a fire element, at least based from its red color with some orange at the end, could be used to defeat them. I didnít really question why a fire-element, or implied as fire-based weapon would stand a chance against a demon that also seems to be fire-based.

    I shoot an arrow at one of the guards, and I see this through looking myself over the shoulder, but still feeling the sensations of using the weapon, and it explodes on one of his minions with ease. I get more confident, and started to take them down one by one. The dream shifts to where Iím facing the fire demon, and it seems the bow and arrow can also serve as some kind of sword as well.

    I had to let the fire demon attack on the weapon Iím using, because the weapon can absorb the energy of the fire demon, and once it (the weapon) reached its maximum capacity, I simply have to redirect this energy back to the demon.

    However, it took a few tries to realize the weapon had a maximum capacity before I would start taking damage, and I would see this through the Life points meter HUD portrayed on the top left corner of how I perceived the dream.

    It seemed that I could do up to 10k+ damage on the demon, and would have to repeat it several times, seeing how his HP after several repetitions with the tactic done to absorb and throw his energy back at him was at least 80,000.


    I'm a Sniper (DILD)


    Iím a sniper, Iím shooting random people without a scope, and everyone else doesnít seem to bother at all. I have to reload every now and then as if I were reloading a machine gun, and thereís not much to elaborate on for this dream because I didnít really experience anyone dying.

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