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    Finding Food for Erii, Crab Rangoon and Random Movie Trailers

    by , 11-05-2012 at 01:54 AM (1390 Views)
    Finding Food for Erii (Non-lucid)


    I would've recalled a lot more if I decided to stay up a bit.

    I think I'm wearing a white suit, similar to what Wu Jing wore in "Sha Po Lang" when he played as Jack.

    I meet Erii, at least the previous avatar of the blue colored striped Umbreon she had.

    I think Erii showed her human form as well, but she was wearing a black hoodie jacket with the hood over her face. I think she asked me to find some food for her. We were near at the front of a house near a cul-de-sac neighborhood, and it seemed to be either night time, or early morning.

    I forget my response to her, but based on the series of events coming later on in the dream, I most likely replied to her that I'll help her out. I started to dash quickly, though I'm not sure of where I'm going. I pick up the pace, and realized I'm in a random city at night.

    There's just blurred city lights everywhere, and for some reason, I feel like I don't belong here at all. In fact, I even feel like I'm supposed to be hiding from someone. I hear motorcycle sounds getting louder and louder, and out of reflex, I decided to just fall down on my stomach to avoid whatever it is that's coming to me.

    Nothing bad happened, it's just a line of people riding motorcycles at 15-25 miles per hour, and they were fairly close to the sidewalk edge I had my body on top of. After that, the dream shifts, to where I think I probably went through a portal of some kind.

    This same portal that's showing what's on the other side, there's a cafeteria.

    Then I most likely thought, "Oh, this means I can find something for Erii to eat" (not really thinking it, just having the reflex to help her out coming back to my awareness, if that makes any sense?)

    After I go through this portal, there's people circling around me, people that I knew during second to last High School I moved to during my whole high school years. Their faces are all too familiar, the same people I hanged around in the round table during high school are not making a circle around me.

    It's too overwhelming, these were people I didn't know that much because I moved to different High Schools to since we needed to find better housings. They look at me, they have neutral expressions plastered on their visages.

    This pisses me off for some odd reason, I look at one guy who looked like Shawn, if that's even his name. He looks just like him, the black hair with spiky ends in the front, wearing a white shirt, and regular black shorts. He just looks down on me while I'm sitting on the table.

    I have to get out of here, these people who clearly knew I wouldn't talk to them in waking life (except for the females I hanged around with), and probably had mixed feelings of hanging out with them in lunch....I had to get out of here...quickly.

    I launch myself off the table, and just ignored my peripheral vision, and continued moving forward, ignoring all those random people in my life that I never gave any concern over, realizing that I only was around them because I was insecure with sitting along in High School, especially with 100s of people my age who have the habit to glance over at anyone that would sit by myself.

    Those feelings, those petty insecurities kept augmenting, I wanted to get out, I just wanted to get the hell out of there....I kept running...after that....I can't remember anything else. Those feelings made me forget why I came to that area in the first place, to get Erii some food.
    Crab Rangoon and Random Commercials (Non-lucid)


    I take out a To-Go Box that looks like it was from an Asian Restaurant out from the fridge. I open it, and find all sorts of delicacies here.

    There's a lot of Crab Rangoon, in huge sizes, at least compared to the waking life versions I get occasionally nowadays. There's Chicken and Fried Rice, but I pay most of my attention on the Crab Rangoon.

    I plan to take all but two left inside the box, and apparently my mother is sitting on the round table I have in my apartment in waking life to the right. I'm ignoring her at the moment, or at least passively accepting her existence. I take a bite out of one Crab Rangoon, feeling the chewy texture of the cream and other contents.

    I can't recall if I tasted anything, but whatever the outcome, I do know that I enjoyed eating it. I was planning to heat them up, but I literally ate them in a few bites each, they were that good I'm guessing. I asked my mother if she wanted the last two, and I believed she said I can have them.

    I take the last two, eat them out, and now the dream shifts where I'm watching something on the T.V. I'm not even sure if this was a T.V., my laptop, or some kind of electronic device that acts like both.

    I realized I'm sitting at the living room, and the light for it is turned off while the laptop/whatever it is gives off most of the light in that area. The kitchen to my right has the lights on, and my bicycle in waking life is practically gone in this dream.

    The carpet is still the same, a really light brown color, and the walls have or are close to the color of the vanilla-covered walls in waking life.

    The first commercial portrays Bill Maher, and he's wearing a Camelot type of knight outfit. Shiny Gray metal arm pods with a metal chain vest. He also wears a red cape, and he's holding a baby with both of his hands.

    The baby is making a lot of farting sounds, and it starts to get annoying, and I was wondering if someone was making fake farting noises or something. A baby cannot shit or fart that much.....EWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    Then there's another commercial with Bill Maher in a different situation, then another, and one more. A total of 4 commercials together that seemed to be different trailers for the same movie with him in it, though I can't recall the name of the movie that was going to show up at the end of each of them.

    I can't recall much after that.

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