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    Finding Rare Item After One Kill in Adventure Quest | Slaying One-Eyed Blue Monster

    by , 12-06-2015 at 12:24 AM (357 Views)
    Finding Rare Item After One Kill in Adventure Quest (DILD)


    So Iím somehow playing Adventure Quest, a game I havenít played in ages. I had to reset my password since I needed to see the name of the items I used to have that pertained to the dream.

    Iím in a screen where theyíre doing some special event for some new boss, and if you can defeat her, you have a chance to get a rare item. The base of her form looks like Whis at first glance, but she looks more diabolical than said individual. The main colors of her outfit were dark violet, black, yellow, and even red in a few locations; most likely the orb located at the center of her cleavage. She has blue skin, white hairstyle that resembles some myriad of an elf, and other otherworldly creatures. Thereís a slight hint of an Inuyasha theme with her visage as well, and sheís holding this long scepter that resembles Silaís staff.

    The promo for her is her posing in front, and twisting her hips and legs slightly to the left hand side (looking at the screen), and holding the staff with both of her hands, and her visage has a generic sinister smile. Sheís wearing earrings as well, and theyíre probably white, or turquoise. I click on the button to challenge her, which it promptly does, but how she was presented in the promo vs. the actual fight was anticlimactic.

    She looked like she was drawn by a 6 year old child, and her skin shifted from a light sea blue color to a milky, violet one with traces of pink. I noticed the interface is like the old-school format for Adventure Quest, and I checked her stats for a little bit, and noticed that she was obviously weak the Light attacks; 260-265% if memory serves me right.

    I glanced over other attributes, but they ranged around 80-160%, and the Darkness attribute was at a 60%. I felt she was going to be fairly tough since I had the implication that my light spell was actually an amalgam of light and dark attacks that would be shot in rapid bursts. Even though I glanced over the stats, and knew at best it the darkness attacks would do little harm to her, I thought there would be some hidden, adverse effect for attack her with dark attacks, e.g., her being healed through it.

    But no, it turns out that the moment I started to activate the spell, all of the shots ended up killing her. Then thereís the victory screen that I quickly skipped, and I saw that thereís a fancy black sword with a sinister aura. I collected it, but I think I was prompted to buy something on-screen. Iím not able to recall if it was just me wanting to buy more items, but I get the implication that I got the rare item for free, and I didnít even feel it was rare up until another event occurred where people are trying to auto-buy it.

    There was some kind of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3-esque interface where the sword is shown as an item received from the Crypto keys. The background base for the screen was a dirtied up white with a very subtle splatter of light gray spilled on top.


    Slaying One-Eyed Blue Monster (DILD)


    Iím walking down an icy area, and it seems oddly akin to a stage in Black Ops 3, but it was more diluted, and catered to a medieval theme. It had a painterly style to it while still looking somewhat realistic; like the PBR was applied pretty decently.

    Iím wearing some kind of holy armor thatís white as the primary, and golden trimmings surrounding it. Iím holding a huge sword that looks like an amalgamation of the Biggoron sword and others, and has some kind of eye as the base near the bottom of the hilt. The eye was yellow, and had a cat-like pupil thatís black. I think there were transparent tentacles that were very thin fluctuating around the base of the hilt.

    The sword seems to be fairly heavy, as Iím dragging it across the environment while making a dads towards a large, blue creature with one eye, and a small base to contain it thatís stuck on top of the shoulders. Itís coming at me, but I slash it once, and it quickly tries to run away. Thereís an image of a random male that looks like one of the characters from the TF game for a split second surrounded by blue aura, and it goes back to the blue monster trying to run away from me. I prepare for another slash, but I canít remember what happens next.

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