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    Frida Kahlo Fellatio Queen, Trickster, Ridge Forrester, Melanieb, Alyzarin in Black Dress

    by , 04-09-2012 at 06:08 PM (2119 Views)
    Frida Kahlo Fellatio Queen, Trickster, Ridge Forrester, Melanieb, Alyzarin in Black Dress


    Dream 1: Frida Kahlo Fellatio Queen

    Spoiler for 18+........................:

    ......................if you didn't read the spoiler, basically, there's a dream shift near the ending of it.

    Then I find myself in the garage, but it's still open. Apparently, I'm forming this type of energy disk floating in the air, and I'm controlling it with ease. I use my right hand to move it to the left and vice versa for my left hand.

    It almost felt like water-bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

    It was moving so fast as well, and I think there was this person in the middle of the garage. I had so much control over this flexible and weird looking disk-shaped energy that I moved the energy around his neck, without making it come in contact with his skin.

    I could tell the energy I was forming was dangerous, since it was rotating a little faster than I expected to be.

    Then there's a dream shift to where I see someone in some weird outfit. I think they were wearing clothing that looks like Magneto's outfit from X-men and Brainiac's from Superman.

    I think he looks at me for a while, and then a small menu appears on the bottom right hand corner, as if my first person view was a HUD screen.

    The options were pertaining to rejecting or accepting some type of action, and I think I set my intentions to reject it, but it was too addicting for me to stop whatever it is I'm doing.

    Then there's an option to make things easier or harder, and I see a girl I have a crush on in waking life, I think. Let's call her "Isa."

    Isa was standing there near something electronic, and I decided to put the option for a harder difficulty, and she ends up reading a newspaper?

    (I guess reading newspaper instead of using electronics is the new expert mode or something, hahaha).

    For some reason, everything felt like I had to choose these options quick, or something bad would happen, but nothing serious was occurring at all.

    That's all I remember.

    Dream 2: Trickster Mind

    I'm resting on my bed, deciding what to do to get into a WILD. I decided that I should go ahead and incorporate KingYoshi's relaxation method where you flex your muscles for a few seconds, seeing as I haven't done that in a long while.

    I did that, and then I started to focus on my breathing. I had some thoughts in my head, but eventually, I decides to just....let....go.

    After a few minutes of breathing, one moment I realized my breathing was skipped and suddenly reached a calmer and more relaxed state that didn't need my conscious effort to alter.

    I turn to my sides a few times, not too much, and once I go to my left side.

    I started to feel sensations around my head region and neck.

    I felt a "pull" sensation, almost like a vortex making a warping gravitational pull. I continue breathing slowly, while the back of my eyes are exhibiting a dark environment with a void feel to it.

    There were vibrations as well, and I slightly opened my eyes, but not too much to affect what was going on, since I was being calm through the whole thing.

    Then I find my body instantly rolls over to the other side, without me even making and effort! I just went with the flow, and it was if I was floating, and then turning to my right to rest on the bed.

    After the vibrations stopped,
    it takes a while, but I get up, do a nose plug reality check.

    Yep. Definitely dreaming. My mind is being pretty clever right now, the overall color of my bedroom matches exactly to the current state of how it looks like in the morning in waking life. But that didn't fool me.

    I see the door was closed as well, just like in waking life. I had the intention to find Alyzarin I believe, since I knew Kaomea would be a little too busy for me to find her.

    Since I'm on the right side of the bed, I have to move forward, turn left and then another left to reach the door.

    Then I find myself stopping to a halt, and I'm wondering what's going on, but it seems that I'm not use to using my dream eyes as yet.

    I wake up again, and I get up again, and I see this fairly large chameleon statue on the left side of my bed.

    I was a little shocked to see something appear just like that when I woke up for a temporary False Awakening.

    "Oh that's clever...." I declared to myself.

    I look at the statue a little bit more, and it seems like it was smiling a bit. Not sure if it was at me, but I'm presuming it was smiling at me since I almost fell for the FA trick.

    I find myself in this twilight state, half-awake, half-asleep. And as I'm holding the state with my arms, just to feel things, my waking life eyes open slightly and I see the statute is suddenly alternating to how my pillow looks like.

    I see the ends of my pillow in waking life, and see the blue stripes going horizontally.

    The statue disappears and I wake up.

    Dream 3: Ridge Forrester

    I was at a Hispanic Restaurant, and I'm standing near a tray line to order what I want to eat. I get the Enchiladas meal with Spanish rice and all of that good stuff, and apparently I'm ordering to go.

    After a few minutes or so, the employee at the tray line says that the meal is done, and she gives me it in a To-go package and a bag. I take it, and before I could make a complete step, she tells me,

    "Oh, sorry! It's not heated up as yet."

    I was a little confused, but I turned back and gave her the food. Then things get weird, and she says it's heated up already, and I taste the food to see if it's warm.

    It turns out to be warm, but just to make sure, I told her that it tastes raw. Then she calls someone, not to sure on who it was, but she starts mixing up the food, since most of the heat was on the bottom.

    I do the same thing with my food and go along whatever path I'm headed for.

    Then the dream shifts to where I'm in another restaurant most likely, and there are these group of female who want Ridge Forrester from the Bold and the Beautiful to choke.

    I don't know why, but apparently, if he didn't take two pills around the same time, something would happen to his body. They get some people to steal one pill, and Ridge drinks the other.

    If they failed to do so, it would be hard to take him down.

    He's trying to find the other one, but I believe there's one in front of him already, and he drinks that one as well.

    I think the women were shocked, and I think I probably gave him the pill in spectator mode without anyone seeing me, but I'm not too sure on that.

    Well, that was a random event.

    Dream 4: Melanieb

    I'm in spectator mode again, and I see Melanieb doing something with some people. I think they're balancing a mouse or something on a teddy bear that looks like the one from "Bleach."

    There's a cat that is coming from some small hallway, and Melanieb and whoever she's hanging out with wait for the cat to dash towards the mouse. The cat does so, and Melanieb quickly grabs the teddy bear because she doesn't want it to get dirty.

    I'm pretty sure that was Melanieb, seeing as I saw elements of the lady on her avatar.

    Dream 5: Alyzarin in Black dress?

    The way things were in this dream, despite it being short, I'm compelled to believe I may have met Alyzarin in this dream.

    The way this person looked, how tall they were, the blue tiles, the small little details that gave me the vibe that was her.
    I'm in a public bathroom. The tiles blue and white, and I realize that I'm in the female's restroom.


    Some females come in, and I don't think they're bothered by my presence at all. To be honest, I'm not sure if I was a female or male at this point, seeing as the females didn't scream at me or anything.

    I'll just assume I was a male in this dream though.

    I stand there for a little while, and I'm that blank state of mind, until I see another female come into the bathroom.

    She was blonde, she wore a short black dress, and by short, I mean SHORT to the point where it's barely covering her private parts.

    I look at her for a while, I take a good stare into her eyes, a really good stare. It seems she's looking at me as well. But I'm not sure if I made her fall for me, or if she was luring me to her, but either way, everyone else in this dream didn't really matter but her.

    I didn't pay attention to this in the dream, but I do remember the DC Alyzarin met who was blonde and had a black outfit, and Alyzarin is fairly taller than me, and the blonde in front of me fit that description.

    I slowly advance towards her, thinking of what I'm going to do to her. Dirty thoughts are being fabricated as I'm getting closer and closer.

    I hold her hand, and I rest my body on her against the wall. I think she's a little surprised at first, but she felt so freaking warm and nice.

    This vibe of hers, I swear, it's like she puts up the innocent demeanor just to play cute with me, and once I was on her body against the wall, I was trapped by her kindness, I didn't really care if she was playing weak to dominate me.

    I think my left hand was holding her right hand, and my left hand was probably holding her waist. I started to kiss her a little bit, taking control for a little while.

    I honestly do not know how I know how to Kiss, but something is working....

    I can't really remember how it looked like, seeing as I'm busy slobbering myself all over her. Then I carried her for a little while, grabbing her ass so she wouldn't fall down.

    We get closer to the exit of the bathroom which didn't have a door. It was one of those where there was a wall in the middle, so you had to walk in a L-shaped formation to get out.

    We're near the wall of the intersection of the L-shaped path, and by the time my back is agaisnt the wall, she takes control.

    She has her legs wrapped around me, and I'm still grabbing her ass, feeling how soft it is. She takes control kissing me, and by this point I'm in that "Do whatever the fuck you want to do with me" moment.

    Then another female comes in, and I use my right eye to peek to see who it is, while Alyzarin or whoever it was is going crazy with my mouth.

    The other female looks at us for a second, but she just pretends she isn't seeing anything lol.

    (I don't know if it was Alyzarin, the blonde she met in the black outfit, but whoever it was, it was pretty fun).

    We continue kissing and breathing like we're animals, and then I realized I had to go somewhere?

    (wait....what? what do I possibly need to do another than this??!??!)

    DAMN [email protected]$%@^$#%&$

    Yes, Kaomea, I'm going to use Frick now because of you.

    I help her down, and her legs are finally on the ground again, and I can't remember what I tell her, probably something about meeting her again soon.

    I go to a door to enter to a class, and I see look through the window to see someone with crutches.

    So I push the door to get in, and then pushed it out to allow the person with crutches pass. I didn't get a "Thank You" or a modicum of appreciation from the person, but I didn't really care after a few seconds.

    It was just something natural to do, it almost seemed I had to do it so I wouldn't look like an asshole.

    I can't remember what I did in the classroom, but moving to the classroom was pretty fricking pointless after that treatment I had with the blonde in the bathroom.

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    1. sinoblak's Avatar
      You've had a nice time dreaming, Link. And I hope you found Aly.
      The start of the night was awesome, lol!

      The other female looks at us for a second, but she just pretends she isn't seeing anything lol.
      Odd raction, lol!

      Dream 3: Ridge Forrester
      The Bold And The Beauty is attacking you severely these late days, hahaha.
      I haven't watched it for several years, and I just wonder, hasn't any character fucked his sister or mother by some tragic mistake?
      Linkzelda and Alyzarin like this.
    2. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Brooke has sex with one of Ridge's sons I think?? But yeah, that's the latest one I can remember.

      And of course, Ridge forgives her.

      But Brooke didn't intentionally do it though, some kind of berries stimulated both of them.

      The son took a while to tell the truth to the father, but before he did, they had a little mini-drama with Brook's sluttiness, while she tries to show that she wouldn't do that to a relative.
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    3. sinoblak's Avatar
      some kind of berries stimulated both of them.
      Linkzelda likes this.
    4. Linkzelda's Avatar
      No really! It sounds like bullshit, but Thomas was lying that it wasn't the berries, that they were just stranded on an island (which they were) and thought that they would be alone until they died.

      Brooke was actually not trying get her private parts loose all over again with Thomas, and the older Stephanie almost had it with her, and I think Brooke was close from actually leaving the corporation because of the "incident."

      But Thomas, as you know, is feeling guilty for the lie, and finally confesses to Ridge about what really happened, and it really was the berries.

      But before that, man, Stephanie was ALL OVER Brooke's ass when they believed Thomas' lie.

      Oh and, Stephanie WANTED Thomas to say it was something else to make Brooke look like a slut. But I haven't watch too much of it recently, I saw most of it last year during summer.

      Some things might be a little skewed, but not too much for you to get the gist of what I remembered last year....or was it this year?
      sinoblak likes this.
      Updated 04-10-2012 at 10:48 AM by Linkzelda
    5. sinoblak's Avatar
      Now I'm trying to figure how long actually I haven't watched it since I don't know who is Thomas.

      Nvm, the dream was lavish of sex scenes.
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    6. Alyzarin's Avatar
      But... but... it was just getting good. What is this at the end!?

      I wish I could remember my dreams from these nights.
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