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    Gas Station, Sharon Newman & Samuel Jackson Makes me Chop Boxes, Reverse Driving, Guerrilla Escaping

    by , 03-14-2014 at 07:49 PM (454 Views)
    Looking for a Gas Station (DILD)


    I知 driving just fine in this dream, and the environment I知 in seems to be within the Cypress neighborhood I used to reside in years ago. I知 concerned about the amount of fuel left in the vehicle, and proceeded to look for the nearest gas station that wouldn稚 try to rip me off.

    Even though what happened before this dream was patchy, a mini-flashback slides through my awareness that a gas station was selling gas for $3.15, so that became my median price to look for. I知 on the left lane, and was speculating whether or not I should take the furthest left lane to make a left turn, but I decided to stick in the lane I知 at for now.

    I wait for the stop sign, and a few vehicles are in front of me. I take a moment to glance over the atmosphere, and it痴 the perfect kind of day honestly. Light gray skies, not too hot, nor too cold, and it almost feels as if I知 on my way to heading home.

    I eventually arrive at the gas station that was beyond the stop light I previously was around, and the price showed up as $3.19 for gas on a Red sign that was probably 100 feet or so in the air. The number and $ was portrayed through the same format you would see in an electronic scoreboard.

    I turn to the left into the entrance of the gas station, and now the dream shifts completely. There isn稚 even a gas station to begin with, only a fairly large building that痴 probably 5 stories high. It consisted of dull dark colors, and tinted windows. I go inside, and I知 lurking around trying to find a gas station in a building.

    Eventually, I presumed a room I知 entering would be where I could get some gasoline. I don稚 know how I could deduce something like that, but I just let it happen naturally. A room to my right seems to have a lot of people sitting down watching something, maybe T.V.

    So I go inside, and I slowly walked in, looking around to the right to see if there痴 another pathway to take, or if I should stay where I am right now. One noticeable dream character was a blonde male that looked like he was in his mid to late twenties, and he was wearing a basic light gray shirt with blue jeans. His beard seemed to mix around dirty blonde, to almost a light brown color.

    I believe I asked him on whether or not this is where we would wait for gasoline. He nods, and states (paraphrasing):

    的f you池e expecting to meet your girl on time, this might take a while.

    Before I could even make a response as to how he knows what I知 doing, even though I don稚 know where I was planning to head after getting gasoline, I noticed two people having a conversation to the left of me.

    I couldn稚 see the individual that was closest to me, because their back was facing me. But I could see the other person, who looked like Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men. I believe he痴 wearing a striped orange and white polo shirt, and is probably wearing Khaki or milky light brown pants with a dark brown belt.

    He looks at me for a while and smiles, and I知 curious on whether or not if he can be a reliable person to ask where I could find gasoline instead of having to wait in this room where other people are apparently waiting or gas.

    Alan Harper goes back into focusing on the conversation, and I can稚 remember what happens next.


    Sharon Newman Fiasco & Samuel Jackson is Making me Chop an Office Box (DILD)


    Things start out in a warehouse that痴 fairly packed with metal shelves with random objects. The atmosphere of the dream made things too dark to bother with observing the environment around me, so I don稚 know if those shelves were filled with boxes or anything. To the right of me are a series of windows, which is pretty much the only light source illuminating the area for the time being.

    I知 only spectating what痴 going on in the dream, but I see Sharon Newman in white bath cloth with another man wearing the same as well. The guy definitely doesn稚 look like anyone she痴 going with in the show at all, and he seems to be around 30 years of age. He has short blonde hair, and has a few rugged features surrounding his visage.

    They don稚 seem to be doing anything other than probably having a conversation with each other, and then to the right, someone seems to be heading their inside the warehouse, and they look like Nicholas Newman. He痴 wearing a brown jacket that痴 only going down a few inches under his waist region.

    He comes inside the warehouse, and it seems now I知 fluctuating between perspectives of the spectator view, and the guy that Sharon Newman was just with. Sharon Newman turns around, and seems mildly surprised that Nicholas is here, and I believe she starts flashing her body in front of him for a few seconds.

    Nicholas looks at her, and then shifts his face diagonally, almost as if he痴 slightly bothered on what痴 going on. While I知 trying to validate whose body I知 in, Nicholas eventually leaves, and Sharon does the same after a few seconds. Now I知 positive that I知 inside the body of the Blonde guy, but there痴 still some doubt.

    There痴 a table right behind me (I was mostly facing the window to the right), and it consisted of a gray metallic texture. The dream shifts a bit where Samuel Jackson in his Avengers attire arrives. I freak out for a bit, since his expression seems like he has ill intentions in mind.

    Not that kind of expresion

    He takes out a sword, and waves it around for a bit, which intimidates me even further. I feel as if he痴 making threats at me, but it would be difficult to recall what he stated exactly to me. But then he sits down, and offers me the sword. I take it immediately, and I proceed to follow his instructions, seeing how he doesn稚 seem to have an ambition to attack me.

    Between us on the table is an office box, you know, the ones with the oval cut-outs for handles on the side, and the square box top to cover it. It has a purple top, and the box itself is white with a few black fonts and thin lines near the top region on the sides. Based on how Samuel Jackson痴 gestures, he seems to be instructing me to start chopping up the box. I hold the hilt tightly, and things shift into a first person perspective. I raise my arms, and I proceed to make my first attempt of slicing the box.

    The box itself is surprisingly durable, but I知 able to almost make a clean slice. Samuel Jackson instructs me to keep going at it, and I proceed to go through trial and error of what kind of strength I would have to apply to completely cut through the box. The box is sturdy, and seems to never shift an inch, no matter how hard I tried to slice and dice it up.

    After that, I can稚 remember what I did next.


    Saving Someone & Bypassing Guerrilla Soldiers (DILD)


    This dream was way too long for me to get time to expound on it, so I'll just give a brief breakdown.

    • I'm with a few dream characters, and we have a goal to save someone that's apparently prisoned in some kind of guerrilla infrastructure
    • I take the initiative to go inside, while the others apparently play their roles
    • We somehow managed to rescue the individual(s), and I have to find a way to get out without alerting the Guerrilla Soldiers that seem to be similar to the models in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    • I知 almost at the rendezvous point, but I have to observe 1-2 soldiers movements to avoid taking the wrong move and being caught
    • After being patient for few minutes, I take the opportunity, and I believe I escaped
    • Throughout the dream, feelings of adrenaline, fear, and having to control that at the dead of night within the dream environment were the main challenges for me


    I Almost Hit a Child while Reverse Driving (DILD)


    Even though this was a dream, it was a close one that the child wasn稚 injured at all.

    Anyway, before I get to that, things start out where I知 interested in buying something. I don稚 know what I have in mind, but I presume I don稚 have money for the time being. Wherever I was heading, I was probably following a relative of mine to a food store.

    I glanced over an electronics store on the way, and wanted to get a particular advice that was probably some kind of memory storage, or something of that nature. After a while, I知 left alone, and I proceed to going back where I parked initially.

    While I知 going back, a female with dark brown hair (or maybe black hair) comes to me, gives me $100, and leaves. After absorbing how shocked I was from this generous act, I contemplated on who that particular dream character looked like. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties, and was wearing a dark colored sweater where there were vertical seams, along with wearing blue female jeans.

    I知 not sure what I was going to do, and I had an urge to go to the electronics store, but my recall of what happened next is bad. All I know is that I知 back at the vehicle, and I wanted to prepare to drive out. I unlock the vehicle, do the usual thing, start up the engine, and wait for a while.

    I noticed that through the rear-view mirror, there was an African-American female walking by with her child. The older female had a crisp and vibrant hairstyle with dark brown colors, and a hint of lighter golden brown dye as well. I believe she was wearing a light milky caramel jacket that stretched all the way down to her ankles.

    She was wearing dark clothes underneath the jacket, probably dark violet for the shirt, or at least the shoes, I don稚 know precisely. Her child was wearing a light blue shirt with dark blue dots everywhere. She was wearing some kind of cool related color, maybe violet, or blue. She had a pompom hairstyle as well, and I shift my awareness at looking through the rear-view mirrors and side mirrors as well.

    Unfortunately, the moment I try to reverse, the vehicle is slightly out of my control. It backs up, and then swerves to the right, and then straightens out so fast that I worried on whether or not I rammed into anyone, especially the child. The vehicle stops, and I set it on park, and I quickly get out of the door, panicking and wondering what in the world was going on just now.

    Fortunately, the child and the mother are safe, but the mother is very angry at me. I didn稚 know what to say other than slowly trying to calm myself down. She starts saying random things, and she stated she would call the police or something, but after a while, I just went back to the vehicle since I didn稚 injure anyone.

    I don稚 know why the sudden change in demeanor occurred, though it was probably just because it was a dream all along, and there痴 no need for me to fixate on something like this. The dream shifts where there痴 a random series of me standing near the middle of a turning area on the road. Then there痴 one where there痴 an African-American female walking with 3-4 children.

    I can稚 remember anything else for the dream.

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