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    Give Me a Dollar, Small Flood, Middle School Again,

    by , 06-22-2012 at 04:00 PM (1210 Views)
    Give Me a Dollar (Non-lucid)


    Inside a random school building, and I believe I'm at an auditorium. I forget what is going there, but there are quite a few dream characters listening to someone.

    Whatever event happened ends, and I believe I get out of the building to go do something, then I forget I left something at the auditorium looking place.

    It was dark, so it was hard to tell if it really was one, anyway, I go back and I find that one guy that looked like Spencer from "The King of Queens" (the sitcom) is responsible of containing lost material.

    Apparently, some girl to the side of me that I can't remember too well told me about him, and as I'm going to speak to him, she interrupts me and says,

    "Give me a dollar."

    "Hold on," I replied while putting my up my hand. I talk to the Spencer looking guy, and he starts showing me what I left behind. I get the stuff back, and then I have a dream shift to where I'm near a school bus.

    It's pretty difficult trying to get inside of the bus, and I basically spend nearly 30 seconds or so looking like a complete idiot trying to climb up to the entrance of the bus. You literally have to take one arm, lift yourself up, and then find a place to plant your opposite feet just to get a small boost.

    The bus starts, which prompts the others to start as well, and I still haven't gotten inside the bus as yet!

    So I'm left dangling with my hands holding tightly at the edge of the entrance to get inside the bus. After a few seconds, I managed to pull myself up. This bus is really small, like build for only 2-3 people at most, excluding the bus driver.

    I glance over to see some lady trying to run after the bus, and apparently she's some kind of assistant for the bus driver since I heard her screaming at the top of her lungs that she's supposed to get on there as well.

    The bus driver ignores her though, and I only remember standing for a while inside the bus, but not sitting down.

    Small Flood (Non-lucid)


    I believe this dream goes with the first dream. I find myself shifted to a place that feels like home. I go inside, and my father invited a few of his friends to hangout and have a drink. There's probably 3 men I recognize.

    Let's just nickname them "W," "R," and "C."

    R is basically standing there relaxing, and probably speculating about something because he looks a bit spaced out from my view. W is sitting down, and he looks pretty chilled as well, and he tries to ask me a question, but like the other girl in the previous dream, I tell him to hold on a little bit.

    I go up to C, an adult I played tennis a few times with outside the realm of being in tennis teams in High School.

    Anyway, C tells me that I've lost some weight since the last time we met, which is probably just my mind telling me that I really lost a few pounds.

    I forget what I say in response, but the conversation eventually ends. Then I realize that the floor I'm walking on, it's flooded with water. It's as high as my ankles, and I decide to go upstairs.

    There hasn't been a house that I remember having a two story, except for one, but it was a really small area to be in, so technically it was still a one story house.....meh whatever.

    I have a few dream bits that somehow get incorporated with this dream. I see Kakashi when he was much younger from the Kakashi Gaiden arc or whatever you call it from Naruto Shippuden.

    Seems Kakashi is trying to protect something wrapped in white cloth, I would presume it's a baby safely contained with open space to breathe of course. Seems he and a few other shinobi are trying to send these babies or containers for them somewhere else.

    They're stored in what looks like a random house, and the most apparent feature of the place were the shelves with books.

    I think Obito was there as well, but things went a little fast for me.

    Demon/Incubus Version of Me? (Non-lucid)


    Seems I'm engaging in some kind of Call Of Duty: War at War-esque type of dream. I believe I'm a spectator most of the time, but I have moments where I'm shooting people as well.

    The area resembles the "Cliffside" map in COD:WAW, but the thing that makes it different is that the bases inside look completely new compared to old, dark, and ancient look from the actual game map. It almost felt like being inside a mini locker room.

    I don't recall myself dying at all, and I do some weird things too, like lifting dead bodies and using a person's weapon to kill a few people, but that itself is something I'm not sure of.

    I continue doing this until I probably get bored decided to spectate for a while. I'm inside from of the bases, and after I've seen that people aren't coming it as frequently, I see a woman come in.

    She looks a lot like a girl who was from my art class that I thought was really cute.

    It's call her "Allis" for my own sake.

    Spoiler for 18+:
    Middle School Again... (Non-lucid)


    I'm in a Middle School environment all over again, more specifically, Thornton Middle School in Texas. Some parts are a little different, but the section with different food selections and all that is still preserved like in other dreams I've had about this school.

    I wait in line to get the side meals for the foam tray we're using to contain it. One of the servers, who was a male, looks young, like he's probably still in college, asks me if I wanted another part of the meal added. I kept saying yes because all of the food looked pretty damn good.

    While I'm waiting in line, I arrange the food properly, and even took a little bite out of the french fries on the tray. It seems the line I'm in, the supply of the main meal is already done, so we have to move to another line, but there isn't anything interesting.

    I get out of the line, look around for other sections, and I see there's a soda machine. I get a foam cum and start filling it up with Sprite, even though the logo for the part that I'm getting the Sprite from said "Asian."

    In fact, all of the soda names were "Asian."

    I was this close from doing a reality check, but assumed it was just some prank.

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