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    Hot and Cold + No Dream Recall (SDE Part 2 Day: 12)

    by , 10-17-2012 at 02:41 PM (627 Views)

    Yeah, that song is my whole mind.

    Damn it Katy Perry.

    Except for the kiss and make up part.

    I do PMS like a bitch, I am in and I'm out....

    That you don't really want to stay, but you don't want to go part.....that explains a lot.

    Well since this is a delusional love/hate relationship with my mind, Hello Mind....I have something to ask you: WHAT'S WITH THE NO RECALL FOR TODAY YOU BITCH!!

    I'm glad there's nothing serious going on this week, might as well take in the gloomy period before it gets crazy again.

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    1. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Heh, don't be too hard on yourself, Link. Although, it's clear there's something going on.... you're playing some Katy :\
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    2. Linkzelda's Avatar
      It's not just the occasional no dream recall thing, it's just that I'm recalling shit. I actually took the liberty of analyzing the last dream with the flooding ship, and I'm still left speculating what it is that I need to let go off....since something flooding usually means it just has to drown before I drown with it.

      The same thing with occasional mantras, waking up for a WBTB as usual, typing any dream I recall, which are all shit obviously. Then attempting to do an induction method, it fails, then few days, or a few months later, lucid, I get happy, cycle repeats.

      Then I want to do some crazy stuff like accessing Akashic Records, nothing works, meditation, focusing, forgetting my body is there and focusing on my mind being aware and somewhat awake, but not too awake.

      Then passing out, then waking up, realizing that I'm just like any other college student who has to study do and do well, or get kicked out and live a life of a hobo...or sell my body for money.


      I rather be strict on myself, that way, I don't make excuses. I'm trying to be strict with myself, and forgiving of others. Why do you think I cheer you up and a few of my friends occasionally? I rather see other people be happy, and just learn how to understand who I am more and more everyday.

      I can't use other people's shortcomings to make myself feel better, I'll never be able to evolve if I feed off of people's negativity.

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    3. Linkzelda's Avatar
      you're playing some Katy :\
      Wait huh? I don't get it Kaomea.

      Like, does playing Katy mean I'm crazy? Hahahaha I still don't understand >.<
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