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    I Think Its Jaw Moved...

    by , 12-20-2015 at 05:34 AM (657 Views)
    I Think Its Jaw Moved... (DILD)


    So, here I am in this jungle that also has a base thatís structured as if there were human inhabitants; Aztecs and what have you. Looking up at the sky, itís clear as day, and the atmosphere above is light sky blue with a few clouds that are close to dissipating. Thereís a myriad of things I ended up doing, but I canít seem to recall everything in a sequential order.

    Itís almost as if this area in the dream was a hub for other dreams to occur. Some things that came to mind were:

    - Using weaponry to kill off all sorts of monsters from skeletons, and other disfigured entities. An image popped up of a huge skeleton thatís wearing this maroon helmet with gold trimmings that are about 3 inches in width, and theyíre wielding a generic round shield, and sword. I even glimpsed a few moments of a floating gun turret akin to one in MGSV.

    - Iím sitting, or trying to sit on one of many chairs laid out at another section in this grandiose environment, and I get a random mťlange of entities flashing around me.

    - I eventually start flying for a little bit to land on top of the huge machinery to slay the creatures I mentioned in the first part of this list.

    Then, after all that, and then some, there was a resting period. I believe I was traveling with someone, but I couldnít make out their visage at all. I tried to pay attention to their voice, but for all I know, they could be mute, or too shy to respond. Iím walking down a rectangular pathway composed of stone brick tiling filled with Natureís wear and tear, and greenery. Thereís this milky, yellow tint emitting off of these bricks, but itís not emissive.

    I see a few yards ahead that thereís two pitchers with a red base, and a white top. One of them is opened up with all sorts of juices and sodas, and when I get closer to them, it looks like a lot of Fanta juices from red, orange, and yellow. The other one is closed, and it almost felt like opening Pandoraís box. I think maybe I was a little exhausted from the previous events, and the dream starts equivocating like crazy from this point.

    Firstly, the pitcher seemed to have either dissipated, or shifted into a dead, black, crab thatís fairly huge in size. The outer regions of this entity consisted of a light brown trimming, and it really looked like it was dried up in some areas of its body.

    Then, its composition becomes nuanced significantly, and it looks like it could be a skeleton for something else to take shape from it. And every time I glance at it, and glance over something else, the form starts accumulating into something else entirely, and eventually looks like an unconscious black panther.

    For some odd reason, I was predisposed into wanting to take my right hand to try and open its mouth; as if I was still in the process of opening that other pitcher thatís still nowhere to be found. I immediately start controlling myself, and retracted the hand movement with a subsequent jolt, and started to push it towards my body, and made this weird shivering body gesture for a few seconds.

    It was clearly a black panther, and I can see that the sunlight above contributes to some parts of the highlights being violet in some way. When I started to step back from it, I see its jaw moveÖ

    I immediately made a retort towards my unknown dreaming comrade, ďI think its jaw just movedÖĒ We both naturally seemed to have wanted to walk back slowly just in case it reacted to sudden, powerful movements like sayÖRUNNING.

    After we reached a certain distance, we just turned around, and made a run for it. But as weíre doing that, Iím somehow looking at myself in front of me, and then zooming into the unconscious panther. I see that its visage is starting to have more nuances, and its body starts moving upwards a bit, and then its face starts shaking like crazy as if itís becoming conscious again.

    The moment it woke up, and while itís busy processing what environment itís in, I felt as if my ability to run is slowly decreasing. Either through me zooming in too much to want to naturally slow down, or just the fear gradually building up, and slowly paralyzing me instead of getting that kick in adrenaline.

    I noticed that the section weíre at now is this short distanced, but grandiose brown bridge with some subtle hints of red bled onto it. Iím holding on one of the wooden railings, and its literally being utilized as a crutch for me to hopefully propel myself. I can feel myself struggling a bit to pick up some speed, and the view of the panther from afar only makes things worse.

    I told the dream entity at the time to just RUNÖ.RUNÖRUN!!! I noticed for a few seconds that entity was a female. Sheís wearing a black jacket, white shirt underneath thatís a bit longer than the jacket, or maybe there was some physics involved of the jacketís ends moving upwards as sheís running, and sheís wearing light, faded blue skinny jeans with some black boots. She has black hair, or at least thatís what I want to believe; she could be anyone at this point.

    As Iím trying to escape, the alarm from my phone starts ringing.

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