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    Kaomea & Tie Dye Blue Shirts, Ophelia's Twin Sister, Wrong Prescription...

    by , 04-06-2012 at 05:56 PM (749 Views)
    Kaomea & Tye Dye Blue Shirts, Ophelia's Twin Sister, Wrong Prescription...


    I remembered at least 3 dreams from the WBTB, but I decided,

    "Oh, let me just doze off again for a few minutes, no biggie!" Forgot most of them now, except one. I still have a lingering experience from it.

    Dream 1: Kaomea &Tye Dye Blue Shirts....
    Spoiler for Speculation and Insight:

    I do a nose plug RC somewhere in this dream, and just saying, "I'm dreaming..." a few times. Then after I stabilized for a little while, I believed I could start running fast to find Kaomea.

    "Okay...let's do this!"

    I started to dash towards some gray wide road, and then I see that I'm at a high level somewhere, and I needed to land.

    I go back a few feet away from the ledge, then I started to run as fast as I could and tried to jump far. I did a regular dash jump, and was feeling myself floating down.

    This was a moment where I thought I would lose lucidity, I tried my best to accept that I was dreaming as a means to keep stable , and looking at the ground still made me have brief moments of predicting how it would feel to land, including thinking about a horrible landing...

    Throughout the process of jumping from this high ledge, I believe I was rotating my arms in a weird motion, probably my attempt to fly or something. I landed safely, still feeling that rush from jumping from a high ledge.

    The environment....I remember it looking as if it was going to rain....the sky....it was light gray....and I see this weird looking building in front of me.

    I want to say it was probably a pyramid/temple....it looked a bit old (go figure...), it was dark gold I think, a little dirty and all.

    (Maybe it was a desert....maybe it was a construction zone...I don't remember, but I do remember another lingering experience after this).

    I believe I jump on top of this abnormal pyramid structure, and I go inside some dark hole on the top of it. I land and find myself in an area where there was several light blue shirts, kind of like tye dye shirts, but with just various shades of blue.

    There were these stationary clothes hangers with some plastic chest torso bodies like they're being put up for display.

    As far as lucidity goes, that's all I can remember for this dream. I did remember seeing a lady in red, and I would love to admit that it could've been Kaomea.

    Maybe she (or some other DC that probably looked like her...I don' know...) told me to go somewhere because we both to take care of a few things, but I'll just have to leave this dream for speculation, or wait until Kaomea makes an entry of a somewhat similar encounter.

    Just didn't want to give up on the bits that I remembered...

    Dream 2: OpheliaBlue's Twin Sister

    My whole experience of this dream was sort of hazy. I believe I'm sitting down near the edge of some high building, and there's a few people there as well.

    I see OpheliaBlue, she's wearing blue jeans and a a semi-transparent shirt that has this mix of dark pink and diluted red to it. Her hair is most likely black, and it was bundled up into curls, like one of her photos I've seen in a thread. >.>

    Anyway, she tells me that I should come with her to see her sister perform some unique talent of hers, I think it was balancing plates with thin light brown sticks, something like that.

    I acknowledge her response to me and get up, but it's taking a little bit for me to stand up completely. After she started to walk a little bit, I felt like I should rest again on the floor.

    I motioned a "Give me a moment's rest" type of action to Ophelia.

    I laid down to my side, my body feels so tired and weak. I look at the ground for a little bit, seeing the little bumps on each tile of the flooring outside of this building. Then I look at what's in front of me, and I see the edge, and I'm awfully close to it.

    And the floor outside of this building I'm resting on is slightly slanted, and I didn't want to roll all the way down there, because it felt like I was at a really high elevation.

    So I get my left hand and make a fist to the ground to help with getting up, I managed to extend my left arm to where it forms a slanted L shape, but I can't get up.

    I believe I rolled to my side to look where Ophelia's going, but here's the part that was really confusing to me.

    She told me her sister would come, but to me, it looked like she had twin sisters, or I'm seeing another image of her.

    Ophelia has the black hair, and the other person that is probably her twin sister has her hair dyed red, with a few traces of black.

    That's all I remember for that one.

    Dream 3: Wrong Prescription

    I riding my bicycle near some parking toll booth entrance. In my hand, I was showing the person inside the booth about a wrong prescription apparently.

    I guess they analyze and do customer service with pharmacy related issues as well.

    The lady was asking me a few questions, and I told her that I never opened the bottle before.

    Then for some odd reason, I open it, and take a pill, but I didn't swallow it immediately. I let my tongue make various forms around it, and it tasted a little bit like any regular hard capsule vitamin/pill.

    Then I realized what I did, felt depressed, and said,

    "Never mind........"

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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Wait, so... why did you take the pill? Lol.

      The lucid sounds interesting. It definitely sounds like you're getting lucid a lot more often to me!
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    2. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I think I tasted the pill out of curiosity.

      And yeah, it was interesting, Kaomea even had the same problem with recall as well, except that I managed to remember one lucid moment and chain it together.
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    3. sinoblak's Avatar
      Congratulations on the lucid, Link!
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