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    At least give me $20, Kaiba's Wives (SDE Daty 13)

    by , 08-27-2012 at 12:51 PM (672 Views)
    At Least Give Me $20 (Non-lucid)


    Inside of a High School, and the tile flooring is light brown, and I'm at one of the end sections of it like the one High School in waking life that shows up a lot lately. Apparently, I'm waiting for something, I think, and I can't go inside of the rooms because most of the students are taking an exam of some sort.

    I'm just casually waiting at a wall, wondering when it's time for dismissal. I'm assuming I finished my exam early, like REALLY early, so it's no wonder I'm waiting so long for the bell to ring. As I see people coming out, for some reason, I had to give some guy cash, like around $30 if I remember correctly. I felt as if I didn't need to give him this at all, I felt like I Was just giving away free money.

    I tell him to give me back my money, and he does. I check the amount in my hand and had $5 instead, so I asked him,

    "At least give me 20."

    He looks at me, but he's just standing there like an idiot, and since he's not going to respond at all, I decided to prepare to leave for the building. There's a red sign with white font saying something along the lines of talking not being permitted when others are taking the exam.

    When it's time for most students to leave, there's a blonde teacher who looked likes Ms. Anderson in one of the High Schools I attended. She's wearing a light gray jacket, light blue jeans, and has the same, or close, body composition as the waking life counterpart. She's resting one of her hands on the red sign, and is pushing it forward, which obviously means we can't talk for as long as she drags the sign wherever she's going.

    I walk a little faster, since there's really no point in being in this area anymore, and I finally get out of the long hallway from one of the end sections, and I am now at the beginning of the 1/4 mile path that would be perpendicular to the hallway I just came out of. It looks like good weather out there, light gray skies, not too sunny at all. I turn to the right, since the left side is pretty much a dead end with a brown wall like the waking life version of this High School layered in bricks.

    I'm still cognizant of the sign being moved around, but by this time, I'm already at a fair amount of distance from it. Here's the part that makes this High School different from waking life. There's a section to my left where you can prepare to leave the building and go to the bus docking area. It's easy to distinguish because of the light gray carpet flooring and glass doors.

    I had a feeling that I might've been late to get on the bus, but I don't know why, just a hunch. That hunch was wrong because as soon as I get out of the building, there are plenty of buses that are dormant. All of them are your classic canary/yellow colored buses. A few are starting to get ready to form a line for students who will be outside in a few minutes.

    I decided to get a clear view of all the buses, so I decided to take a jump up some wide ledge above me with easy, probably 10 feet, and look at the view. It's pretty decent, and I have my right hand between my waist and upper thigh. I had it in a reverse upside-down L position
    (if you try to make that with your arm right now, I'm sure you'll know what I mean), and I said a few words to someone, though I can't remember what exactly.

    I believe it could've been something related to how cool the scene looks from above, seeing the horizon and the buses preparing to form a line. From afar, the school buses still looked pretty huge, but I didn't pay any attention to that. The person to the left of me looks like a debater I knew in High School named Danny.

    He responds by whatever I'm saying by saying, "Yeahhhh...." while looking at what I'm looking as well. After a while, I'm presuming that I get ready to find my bus to go home, and
    that's all I remember.
    Kaiba's Wives (Non-lucid)


    I'm in a light-orange room, and it feels too weird to be in here, it feels like a garage to me. If I turn to my right, I will see a Plexiglass type of window where you could look outside, however, it's too dark to see anything at the moment. I can feel that my father is here, and a friend of his as well too. There's three entities that would come near the Plexiglass outside.

    Before they came, I assumed that Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! or someone would be the husband for all three of these entities, and I'm not saying that word loosely. These are completely abstract beings, not human AT all. The first one that shows up looks like a variant of Gardevoir, and she looks so cute. Anyway, she comes up slowly, has her hands, or whatever you want to call them, and looks shy. Then there's another entity that looks orange, but I can't remember what exactly.

    The final one that comes up is a pink octopus, though I don't know how the hell that's could be a wife for a human. I can understand if the human has some sick fetish for Gardevoir, but an Octopus?

    How does that relationship work out, through suction cups? =P

    I think I tell someone that the three wives are here, and my father and his friend come on, though I don't know why they need to come in the first place. They declared that they can't see properly outside, and the window was kind of misty that they had to wipe it from the inside, lol, that's dream logic for you.

    Then after they leave, Kaiba comes in out of nowhere and starts using these type of binoculars or some microscope lens attached to the window. I'm wondering what the hell he's doing, and he responds to me by saying my first name, and then declaring that I was disrupting him from finding out something.

    What could you be finding through those weird lens attached to a wall, and through complete darkness outside?

    Also, my father random decides to mix what seems like orange juice, milk, and hot cocoa power together.


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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      That second one...super weird! And lol at the suction cups comment. XD
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    2. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Yeah, the wedding dream I forgot to add is a little bit more humanistic. It kind of left me wondering if I was in the right place, or maybe I saw my future bride.