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    Is it Legit, Clerker, Skipping in Line

    by , 06-25-2012 at 02:32 PM (710 Views)
    Is it Legit? (Non-lucid)


    There's some random person showing me and another random person on how there's a store or something of the sort that sells Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and that there's one card that gets an updated picture frequently.

    Me and this person I'm following go to a store to find some information on where this "store" is, and we eventually find it's at some kind of alley or street, with the number "5xx" and some kind of random lane name.

    We reach a gray stone bench with a few people sitting on it, and they're looking at us quiet suspiciously. I'm just here to make sure the person I'm following doesn't get shot or something. There's another person following us who apparently can tell if a card is fake or real.

    The group of shady people give the guy the card to look at, and then he hands it over to me. The card is light purple, it has almost all the features of a Yu-Gi-Oh card, life-points, picture, name of the monster, description with special abilities, code number, etc.

    The only exception is that it was a bit shorter than the average size of cards. I didn't bother with this because I didn't want to say it's fake and piss the shady people off. I pass it to the guy who can tell if it's real or not.

    He looks at it for a few seconds and says it's legit. I forget what we do next, but I assume the guy pays for the card and we go our own separate ways from the shady people.
    Clerker? (Non-lucid)


    I believe I'm at some kind of beach, this same beach has extensions of certain attributes that you would see in an uncharted island. I'm with a group of people, and I believe we're looking at some guy wearing red dress shirt.

    This same shirt had a Hawaiian style to it, and he wore long and slim black pants. He keeps smirking at us, and just has that shady atmosphere to him. I have a feeling he wants to injure or kill us.

    I don't know what's happening, but one member of the small group I'm following is willing to offer another member in order to satisfy the guy in the red shirt's desire.

    I forget what it was exactly, but this guy seemed to be interested in some kind of black magic, it reminded me of Kitami's character from Bible Black for some reason >.>

    Anyway, the member was pretty clever with the offering, and I think it was a female, and I couldn't feel any kind of emotion towards the girl, maybe we didn't care about here, I don't know....

    I have a dream shift where I decide I wanted to dance in some kind of recital. But instead of the word dancer, I have to use the word "Clerker?"

    And when that happens, I get a flashback of the guy in the red Hawaiian dress shirt and black pants.

    Oh and that same guy, he had a really long pompadour, and it was dark brown. He must've used a lot of gel to keep it up like that....O.o

    Skipping in Line (Non-lucid)


    I only remember some girl skipping a person in a line, and I didn't understand why she needed to do so in the first place, since the line itself really wasn't that long.

    Then I made the presumption that it's because the guy in front of me was probably annoying to her. Whenever he talked to her, she would be nice to him, but the moment he turned his back away from her, I still kept a sharp eye on her, and her visages changes from kindness to a form of apathy.

    She was cute too, but really skinny, and she was dark-skinned as well wearing some kind of hoodie, along with dark blue skinny jeans as well I believe.

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