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    Link Saves the Gorons

    by , 12-21-2014 at 05:56 AM (356 Views)
    Link Saves the Gorons (DILD)


    Link, though Im not sure if its a distinct type of Link from a Legend of Zelda game, is on his way to save some Gorons that are trapped. These Gorons have varied visages and body compositions that it makes me question if theyre really Gorons at all.

    Hes just casually standing around with his back facing the Gorons, and theyre all patting him on the back as a sign of thanking him. Im guessing hes waiting for all of them to leave the area before he moves on.

    There seemed to have been religious implications while watching this dream as well, though I can't be bothered to point all of them out.

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    Tags: gorons, link