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    Little Big Planet Hell, Sneaking in the Swamp

    by , 12-21-2014 at 05:51 AM (392 Views)
    Little Big Planet Hell (DILD)


    Imagine this guy below, albeit inverted with red ogling eyes set out to drain as much of your health as possible before you can complete a random level with mixed environment settings.

    Throughout the dream, I get a poking feeling in my back that if I donít finish the level as fast as possible, heíll catch up to me and try to kill me. But the problem was trying to conceptualize the whole level without being caught in some kind of booby trap, which irritated me because there wasnít enough time for that, unless I was patient enough for the dream scene to keep resetting itself.

    After going through a few tries, which was inevitable, I finally managed to get close to completely the level, but the little guy gets me. The dream shifts where Iím suddenly inside a building thatís very spacious, and has that 1800s feel to it that continues to exist in what feels like how it is in waking life right now in the 21st century. Thereís all sorts of demonic entities around, and some of them are in monk outfits ranging from red to black.

    I canít recall what Iím doing, but I seem to be holding my own for the time being before spacing out, and I guess moving on to the next dream.


    Sneaking in the swamp (DILD)


    Iím half naked wearing a swamp military pants along with a rugged pair of black boots that allows me to traverse in almost any environment. Iím have two black straps around the sides of my chest connected to the top of the pants as well, and Iím wearing some kind of headband on my head that consist of some kind of muddy color.

    The swamp environment itself is very foggy, and itís hard to conceptualize whatís inside of the water. Iím holding a black pistol in my hand, and Iím currently at the apex of a small slope that leads into the water that would probably be waist to chest deep. I knew that this environment would be filled with surprises, and random entities that had a mťlange of body compositions that would be completely alien in relation to the swamp itself.

    I spent more time trying to figure out the controls of actually controlling myself for some reason. In other words, I seem to be simultaneously being aware of playing a game with me in it along with the person Iím playing as trying to figure out how to move. It was very perplexing, and before going into the water, I took the time to go to the edge of the slope, and sit down for cover so no one would spot me.

    I take out a small electronic device thatís rectangular, gray, and has a cool metallic sensation to it. I see that it says ďPCX2,Ē which I presumed to be akin to the PS2 emulator for the PC. Iím thinking to myself on how to set up the controls, and I go into the configuration menu to go to ďGamepad 1.Ē

    There was an option for ďDefault,Ē and I was thinking on whether or not to use this, or make a customizable control setup instead. In between this decision making, there were flashes of me engaging in random acts throughout the swamp, but itís been a few days since I decided to recall this dream. However, I felt the reason why I chose to sit down and hide was because nothing in those previous attempts were working out for me.

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