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    Machine Guns, I'm Nikita, Captured, Someone Falls Down, Female in Men's Restroom

    by , 12-03-2013 at 06:52 PM (649 Views)
    Machine Guns and Captured to Be A Slave (DILD)


    I've been watching a lot of Nikita on Netflix apparently to get a dream related to it.

    I'm inside of what seems to be an apartment, and it's fairly late at night within the dream. The flooring consists of a brown wooden color, and the walls are most likely dark gray.

    I'm right behind a dream character that looks like Michael from the show "Nikita," and he seems to be on the alert of someone coming in. I move around a bit, feeling a bit anxious.

    I realized I was dreaming at some point when I asked him a few questions on what I needed to do in this area. He told me that I should go ahead and hide and just keep myself safe.

    He's holding a black silenced pistol and is staying in position while I find a place to hide. It doesn't seem like I any alternatives other than to just stay there and face whatever entity or group of entities coming in to invade the room we're in.

    There's a door that's opened to the left of me, and I believe it leads to the kitchen. Michael comes in for a moment, and as he's going halfway through the door, the door he was patrolling 10-20 feet away from him opens.

    He's caught by surprise and tries to aim his gun as soon as he can, but it seems the invader used the machine gun to quickly spray bullets at him. I immediately evade to the left and tried to glance at what the entity looked like.

    He looked like Bitores Mendez from Resident Evil 4, and had the same outfit as well. Michael is pushed back to a wall, and simply lies down there. I didn't confirm if he was dead or not since I was already trying to save myself.

    I quickly hide behind a door because that's my only option right now. I noticed I had a weapon on hand, but didn't pay attention to describe it well enough. I just presumed it was a pistol, and I made sure to slow down my breathing.

    It seems the Mendez dream character disappeared, and a feminine figure is walking slowly towards the door I'm hiding behind. I get tensed up for a bit and prepared for confrontation.

    The entity turns around immediately and I take a shot at her. It seems it was teenager in the age range of 16-18. Though her visage looked a little bit more cheekier and child-like. She had some kind of patched up braided hairstyle, but it wasn't the whole format of her hair.

    She looked very familiar, like the sister from the "Everybody Hates Chris" television show. I thought I killed this dream character, but it seems she's just another invincible entity in my head. She takes a shot at me, and I expected to recieve some kind of reaction, but I'm not really feeling anything.

    The dream starts getting a little hard to intrepret chronologically because one moment I feel like I'm being riddled with bullets from a machine gun, and the next I feel perfectly fine.

    I take another shot at the girl, trying to see if she can at least fall down and faint or something. Doesn't seem to work, and she's a bit too close for comfort honestly. She says,

    "We're going to take you to be our slave."

    After that, it's hard to know what happened next. A probable reason is that during the inconsistent shifts before taking my last shot at the girl, I was questioning whether or not they were using tranquilizers.

    I checked the suit I was wearing that had a milky butterscotch color mixed with dirty golden color and found bits on my wrist, arms, and my chest I believe.

    And as I'm in shock that they're trying to tranquilize me, I look at my hands and things get even freakier. The perspective involves me looking at myself from the bottom-up that's zooming into my face.

    I realized I was Nikita.

    Apparently I or she's wearing a black vest along with black jeans and a belt. I couldn't make out what she wore for her feet, I just paid attention to my/her reaction until the dream scene shifts abruptly.

    There's a quick fade out and a gradual fading into another scene. I can feel myself being chained, and decided to wait for the environment to become more vivid.

    Eddie Falls Down (DILD)


    I'm trying to go down a set of stairs floating above what seems to be a bottomless cosmic-like pit.

    There's a person in front of me trying to hold onto any ledge, and ends up tripping and falling.

    I scream as he's falling down and started to freak out while still trying to hold my balance. I keep going down the stairs


    Female in the Men's Restroom (DILD)


    I know this dream was long, but can't recall much.

    Basically a black haired female was in the men's restroom, and I think she, me, and maybe two more people were a group that were trying to rendevoue at a certain location.

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