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    Makar's Request for a New Branch for His Violin & Trying to Apply for a Job Position

    by , 04-11-2014 at 04:12 PM (458 Views)
    Makar's Request for a New Branch for His Violin (DILD)


    The feelings and sensations in dreams recently are getting so real, along with the virtual experiential reality becoming more tangible, and less of a blurry dream-like state of being.

    Makar from the Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker requests that I get a new branch so that he could play his violin. Seeing how it shouldnít be too difficult to find a random branch somewhere from a tree, and cut it off, I easily accept this task.

    The dream environment was first dark, and then it lit up as if it were a sunny afternoon. I go into an area that seems to resemble a University I went to, seeing how the trees there that seem kind of dead, or just saturated from rain in general resembles some of the cherry blossom trees after their leaves fall off.

    I can hear the slight cracks, and other sounds while stepping on the dirt, grass, and small twigs on the ground. I believe I had a machete, and I finally found a tree that I could get a branch from. Apparently, Makar wanted the branch to be at least 6 feet 8 inches tall, which seems kind of odd with the size of the little guy in general. Maybe it could be so he could have multiple branches to play his violin if one goes bad, I guess.

    I take a ruler, or some tool for measuring the branches length. I measured probably around 3 feet, or a bit more, and placed my finger on the end as a reference point so I could extend, and measure the rest of the required length needed for Makar. And when I finally get close to the length needed, I prepare my machete by lifting it in the air with my left hand.

    But before I could cut the branch, Iím feeling as if things are crawling on my left hand, and arm as well. I tried to ignore it, and tried to presume these are merely psychosomatic experiences that wonít bother me if I donít fixate on them being an issue. Unfortunately, the sensations of crawling become stronger, and I look and find that small ants are crawling on me.

    Out of reflex, I try to shake them off frantically, worried if theyíll bite me, but it doesnít feel like theyíre trying to inflict pain on me, but the crawling sensations is just too creepy and weird that I had to flail my arms to get rid of them.

    I donít believe I was able to finish the task, seeing how more swarms of ants could be in that area.


    Trying to Apply for a Job Position at Competitorsí Location (DILD)


    Things start out where Iím entering the back of a supermarket, and it seems that Iím looking for a job position as well. The experiences so far made me presume that I was already working at another store thatís probably this storeís competition. Iím wearing a dark blue shirt, and probably faded black jeans while navigating through the area, looking for anyone that could be working in this place for any job positions.

    I see a man thatís directing a few individuals somewhere, and I felt as I had to join this group, seeing how it looks like a job orientation process. Thereís a man wearing a hairnet, Hispanic, looks like heís in his late 40s, curvy mustache, and parts of his visage that looks drooped down diagonally from top left to bottom right.

    I ask him if the job offer is still available, and I conflated the questioning with wondering if that even though I already had a job at their competitionís location, maybe I could still get a job at this area as well to at least fill in part time gaps. The guy shakes his head horizontally to affirm ďno,Ē and I tell ďAlright, thank you,Ē and left.

    I was wearing a watch on my right wrist, and I quickly checked the time, and it was 7:53 AM apparently. I had the presumption that I had to get to work for 8 AM, including implications that I would have a 14 minute grace period after 8 AM to still arrive on time. It seems I had my red shirt ready, and all I needed to do was go to a random restroom, or somewhere private to quickly change over.

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