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    Miley Twerking Cyrus Look-a-like is My Cosplay Partner

    by , 12-10-2013 at 08:44 PM (547 Views)
    Miley Twerking Cyrus Look-a-like is My Dance Partner (DILD)


    I'm inside of a mall with a group of dream characters that are closely related to the Teen Titans main characters. I wasn't aware of this immediately, but they showed up later on in the dream.

    I had brief moments of lucidity and shifting back into a non-lucid state, and was surprisingly experiencing as if I passed out at some point.

    I recall that I ended up doing a cosplay of Cyborg, and apparently there's some kind of costume event or competition. Apparently I was supposed to gender bend with the Miley Cyrus counterpart within the dream, and I started to feel myself turning into a female for some weird reason.

    Though it was mostly just people putting a wig on me and some awkward occurrences I probably don't really need to remember at all. They finish at some point, and then I felt like I was passing out, and the dream started to get blurry.

    At some point I wake up in the dream and found myself inside a very restricted room. I get up slowly and found myself back to my original dream body. I believe I was wearing a vanilla suit with a light blue dress shirt along with vanilla dress pants. The room I'm in consists of a basic turquoise or aqua blue color, and it felt like I was in some kind of containment more than being in an actual room.

    I open the door in front of me slowly and poked my head out. The environment beyond the area I'm within consists of a contrast warm color of various shades of red. It's obvious that this is a large auditorium, and I looked at a group of individuals sitting in the front section about 20 feet diagonally to the right of my current perspective.

    I saw all the Teen Titans characters except for Robin, and they glanced over to look at me most likely as a reflex to see who's coming out. It seems that there's going to be a lot of individuals coming out eventually, so I took the initiative to get out and find a seat as quickly as possible.

    There's not really much goals I had in mind other than to see what was going to go on here. I ended up picking a random row and seat that was about 30-60 feet away from the door I was originally at. I could feel a sense of warmth within the dream environment, which was fairly surprising considering how an area as spacious as this would generally be a little colder.

    I sit down, and I had a feeling someone was going to sit next to me. I looked to the right and saw a Miley Cyrus dream character counterpart wearing an absurd hairstyle. It was as if her hair was plugged into an electrical socket to try to emulate a Don King hairstyle, except it was more spread out laterally in this case.

    She was wearing super short shorts that consisted maybe of a dark swamp green color along with a V-blouse that was light swamp green without any sleeves. Then her visage started to change and deviate a bit to resemble someone very familiar, I just can't put get it out of my tongue unfortunately.

    She has bleached blonde hair streaks along with a dirty blonde color as the dominant color. She's looking at me and smiling, which somehow makes me smile and then laugh uncontrollably on how silly she looks like. I laughed so much that I had to put my hands over my face and started using my left or right hand to tap my knee rapidly.

    I just couldn't take it anymore, and other people started laughing at her as well, but she didn't seem to mind it too much. She started to crave the attention and walked a bit more confidently as if she was going to pump her arms in a semi-circular motion. I take my right hand and tapped the empty seat to the right of me to make a gesture that she could sit there.

    She continues looking at me while she's going through the small gap in the row I'm at and seems to pass up my offer, but eventually sits to the left of me.
    I can't recall anything after that, so I guess we ended up watching whatever was going to happen on stage.

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