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    More school dreams

    by , 06-23-2011 at 03:36 AM (692 Views)

    Again, Iím dreaming about something school related. The earliest I can recall is that Iím going to receive my letter jacket. I was in Cypress-Lakes, and I believe I was climbing up these miniature stairs, and I believe we couldnít climb on them, in fact, some school staff was telling this guy he couldnít climb these small stairs, and neither could I. Anyway, as Iím suddenly back to my house, Iím wearing my letter jacket, which was after I had to deal with some official of giving out the jackets said to me that even though I climbed up these mini-stairs, I would still get a letter jacket because I was a senior or something. Anyway, I could see myself walking towards a mirror in my room, and the back of the jacket had a CRIMSON ďAĒ on it. I think I even had the older letter jacket, which I think was the one with the ďAĒ on it. The new one had a mix of some school logos attached to it.
    I also do recall see some girls come out of this house, or abandoned house that was near the neighborhood I used to be in, and it looked like 3 Indian girls were coming out, wearing their custom clothing. There was one I knew for sure, but I didnít really bother to see them at all. I think she looked at me, but it was probably just to see who was outside. I also think I was in this random conversation in school with some guys. We were talking about how ladies react to certain things, and some other things. I was attempting to do a WILD before ACTUALLY sleeping, which probably explains the vagueness of my dream recall. Anyway, time to try another WILD, and hopefully itíll be better.

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