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    My Neighbor Has No Manners, I'm Responsible for the Deaths of One Million People [Wut]

    by , 05-01-2013 at 09:10 AM (526 Views)
    Self-hypnosis works again, and these were dreams a few days ago.

    My Neighbor Has No Manners (DILD)


    I'm inside of my apartment, and the dream scene is so realistic that I assume that it was reality. I didn't want to question anything, I just knew I had to be dreaming either way. It was fairly obvious, the setting was different, it was bright as day outside, and it was a little windy as well.

    I'm only wearing my tighty whities just like in waking life now, and I feel perfectly normal. The dream is fairly linear, and I proceed to get out of my bedroom and starting to walk through the small hall in my dream apartment. It was about the same width as the actual one, I noticed some furniture and such were oddly placed, but I didn't care too much about them.

    What bothered me is that I noticed something weird about the window in front of me. I noticed that there was someone outside, and they're bracing against the wall near my apartment outside as well. I come a bit closer to to see who it was, and it was this odd-looking fellow. I raise up the red curtains, which were definitely not related to the blue curtains I have in my actual apartment, and I noticed that the window is opened.

    To my surprise, as I'm slowly raising up the curtain, the odd-looking neighbor said, "Thanks." I realized he was reading a book, and I saw he glanced up at me quickly and immediately turned his head to go back to reading. I didn't know how to recieve this kind of response, since it was obvious that no one should be bracing against the interior of my apartment, and because of this conflict of reasoning on what to do next, I decided to continue to trying to get the curtains up in a position.

    For some reason, I believe my conflicted reasoning also wanted me to move the curtains so the neighbor could brace properly outside and be able to rest his left arm on the opened window. The window was a bit longer than usual, and in order to open it, there was the generic lock that you had to twist outward into your direction to open up, and I believe this isn't the case for my actual apartment.

    The thought on whether or not he potentially stole items in my apartment didn't come to me whatsoever, since he had a calm and relaxing demeanor throughout most of this dream. I have an awkward time moving the curtains and trying not to get them to touch my presumed neighbor again. I would lift them in the general direction from down and straight up, then I would go from down to diagonally placing it to the left and other angles as well.

    I realized I needed some kind of pin or object in order to keep the curtain in place. The neighbor had to move his arm frequently each time I put the curtain down, and I still didn't know what I was going to say to him, since he has yet to make any kind of concerning behavior and/or action. I quickly look around this limited area in my apartment, and I noticed there's a pink-clip that was somehow a pin as well.

    I don't know how the logic with that worked, but I picked up, and I slowly inserted it inside a part of the curtain. I didn't question that a clip suddenly served as a pin, and I finally managed to get a huge chunk of the part of the curtain that I folded up so it would make a curve like this " J ".

    Then I realized I needed an actual pin to keep things in place, however, with dream logic, that wasn't needed since the vanilla colored walls and the weird looking object I used as a clamp suddenly was able to stick together. After this fiasco, I start shifting my thoughts back to this neighbor randomly bracing against the inside of my apartment.

    His visage looks awfully familiar to one of my actual neighbors, except he doesn't have as long of a hair than him. It's more of a bow-shaped head with out of wack curls on the ends. He's wearing glasses, thin framed, and his face is partially filled with acne, and he has the "Pedro" stereotypical mustache on him as well.

    It seems he was half-naked with just dark brown jean shorts, and he immediately enters my apartment. While I'm busy preparing for a "Wtf do you think you're doing" on this guy, suddenly my kitchen is closer to the both of us. He turns his back on me, and goes opens the fridge to see what's inside. I noticed that there were mostly transparent bowls with food inside with red tops concealing them as well.

    The light inside of the fridge was the generic yellow bulb light, and then I immediately close it, slowly warning this guy that he's not suppose to be in this apartment. Then he takes a spit on the floor, and I'm wondering what the fucking hell is wrong with this dipshit, and that's when I started to break.


    He looks at me weirdly, slightly affected with a tinge of fear, and decides to do one more random action of trying to get something on top of the fridge or whatever the hell it was, couldn't remember to great detail. He wanted to take the dime that was placed on top, and I grabbed his wrist and gave him a "NO" facial expression. I take the dime away from him, and I directed him to get out through the window, and I believe I stated,


    or something to that nature without trying to use curse words. He apparently lived to the right of me, which was kind of awkward, since now I know he's bloody one door to the right of me, and it only makes me worried what he would do next time. I started to question how he got the window to be opened in the first place, since I don't even open my window in my actual apartment in real life simply because it's awkward to have it opened and let people see what I'm doing.

    After that petty drama was over, I decided to clean up the area where he spat. I get some paper towels, and I maneuver them in a circular motion and then threw it into the trash can that didn't have a lid on it. It seems that I had the intention to move my stuff in a U-Haul truck, seeing as I had some small furniture and bags I felt that were mine outside of my apartment. I made sure that I kept a good awareness of my environments, and also an eye in case that neighbor wants to randomly come into my apartment again.

    I didn't pay attention anything beyond the U-Haul truck in my apartment, but with peripheral vision, I could tell my subconscious did a fair job to make it seem like it was a replication of waking life's setting. I had some random brown bag that seems to resemble the one that a Pan-Asia Restaurant I go to from time to time uses for To-Go orders.

    I noticed this was like a mini-trash bag, seeing how there were paper plates that had random residues of food, and there was also a concerning amount of wasted rice in this bag as well. After realizing it was just another way to trash some things, I noticed something very shiny inside, and it ended up being my Zune HD. At first, I didn't want to believe I would trash it, but then I turn back again and picked it up and it seems I really did.

    I had to wipe off the food sauce and residue from it, and then I slowly walked back to my apartment while examining the Zune HD to make sure that it was working. I ended up not paying attention to it and just put it somewhere in invisible land, because I sure don't remember not having it anywhere near my tighty whities. For the rest of the dream, I continued to beleive that this was slightly realistic, the whole event with the neighbor and such, and I felt that I had to post this on Dream Views because that guy was in a really odd position.


    I Killed One Million People (DILD)


    This is one of those dreams where you shouldn't have been lucid in any moment whatsoever. It was so awkward, it's like I was suddenly a mass murder terrorist, and I can't believe how I had this tinge of fear rather than a full-blown anxiety trip. It was also one of those dreams where if I didn't know I was dreaming, I would be really stupid.

    So I'm hiding inside some random room in a building, and I have a device that allows me to hear the conversations of soldiers trying to find me.

    "He's in in the....*so and so and so*"

    I only have a silver gun on my right hand I believe, and I'm really wondering what's going on here.

    "He's killed a million lives..." or something like that.

    I started getting scared on what I could possibly do that could kill that many people, and I started to feel that this was a reality, and that I really fucked up this time. I rub my head a bit and....

    I decided to open the door slightly to see if there's any soldiers around. I go about running randomly, always keeping an increased awareness of my surroundings, and twitching at any sign of movement or any kind of shadows that would show up. The environment I'm in is hard to describe what kind of building it was.

    The carpet was red, and there ways a vanilla tile floor maybe 30 feet away from me, and the overall lighting atmosphere was a milky yellow. The walls were hard to distinguish, most likely a range of brown and orange-red colors, fairly flat colors, nothing too abstract. Feelings started to rush inside me as I hear the foot steps of soldiers coming in.

    They're finally here, and they aim their machine guns at me, but then things start getting weird. Time slows time a bit, and I start shooting all of them in the head, dropping like flies.

    Then there's this annoying old man trying to shoot me, kind of like the type of AI you expect from a video game when you're playing on "Easy Mode," and you're ducking for cover, but the enemy comes out at random times, so you can't even get a proper aim at them. He couldn't shoot me, and I couldn't shoot him, so I decided to just dash and go somewhere else.

    I can't remember much after that, and I prefer not to, since I doubt there was a happy ending.

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