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    Painting and Fixing a House, Going Through a Castle

    by , 06-19-2013 at 08:52 PM (370 Views)
    Painting and Fixing a House (Non-lucid)


    This dream seems a bit inconsistent, but the overall plot was just to fix a house and make it look better.

    Things start out where I'm in an environment where the gray skies gave an implication that it was about to rain. However, it didn't seem like it would end up that way, seeing as there's a decent amount of activity with dream characters aiming to make this randomly manifested house look a bit better. Although the house itself was just fine as it is, I decided to take part of making it better than it already is.

    To the right of me is a ladder that's about 8-15 feet tall, and the person that's on the right side of it is an elderly woman that looks Asian. She's wearing a light gray shirt blouse or something including a black shirt or some dark colored shirt underneath it. She also has a dark-colored female dress pants as well, and she has her hands placed on one of the steps on the ladder. It seems that she needed help moving it, and I feel that I asked her a few questions on whether or not she needs help.

    I then proceed to go near the house itself, and I get closer to one of the windows and one of the surfaces where random objects were on. It seems people were weeding out some things in the plant pots, and I saw a few small and weird creatures moving about, especially a spider that had an abdomen that was just a circle with legs attached.

    Other than doing random things with the dream characters, I can't remember anything further than that.


    Going Through a Castle (Non-lucid)


    Too lazy to describe this dream because it's just too trivial, very very very very trivial and had so many petty moments to it that it's hard to gather meaning from inconsistent data like this.

    In short, I was just going through a hallway in a castle at night that also had windows opened to allow the moonlight to give a nice blue hue and created small patches of light on the ground, walls, and anything the light can get a hold with.

    I eventually went through a series of random events to eventually open a room where the setting was afternoon and was in a backyard that was very peaceful. There was a pool in front and all sorts of things I can't be bothered to describe.

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