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    Paper Earrings, Snake Creature, Flirting Sucks, God Lecture, Dream Guide Feigns Desire to Kill me...

    by , 12-17-2012 at 09:33 PM (542 Views)
    Paper Earrings (Non-lucid)


    I didn't do a WBTB, so my dream recall is kind of skewed.

    All I remember for this one is that I'm helping something create some kind of poster for a presentation.

    They also seem to have their earrings made of paper as well since I colored in two dark gold ovals and quickly glued them on her ears.

    I told her good luck, and she doesn't really say anything to me, or at least my recall of her saying anything is bad.


    The Prehistoric Snake Creature (Non-lucid)


    I'm walking in a random neighborhood that seems to be derived of the one I'm currently at for winter break.

    I'm casually walking around in the morning time of the dream, and something feels weird near my feet area.

    I look down, and about 3-5 feet away from me is a creature that looks like a Prehistoric and fossilized Snake structure.

    The head of this creature was like semi-circle in a way, except there's a bump in front where the sides would crown around it.

    It has a transparent body structure where the body organs are easily visible; most noticeably the big glowing organ near the head and the start of its flexible spine.

    The best thing I can associate this thing's composition is the Resident Evil 4 Las Plagas parasite, especially the one that shows up when Leon starts hallucinating inside a shack where he would encounter the big sea creature later on.

    It had a slight light brown color for its body structure, along with a scaled lining that seems to be stacked under the head. The head was basically shaped like a broad arrowhead.

    It continues to follow me, and I try to walk slowly to see what this thing can actually do. I noticed that its arrowhead composition obviously points me out like a sore thumb.

    And if I try to make quick movements, it would sling itself like a slingshot and get even closer to me. So small movements definitely were the only option I had until I figured out a better plan.

    And I doubt I was able to find that "better" plan.


    Flirting is Not Working (Non-lucid)


    I'm talking to this girl that I used to have for my English AP Lit Class in High School, and she seems to be kind of dull and stoic.

    I tried having a decent communication with her, and I believe there's someone else that we both had to meet to talk about something. I tried flirting with the girl, I think?

    Whatever happens, she leaves the area without saying anything to me, she didn't even portray any kind of emotion that she was concerned about me or anything at all.

    I watch her open the door, and she quickly gets on a Maroon Bicycle that looks like the University's default bicycle service model. She rides the bicycle awkwardly, but that probably pertains to the actual model in waking life making one ride strangely in the first place.

    The trees outside are full of life, and even though the leaves are covering the sunlight, it's apparent that it's bright outside. It also seems to be slightly windy outside.


    God Lecture with Grandma (Non-lucid)


    I'm sitting at an auditorium of some sort, and the overall atmosphere is saturated with this yellow color.

    My grandmother goes on with this speech of the Christian God, and I'm really bored trying to listen to this. I try to block it out of audio, and there's a lot of people that are getting out of the area.

    I remain in my seat because of some weird reason of not trying to make my Grandmother feel bad.

    Eventually, I do leave, so HA!


    Dream Guide is Going to FREAKING KILL ME!!!! Or Not? (Non-lucid)


    I remember the dream starting out where I'm walking around an area that's close to my apartment in waking life. It feels like its 4-5PM in the dream, since the sun is close to sunset.

    I go to the left and end up walking to the curve that goes in a "C" motion, with me starting at the bottom of the "C."

    Then I ended up going to the right side of the other "C" shaped path, and I hear a police car coming nearby. The car ends up being some kind of old car model that's bulky and a little too large to be in the car category.

    I also hear some parts inside jingling and close to coming off as well. Don't know what the cop was going to do, but he left to do whatever it is. I thought it would be for me since I just happened to hear the siren out of nowhere.

    The dream shifts where I'm apparently going out with this blonde girl (inb4DreamGuide), and she's kind of cute. However, I can't verify her age, so I don't try to do anything weird with her. She does seem obsessive over me, requiring that I'm with her, or else she'll threaten to kill me.

    She looked a lot like Catherine from the game Catherine, the succubus one. She looks like she's 16-18 years of age in this dream. I remember being at the top stair level in an auditorium, and she's sitting around the front area to get a good lateral view of the stage.

    I look at the back of her head, and she quickly turns around and locks in on me. I don't think she's trying to kill me, she's just using that so I can get her attention and possibly do a reality check. Unfortunately, I didn't do that, and she turns her head back to look at the stage.

    I believe that I decided I should go ahead and sit next to her, and she's obviously a big contrast from the dark room of seats with people in dark clothing. The stage is the main attraction with the yellow lights shining on the shiny brown wooden floor layering.

    The glow emits all the way until it hits the Catherine dream character that's wearing her default white costume, or at least just a white nightgown.

    There's a part where I'm taking out a sword out of a sheath, but it doesn't seem logical that the sword can come out properly if the design is having "X Y Z" stick in the middle. It's practically impossible in waking life, but it slides off the sheath with ease.

    I don't know where this part came into the dream, because my dream recall is slightly off right now after not paying too much attention to remembering my dreams.

    Considering she was one form I wanted my tulpa to be in, maybe I should use her characteristics for tulpaforging.....excluding the "pretend to kill you" part.

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