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    Pepper Seed Jar, Angelina Jolie Spams God mode, Sensui and his New Light

    by , 09-24-2012 at 05:36 AM (1068 Views)
    I took a nap around 4:15 PM, woke up to alarm set for 7:00 PM, set it to 8:00PM and slept until I woke up around 7:50 PM.

    Pepper Seed Jar and Biochemistry Adviser Office (Non-lucid)


    I'm inside an office, and there's a lady to my right sitting at a desk. It has a computer, a bunch of papers spread out, the usual thing. From the front left, I see there's another door opened to another room near the main office, probably 10-20 feet away from me. Inside of that same room, I saw my Biochemistry Adviser sitting down looking at the computer.

    Before I describe her, the office itself was slightly different than the waking life counterpart. My adviser's room is designed to where you can't see her unless you actually go into the room, because when the door opens, only half of her room is visible when you come into the main office before looking inside. Here, I could possibly see everything there, if the door was completely opened in the dream.

    My advisory wore a dark gray polyester female dress shirt (it was a thin material), and a light gray dress underneath that. The door was slightly opened, and I assumed that I talked to her previously in the dream, but I can't recall what we talked about. But by judging my feelings in the dream, it didn't seem anything too serious, and as I'm close to leaving this section of the Biochemistry Department, I just happened to see to my right, pepper seeds.

    They were contained in a circular jar, like those types where the ends would be cut (not literally) with rectangular ends, so the jar wouldn't roll off the counter or shelf. There was a black text that showed the price to eat the pepper seeds I'm assuming, and it was for "15 cents" each, with the logo for cents.

    I didn't know about this until later on, so I took one pepper, and quickly put it in my mouth and chewed on it.


    OH MY.......SPICY!!!!!!!! Its taste is hitting certain areas around my tongue.....

    Ooooh, tasting the salt there......ooooh tasting the bitterness there......OH OH OHHHHH THAT WAS SPICY]

    All that I said in brackets is how it felt in those few 2-3 seconds of chewing it (Note I wasn't really saying that, just added expression to how real the taste was).

    I prepare myself to leave the office, but I immediately hear the lady that was to the right of me before I turn my back declare,

    "15 Cents will be taken off.."

    I respond,

    "Ooooh....Oh! Sorry, I'll go ahead and pay for that right now!" (the pepper seed).

    I take my left hand to dig through my left pant pocket, and heard some change jingling around. I take as much as I can out of it, and I quickly counted 15 cents and gave it to the lady.

    I think she said "Thank you," and as I'm turning my back again to leave the room, I turn around once more and declared,

    "Oh! I gave 20 cents instead huh?"

    She quickly looks at the change with her hand opened, but before she could say something, I professed,

    "Oh, don't worry about it..."

    I left the area, and that's all that I remember.

    Angelina Jolie Counterpart spams God Mode (Non-lucid)


    I looked up Pepper Dream meaning signs, and most of it foreshadows danger of some sort, be it through quarreling, financial loss, etc....but I feel that previous dream was just prelude to this one.....I can't really take dream meanings as set in stone notions of truth...but still....

    *sigh* Anyway

    Ugh....not this kind of dream again.....

    Invincible DC+ me being a crappy aim or them spamming God Mode = GETS ANNOYING.

    I'm inside a gym, and the carpet is dark blue, there are mirrors attached to the walls on all sides, excluding the entrance and exits I'm assuming. There's a pretty large collection of treadmills around this area. I happen to be close to one, and I believe I'm just observing what's around me.

    There's this man who looks like he's an inspector of some sort, like to see if the gym equipment are in good conditions for gym members. He's a really picky guy, he has that really really really analytical eye going about these treadmills and other gym equipment.

    There was one treadmill where he put his finger around some buttons, and he didn't like it at all. He takes his index finger off the machine, quickly wipes it off his pants in disgust, and declares,

    "I don't like this at all!!"

    Not sure who he's talking to, but he was looking at someone. I also recall that same man wearing a dark colored dress shirt tucked into some long Khaki pants I believe.

    Then the dream shifts a little bit to where I'm near a dark-skinned lady, and she wants me to look through something that resembles that scope thing you see in submarines to check what's out there. As soon as I put my eyes near the glass to see what's going on through the scope, it's like I'm being transported to a completely different dream environment.

    It feels like a video game now, and I'm in it. Whatever area I'm confined in now, it's moving, and it's moving fairly quickly. I find out I'm inside a vehicle or some sort, maybe it's not, but it is moving. I still have the feelings that I'm looking through the same scope.

    While I still am, I zoom in on a lady that's inside of the back of a truck that's also moving. Before I go into details on her, here's how the environment looks like. There's a huge brown boulder, or mini-cliff on the left side, and there's a huge body of water on the right, though me and the truck that this vehicle I'm in is following are way above the water level.

    (click for bigger picture)

    I see some area that looks like a town is coming up to the right far away, and finally, I see the lady. The scope has Thermal vision, so I'm mostly seeing blue, green, yellow, red, and some orange colors, but it's mostly just cool colors I'm seeing....that's weird....barely any body heat on this woman?

    I don't think she's human.....she's mostly showing up as colors of blue and green throughout her whole body, and maybe a little hint of yellow and red on her forehead, but it was a very thin vertical line.

    She's wearing a pastel green sleeveless tank top, and probably some short khaki dress. She looks like she's looking at me directly, has her lips slightly opened, with her teeth together, and she has pretty big lips. She wears some sunglasses with a thin metal frame around the lens, and she seems to not mind me looking at her.

    But something about her bothered me.....it seemed she was up to something.

    You know like one of those shows where some random person sees someone, but they look completely normal to them, but they don't know they're probably kind of serial killer or bank robber? Yeah, it felt like that.....

    Something made me try to aim a weapon at her, but by the time I do that, the back of the truck seems to be covering half of where she is probably behind right now. Maybe it could be that the right side of the truck cargo she's in is exposed rather than the back. Or it could just be that the thermal vision from the scope can see through thick metal, and I assumed that the backside of the truck cargo was exposed.....hmmmm.

    The truck makes a sharp right turn in this enclosed road we're on, and the moment that happened, I decided to just shoot the damn thing.


    Then all sorts of things happen, there's this rush, so many events happening....the truck speed up, along with the vehicle I'm in speeding up. Sometimes I wonder if I was just running as high speeds, because I don't recall seeing any kind of car roofs or windows at the time.

    Anyway, the dream shifts, and now I'm in a room...I don't pay too much attention to it. All I know is that it consists of light colors of brown and white...like a Calypso type of setting...yeah, this whole dream has that vibe. I open a dark gray door, and I slowly peek out to my left....and I believe the Angeline Jolie counterpart is with some random old guy.

    He's wearing a dark dress shirt that's unbuttoned, and probably a light gray shirt with some dark pants and shoes as well. The guy is fairly shorter than her, and she's pretty tall, probably 6'4", something like that. The mini hallway they're in, there's a window in front of them, and it's fairly bright, must still be sunny out there.

    (click for bigger picture)

    The floor tiles are vanilla colored, and as soon as Angelina Jolie and the old man start, I quickly take aim at try to shoot her as much as I can. Crap...is my aim this HORRIBLE???? I panic, slam the door shut, and quickly looked at the gun I'm holding. It's like a default pistol with a gray coating around the gun head, and studded black material around the holding base.

    It also had some weird attachment to the front of it that seems that it can be pressed for some kind of feature, though the split second thinking I'm running out of, I didn't have the time for that. I looked at the gun a bit more, and saw "Bronze Hatchet" labeled on it.

    Ugh...another Runescape item reference? But the gun doesn't look anything like a hatchet!!! It's a gun....bleeeh!!

    I need to find a place to duck for cover before she opens that door. I quickly find a table that has a decent covering spot, and I hide under there. The door opens, and I see just Angelina's legs walking, searching around the area in her first few seconds of entering it. Then I realized, my father is sitting down on the floor, bracing his back against the wall next to the opened door.

    Shit....I get up quickly and aim my gun at her...and by this point, I just start going crazy, I can't recall perfectly on what happened. But based on me going nuts and worrying if she'll shoot my father or something, I assumed I just shot at her in fear, and it didn't seem to work at all. I noticed the gunshots sounded like the M1 Garand "ping" sound.

    Nothing is working on her....there's not a dent on her....and I think she has her gun in her right hand aimed near my father's head, and she's looking at me with her glasses off I believe. It definitely looks like an Angelina Jolie counterpart, or a doppelganger.

    I aim my gun at the old dirty, and probably smelly guy, but the gunshots aren't affecting him as well. I know I'm not a crappy aim in a close-ranged situation, so these two probably just have God Mode on full blast.

    I can't think straight, I don't know what to do, I don't know what she's going to do with that gun aimed at my father. They're just STANDING there, doing nothing, waiting for me to do something, but I'm dissociated from myself that I eventually just try to end the dream
    and woke up somehow out of fear of what would happen next.

    Sensui and his New Light (Non-lucid)


    I'll keep this dream short, because the second dream.....took a quite a while because I was distracted with some things, and I really should finish this lab report and pre-lab questions too before it gets too late at night.

    Alright, I'm in a void....it's really.....dark...so empty...I don't see myself, maybe I'm just looking at this void in first person view, but I hear Shinobu Sensui's voice from Yu Yu Hakusho.

    He talks about how in the darkness.....the blood was his new light.

    *sigh* Too much ambiguity...

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