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    Playing Tennis and Dog, Candy Jar, Fake Death Matches

    by , 12-07-2012 at 11:29 PM (508 Views)
    Playing Tennis and Dog (Non-lucid)


    I was playing tennis in a random court that seems to be a collection of previous High Schools I attended.

    Two dream characters that looked very familiar to others in waking life of Joel and Kimmy.

    Joel and I were beginning to rally, and he mentioned how he tried to hit slower and softer so that the ball would bounce less. Even though that logic was kind of messed up, I just acknowledged what he said and got my racket ready.

    He serves the ball under handed to me, and as soon as I make contact with the ball, I make an awkward gesture where the ball ends up flying all the way to the left side over a very tall fence.

    I looked at Joel and he makes the facial expression that says, "You're getting that...not me."

    I put up an "eh" face, and quickly ran to predict the ball's trajectory. I open the small get to get outside of the court, and I realized the ball landed on someone's backyard.

    The layout was very weird, there was a brown picket fence, but the ball somehow managed to get on the mini-sidewalk that leads to the backyard.

    There's a Pug Dog that looks pretty innocent, or just mentally deficient. I start being fearful of it, but it's not really making any reaction whatsoever. I didn't want to take any chances though, even if it did look sad and depressed.

    It picked the tennis ball with its mouth, and I immediately was disgusted about this, and decided I should go ahead and leave. Problem is, I'm having trouble opening the door that I have halfway open. I tried to wiggle my way in, but I really can't get back into the area for the courts at all.

    The dog is getting closer, and is being harmless, but with my anxiety and over-exaggerated fear of it made things worse. I kept looking back at the dog, and then the area I want to get to, and I repeat this for like 10 seconds until the dream fades away, or when I had a micro-awakening.


    Candy Jar of White Stuff (Non-lucid)


    I'm waiting for someone to buy something at a store, and all I remember is shooting sperm inside of a Candy Jar.



    Fake Death Matches (Non-lucid)


    That's all there really is to it. It's inside of a fake bedroom, and dream characters are just making up fighting gestures where I actually think they're killing each other.

    The lights go on and I go up to them and they say everything is fine. And everyone really is fine, which confuses me.


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