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    Preliminary Horse Lineup, Licking Azula's Fingers, Azula's Traps, Epic Horse Racing, Pre-Cal Math

    by , 02-04-2013 at 11:03 AM (770 Views)
    Preliminary Horse Lineup (Non-lucid)


    I'm inside of a stadium that didn't have too many people sititing on the bleachers, but I'm within the playing fied with light brown dirt/sand. There's this mini-trial to see who can better control a horse to be a contestant for a horse race that will be starting tomorrow.

    It seems kind of weird having to face against someone tomorrow that would already have more experience than any of us that participated in this pre-run. There were many dream characters that tried to control their pace with the horses, but nearly all of them failed.

    Horses were like rodeo bulls, with as much rage to fling their whole bodies literally STRAIGHT UP, thus throwing off riders with ease. It was my turn, and I felt kind of scared. The horse I had to tame or at least ride around with was a brown horse with a nice fur shine to it. It had a black mane and tail, and pure black eyes with white reflections on them.

    I get on it, and surprisingly, this horse is following the majority of my commands without going crazy on me like the other riders. I tried to use my very limited knowledge of controlling horses, and focused on my feet and the way I stroked its mane. I gently rubbed my feet forward to make it move forward, then to make it turn to the left of this very limited environment, I slowly tapped my right feet to the left and slightly dug its skin gently towards the left. It complies with my orders, and I basically end up doing random things with it.

    Basically, this horse was the most peaceful, probably because it liked me the most. I started swaying my hips left and right, and the horse is doing the same. This whole scenario with me doing random commands with my hands and feet reminds me of the ANDREAS HELGSTRAND - WEG2006 Freestyle Final Video I watched when my Chemistry professor showed it in class in High School:

    So I was slowly guiding it in an oval path, and then I was qualified to participate in the race. I felt kind of shocked to be picked, and I haven't had any practice whatsoever, at least any dream recall of me doing some kind of activity where I am practicing for horse racing.

    So in the mean time, I believe I have another dream as a sort of vacation from all of that competition just now....


    Azula Chokes Me and I Lick Her Fingers Sexually (Non-lucid)


    So apparently I'm sitting with Azula from Avatar, and in this dream, she'll be age Infinite, therefore, that prevents me from feeling insecure of what I did to here.

    You hear me Dream FBI?? YOU HEAR ME?

    Anyway, I did something to piss off Azula, or maybe it could've been an intentional thing to start getting into this whole.....err....how do you say....(never mind). She gets pissed off at me, she picks me up with her right hand and starts to lightly choke me. She tightens the grip a bit more and tells me,

    "If you ever do that to me again, I'll..."

    I want to say that she said "I'll kill you," but I don't think she would be happy if she started disposing me and having to find someone else to play with.

    Whatever it is that she said, I get a little scared and turned on by this. We were in an area that was very dark, and I remember two blue flames to the left and right of her as she holds me up. She slowly lets me go down, and she sits on a couch or some kind of furniture.

    I started getting submissive, and I felt as if she wanted me to do something sexual to her. I don't know, I just had this weird hunch that she would automatically go from dominant to submissive.

    I can't even string together how this felt.

    I start cudding with her, yes, I was cuddling with this fictional character,

    So I wrapped myself under a blanket with her, and she puts her right hand in front of me, showing her slightly sharp nails at me. I slowly licked her index finger, and then started to taste the salty sweat saturated all over. It wasn't completely wet, but it was strangely a turn on to lick a female's fingers.

    Then it went OVERBOARD when I clasped her right hand together and slowly engulfed her fingers a bit more. She slowly pushes it down my mouth, and my tongues starts going crazy licking every nook and cranny of her hand, every crease it can reach forwards and backwards.

    The salt from her hands, and feeling her soft skin in my mouth......it's hard to put into words what's going on in my mind. So I take her right hand out of my mouth, and the slobber is going down slowly on the couch...

    I forget what happens next, and I'm kind of glad I don't remember lol. It would be weird having sex with someone that could kill you with firebending if you didn't satisfy her enough. LOL.

    Ugh....scary thought, but seriously though, I can't believe I did that.


    Azula Sets up Traps (Non-lucid)


    I'm with Azula, and this time, we're outside at some Aztec type of environment where it's very sunny outside. She had a random plan to collect all the males, except me, to be trapped and knocked out.

    She had some wooden objects way up some columns where if the males went anywhere near them. They would be picked up by some weird object, then slide down to the bottom and become unconscious by gas.

    Not sure what's going on here....


    EPIC Horse Racing (Non-lucid)


    So now that the dreams I had before this dream are now over.....

    I'm at a larger stadium than the previous dream I had with the brown horse. It's still my companion for this race, and I felt an overwhelming feeling of confidence rushing inside of me from the large crowd.

    Compared to the last dream where there's barely anyone in it, seats are now completely full, and I can passively hear their roaring of cheers. The place is dark with stadium lights fixating only on me and the opponent I was going against.

    Apparently it was a man who was at least 6 feet tall, and he's wearing a red sweater and black pants. He's smiling for the crowd, and he looks at me. He still sustains his smile, which makes it hard for me to judge how he feels having me here as his opponent.

    We both get on our horses, and before everything starts, I see what's in front of me for the course. There was this long white, flexible object that would split both of us so we either had to take one side and go along with that side for the rest of the course. The race starts, and I decided to take the left side. Things get pretty tense quickly, and I feel as if I'm not even controlling the horse most of the times.

    I was interchanging with specator mode and third person mode, analyzing the environment around me, checking to see what would be apparent beyond my horizon if I were to stay in third person riding my horse. I see there's a small gap that extended for at least 5 seconds where my horse and I could move to the right side and trick out opponent into slowing down.

    I shift back to third person and decided to move to the rightside, and I'm still passively acknowleding the lights flashing around the stadium, but that's most likely because we're going at insane speeds with our horses. The opponent was a male and then suddenly turned female for the majority of the match.

    I could also see my perspective in spectator mode panel over to her side in the front, and her mouth and face are going backwards a bit from the wind from the speeds. She's holding on to her horse for dear life, like, she's literally hugging the horse's neck as much as she can.

    Our Horses basically go on autopilot, and I'm not in front of her horse. Her horse decided to trip us all, but everyone gets back up, proving that trick wouldn't work on me. We're finding getting close to the finish line, which apparently would be beyond the double gray doors at was at least 100 feet away from us (with our speed, that would be accomplished in a matter of seconds).

    It was weird, whenever I shift perspectives, like spectator mode, everything was normal pace, like some kind of time dilation, and then when I'm in third person mode, it's very quick and hyper. We crash into the double gray doors, and we both fall down with our horses. I had a feeling that having our horses to the finish line wasn't necessary, so I quickly ran to the finish line.

    Even though I touched the wall after the "FINISH" undernearth me on a ramp going upwards, I noticed my opponent was 1 second late from reaching the wall as well. I didn't hear anything as yet to signal that I won the race. Then I realized, we needed our horses.

    Her horse was way closer than mine was. I decided I have to somehow bring my horse or at least touch one of its hooves and quickly bring it along while I touch the wall again. I do so, and my opponent is almost getting there before me. In fact, she did, and then she turned into a male again, this time, a dark-skinned male.

    He looks at me as I felt miserable for almost losing after having so much effort being put into this race, and I felt that he started pretending that he couldn't reach the wall out of sympathy for me?

    I quickly take the oppportunity to touch the wall and won the race. After a while, I started talking to my mother for some weird reason, and then informed her that I won the race and that it would go my funds for college. I couldn't remember the prize money at all, or even recall reading any flier that had the prize money for the 1st place winner of the race.

    I think it was at least $1,000 for 1st place, and I felt as if this was so real and that this would help me so much that I did something as random as horse racing to get this kind of money in my posession. I saturate myself into this pseudo-reality, continuing my assurance that this dream was a reality, and just went completely blank in content that I can't remember what happens next.


    Pre-Calculus Math Class (Non-lucid)


    I remember being in a room that's in front of a math class I had in my last High School. I saw the blonde teacher that I had in waking life, and she's wearing a light violet shirt with blue jeans.

    There's some student that's flinging things at people, and the teacher notices this and gets annoyed by him. I peek over and watched the whole scenario, and she's going to turn around to write more formulas or something on the black chalkboard.

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