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    Prince of Tennis Shape shifter, Father & Medical School, Novak Statistics, Bike, Food, Asian girl

    by , 10-01-2012 at 07:09 PM (1138 Views)
    Evil Prince of Tennis Shapeshifter (Non-lucid)


    I woke around 2:41 AM in waking life....

    I'm in a round hallway with orange-yellow lights saturating the area, and Prince of tennis players are watching what's outside through the windows. To name a few that I can recall on from the top of my head, there's most of the Seigaku team, most noticeably Fuji, Tezuka, Kawamura, and Oishi.

    Kirihara, who is from team Rikkaidai is also there, and there's probably more of various teams there as well, but I can't remember all of them.

    Fuji has a towel on his head, and his eyes are opened
    (that only happens when he gets serious in a tennis match or sees something amazing and tense from watching a match).

    Apparently, the Seigaku team and random members in other teams are having a dining out party, and I see Ice tea drinks in the usual Restaurant cups with lemon slices on top of the edge of the cups. Oishi is showing the back of the Seigaku jacket I believe, and there's a digit on one of the long sleeved sides with the number "68".

    It seems Oishi declared that this was the average height of the Seigaku members, which is about 2.23097 feet.
    (What the hell? The shortest regular member there is Echizen, and he's at least like 4-5 feet tall....that's impossible).

    I'm mostly watching things in first person perspective, and I'm pretty sure I'm not a spectator floating around, and I get a feeling that there's a poser, or shape-shifter in disguise with a weapon, I can just feel my dream body tingling with negative vibes. I try to avoid this negative frequency, and I warn as many player's as possible that there's a spy/poser/shape-shifter.

    I immediately hear gunshots, and Kawamura is preparing to duck, but I don't know why.

    Maybe because of the gunshots were coming in his direction. While I'm seeing Kawamura on the floor taking cover, I realize that I have my whole body curled up next to an L-shaped wall (the enemy would have to move over a bit to see what's between the gap).

    There's a door to my right, and it has two gray locks on top of each other, and I quickly turn them horizontally and opened the knob to quickly dash out of the door.

    The environment outside is similar to my Aunt's in South Carolina, and I go through the small path that would lead to the entrance of her house with the tropical kind of bushes on the sides of the small walkway.

    I go to the driveway, and a Black Jaguar car comes out of nowhere from the neighbor's backyard.

    It comes onto the driveway somehow, it just magically passes through the small metal wired fence that's like 3-4 feet tall that would lead to the backyard. After the vehicle passes and goes it's own way on the road perpendicular to the driveway, I turn back quickly to see the shape-shifter point a gun at me through an open window.

    He fails to shoot me, and I get more tense, and then he tries to shoot again, but he still fails to do so. I try to run, but I'm doing it very slowly, and frankly, it was pretty damn irritating because I have no sort of weaponry on my body, at least one that's apparent. I go to the right side of the road perpendicular to the driveway in this familiar neighborhood of my Aunt's, and the shape-shifter comes out.

    He takes the form of a little kid who looks like the toddler version of someone
    (nicknaming people again) named Mo (a tennis freshmen when I was a sophomore in HS).

    He's preparing to ride purple bicycle to get a beach ball with red and white colors (they are forming into a spiral) to hit me. Apparently, he declares to me that the beach ball is explosive, and he rides the bicycle down the small slope on the driveway, and the ball comes right at me, but I quickly dodge it.

    Despite me not being able to run quickly, the ball came really slow. He tries to get a few more balls and random objects thrown at me by ramming them with the bicycle, but he fails to do so. I'm still feeling tensed up and can only run very slowly. This is where the dream resets or shifts to another point I believe, and I'm back at the driveway that looks like my Aunt's.

    Another car comes out through the backyard of the neighbor's onto to the driveway I'm on, probably the same Black Jaguar with a female inside riding it this time. I remember she had a ponytail, looked like she was Indian, and she had glasses with the black metal rim on the sides.

    Mo aims his gun at me again, but he's just making himself the epitome of a Crappy aim. I get to the right side of the road YET again, and Mo this time comes out with a Pit bull by his side. The shape-shifter has a baseball bat in his hand, and the pit bull has a white face and a brown body. It looks like it's about 2 feet tall, and the pit bull gets ready to come at me, but the pit bull betrays Mo and barks and tries to bite him.

    Mo gets scared from this, and the pit bull was probably irritated with Mo ordering him around to try and charge at me. The pit bull goes back to focusing on me, but it's still just standing there, slowly walking a few steps and stopping. Mo comes at me, and I stand my ground. I focus on the incoming pit bull and Mo, and Mo comes first.

    I grab Mo by his collar (sorry, the kid has a baseball bat and is mostly likely wanting to bash my head with it) and kick him out of the way, and then try to deal with the pit bull.

    I managed to get both pushed back far enough to give me ample time to calm down, and I honestly don't know what I did in retaliation to deal with them both, but it must've been extreme.

    I slowly elevate my top torso up again from having to bend my back while doing the fighting move that I couldn't see clearly at all, and after that,
    I woke up with intense feelings, and felt shocking sensations for a while.

    Oh and, the 68 cm on Oishi's Jacket from before, that's about 2.23 cm tall, and the pit bull seemed to be around that height, maybe a bit more......WHAT?!??!?!?!

    Coincidence or some vague foreshadowing? I don't know.

    Father Studies for Medical School (Non-lucid)


    It seems I'm a little child in this dream, something like that, it's really hard to verify this. There's some tennis match being displayed on a very large screen outside, and people from away on the huge grassy hills with other people sitting down are watching the match. The two people sitting down are apparently my parents, I could barely seem them, but their body contours from far away become clearer to identify.

    The dream shifts to where my father is hugging me while I'm resting on the right side. He tells me that he has to study hard to get into Medical School...

    That's all I can remember, and looooool, he did accounting...nothing related to medical school, at least as far as what he told me. Accounting was at its peak during his time, not medical...pfffffft what a stupid dream.
    Novak Djokovic takes Statistics course? (Non-lucid)


    I'm inside of a lecture room, and the professor asks if anyone is interested in taking Statistics in the future, probably to replace taking Calculus 3, which is similar to the options I have for Biochemistry in waking life. I raise my hand along with a few other people, and I'm sitting at the section to my left closest to the entrance.

    The room is sloped deeply to maximize the number of seats, and someone who looks like Novak Djokovic mentions he's taking Statistics.

    Someone asks how he got in it, and he declared that he had to get one of the highest scores, probably from a math placement exam, to get in. I see a value divided by 5 pop into my mind as soon as he declared that.

    Then after that, the class goes back to paying attention to the random professor again. Then I realize I'm with a group of three, including myself. A random girl in the corp cadet outfit, which is a faded type of Khaki color, and she has a plump face, most noticeable on her cheeks. She has brown hair where the back side is balled up, and she has a device that looks like an iPad.

    She has some weird extensions on it that's on the top and bottom layers, which leaves the rest of the screen available in the middle. The top section seems to be a keyboard type of extension for the iPad counterpart.

    The next person in the group is some random dude next to her on the left side. He's chubby, and is wearing a dark blue hoodie jacket, light gray/white shirt underneath, and seems in a passive demeanor overall in class.

    I can't remember anything else.
    No Riding Bicycles in Building (Non-lucid)


    There's a class I have to go to that starts around 1:35 PM dream time, and the time now in it was 1:37 PM, and the apartment that I'm in, I could get to the class in maybe 2-3 minutes alone just by running as fast as I can. To be honest, it felt like it could've taken 30 seconds or less to get there, and even faster if I used a bicycle.

    I get to class, and fortunately, the quiz or test we were going to have, teacher's assistants were still distributing the exam/quiz packet and Scantrons to fill in the answers for the multiple choice section. The lecture room has white walls, and there's dark blue carpet everything....on the steps to get to the rows of seat and where the professor's desk and and large table were as well.

    Again, the class was formatted like that last dream, it was sloped down, to maximize seating arrangement, and I'm looking for a TA (teacher's assistant) who is handing out the blue scantrons, and then wait for them to finish the last row of seats so that can give me an extra one. I head for a random left handed seat all the way to the left side of the room. The room was structured to where it was it was curved, and it reminds me of my current math class room in waking life.

    I go down to the seat, and I can't remember what I did next, so I assume there's another dream shift....

    I ride my bicycle to get to class somehow, but I'm 1-2 minutes late again, but I don't think the professor cares about anyone being tardy for class. I looked at my Blackberry Curve phone, and realized I'm actually early, so the time changed dramatically from 1:37 PM to 1:07 PM, and then to 1:21 Pm without me doing a reality check.

    The room actually had a different professor, but I didn't realize this until later on. She didn't seem to mind me being here, and I saw more students coming in to fill some empty seats for the next time, so I assumed this current class was almost over.

    After my class is done, I ride my bicycle again, but inside a building. An old man wearing glasses, has gray hair, and is wearing a dark yellow dress shirt and Khaki pants tells me to not ride in the building. I feel embarrassed by this, and I stopped, and spent around 5-10 seconds lifting my bicycle so I could put it on my right shoulder. I walk like an idiot in front of everyone.

    While I'm walking on the black tile flooring in this random building, two people seem to be having a conversation over something behind me, and I started to take interest of what they're trying to say. My audio starts kicking in and augments on their conversation, and I heard words that sounded like they were talking to me, even mocking me.

    I get irritated to a point where I stopped, turned around, and told them that I know I shouldn't have had my bicycle in the building to ride on, and wanted them to stop making fun of me. They were two fairly tall African American males that looked like the counterparts to waking life versions that I had for a Comm App class in High School who were basketball players.

    One of them immediately told me,

    "We're not talking about that...."

    And I turned around quick in more shame for me assuming they're talking behind my back, and now I'm going down an escalator with the bicycle. I trip and land on my rear somehow, but I managed to get up, and it's probably because the bicycle made my body out of balance.

    It's weird thought, I thought I was holding it just fine when walking.....

    Then I meet some person who looks like "Nin" (nicknaming again) in waking life. I don't know why he's here, but I figured I'd be nice to say "Hi" to him before he thinks I'm ignoring him or something..
    (you know those people that look at you, seeing if you get the same reaction of surprise that you know them as well, but haven't met in a while? Yeah...)

    We have a general conversation, and I ask him how's college going for him. He takes a while to answer, and before he could respond, I immediately said his words for him.

    "Oh, you just wanted to take some time before you do anything right?" (Meaning he wants to do some kind of other work before he goes to college I'm assuming).

    He nods his head, we say our farewells, and I go back to my house to get something to go to another class, probably the same one in this new dream shift....there's an assignment that involves turning my vote on a worksheet, and I needed proper MLA citation, and it doesn't seem I didn't even do the assignment.

    Eventually, I get the paper finished, and someone outside of the class before I go in has examined how the class is for me, and they're wearing a fancy suit and motorcycle helmet. I can't see their face at all, and the helmet is white with a black layer to cover their visage. They're resting their back on the wall with their arms folded, and told me that the class shouldn't be too much of a problem for me.

    I go into the class, double check the worksheet I had to do with the proper MLA citation,
    and I can't remember what happens next unfortunately.

    That person concealing their face with the bicycle helmet, it reminds me a lot like Light Yagami's father from the Death Note Movie where he wore a bicycle helmet during some small festival....

    I know it couldn't have been him, the person felt familiar in terms of their energy signature, but now I'm not so sure....

    Food in the Kitchen (Non-lucid)


    I'm in my apartment, and it's fairly dark inside. There's food left on the kitchen in various spots. Roast beef cut into circles done by my father I assume because I get an image of him when I see it....it's probably made for sandwiches I guess.

    Then later on, I find fried rice in small to-go boxes, two of them, and there are a few ants crawling around.

    Awesome Asian girl (Non-lucid)


    I meet an Asian girl who looks like the counterpart in waking life that I had for geometry in High School. She's a positive girl and is open to me, but it seems she wants me to start the introductions and conversations.

    She's skinny, has a slight tanned skin, and she has black hair that's a balled up ponytail. I meet her outside some area with brown brick buildings. She looks down on her phone, and she tells me she works 6 side jobs....

    I couldn't believe this chick, she's this happy and has 6 side jobs? To the left of me, there's an Asian guy who looks like Tim that I had for tennis class as a Junior, and the girl is still a few feet away from me.

    I tell Tim that it must be her free day, because those are a lot of jobs...and I realized I think I should help him go out with her, rather than me taking her out.

    I guess what I did was just help him get a date with her,
    and that's all I remember.

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