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    Purple Scarabs, Almost Late to the Bus, InvisibleWoman

    by , 05-17-2012 at 07:15 PM (1744 Views)
    Purple Scarabs (Non-lucid)


    I'm inside a lecture room, and I think everyone is watching a screen presentation. I could tell that most of the students could care less from what was being presented, and after it was done, a lot of people started to leave one by one.

    There was a female professor in the back of the area that wanted the students to stay, probably to see if they had a few questions related to the presentation, but her voice was weak, it wasn't convincing enough to startle the students that left the room.

    I look at her face after she wanted to students to stay in the room, and then she has this passive demeanor that is full of disappointment, it's like she felt like a failure, and she just looks at space randomly. Probably to forget about how she can't even instruct the students with confidence.

    After there were only 10-15 students I decided that I should go ahead and leave as well, seeing as this lady failed. I felt kind of bad for her, but there wasn't anything interesting after the presentation was done.

    I think some point while I'm in the room, a swarm of purple beetles or scarabs start from the front area and begin covering the walls quickly. I think I'm running from them, but that's all I remember.

    Almost Late to the Bus (Non-lucid)


    I'm sitting near the stairs of a building outside, and it's probably late afternoon. I'm resting from some kind of activity before, but I can't remember. I was wearing short pants, gray or black, don't know why I'm mentioning that though.

    I'm just taking my time relaxing, just watching, hearing, just getting used to calming down.
    I could've done a reality check at this point, because everything was neutral, which should've made me realize something was wrong.

    There were a few people walking past me, and I believe I had my shades on, so I that gave me a little confidence in staring at them a bit longer than usual. Pathetic....I know.

    After watching and looking at random people, some girl and her friend suddenly remembered that they have to reach for the Bus before it's too late. She said it's 7:25 I believe?

    I find that funny because I set my alarm to wake me up for a CANWILD technique attempt around 7:45 AM...wonder if that was a cue for me...

    She and her friend get up and run to the path to get to the Bus, and I had a hunch that I should be going to the bus as well. I end up passing the two women, and a blonde female is riding the bus.

    She was pretty skinny, and was wearing a very light violet hoodie the was opened. Then I look back to see if the other girls would come, because I was going to tell the bus driver to wait for them. After they go in, the dream shifts to where the bus driver is taking a right somewhere.

    I'm still holding on to the small pole near the entrance of the bus, and something doesn't feel right...it's like I don't really belong here. It's because before, I could've just ignored what those women said about being late to getting to a bus stop.

    Funny how things turns out when you decide to take a random path...

    InvisibleWoman (Non-lucid)


    I can't remember much from this, but I'm on IRC chat, and InvisibleWoman (DV member) was showing me a link with a lady with large breasts. She was wearing a light pink dress shirt with both sides lining up half wear on her breasts.

    I think it was an anime picture as well, reminded me of a certain woman from a movie called "Immorality."

    Oh right, the chick's name is Sayako, she's kind of like some kind of sex demon that drains the life force out of men while seducing them....isn't that funny.....another succubus...

    And as for the movie itself, you don't want to watch it, it's lame....reallllly lame.
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    1. Komisoft's Avatar
      BOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS. Interesting dream hahaha. Shame you couldn't recall more of this. Also you have tons of DJ entries. Nice work
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    2. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Yeah, sometimes it's a pain if I want to find a certain entry, and thank you.

      And practicing the CANWILD tech daily will make me have to sacrifice some dream recall for a few days or so.
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    3. Komisoft's Avatar
      Yeah I guess :/ Keep trying though
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    4. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      The first dream must've creeped you out with all of those Purple Scarabs. I would've ran too! Lol expecially if it was a swarm of roaches! Ugh, and a dream with full display of jugs, is always a goodnight.
      Linkzelda likes this.