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    Racing & Ron Jeremy, Tubes and Sex Fest, Finding a Hotel, Measuring Tape Tongue, Balancing Corona...

    by , 11-18-2012 at 07:40 AM (940 Views)
    Hardcore Racing and Ron Jeremy! (DEILD)


    Asked my subconscious to help me wake up, keep my eyes closed, and remain still. And she helps me out here! <33333

    I hear the alarm that I set, and I become aware that I'm awake, and I immediately enter the dream state within 30 seconds or so.

    I get up from bed, and immediately checked out the window in my apartment. The light in the living room is on, which is a big difference than before. The environment is clearly different than in waking life.

    There's a huge tree that's apparent near the front yard of the apartment complex, and there's all sorts of things that I could describe. I do a nose plug reality check, and then proceeded to open the door to the left of me.

    I get out, and I walk around a bit. I noted to myself that I'm dreaming, and how I will have a stable lucid dream. I had thoughts that said, "wake up!" "wake up!" but they are immediately eradicated out of my dreaming mentality.

    I'm completely immersed in the dream scene, and nothing is going to stop my stabilization in the dream at all. So I started to talk to Eva mentally for a few moments, and then I started to touch my chest more. I rubbed it more and more, and things started to get more detailed.

    I'm walking on a newly tarred black road, and see there's curved road way heading to the left. There's this house to the right of me with a long curved slop going upwards. There's a lot of cars within this driveway, and the garage seems to be open.

    I'm afraid, because I had a strong temptation to take one of the cars away from whoever owned all these cars. After a while, after seeing one car completely opened on both sides, I decided to go in quickly.

    I head on the left side for the driver's seat. The car's exterior is a light brown color, and parts of it makes me presume it's a Lamborghini with a fix of Ferrari parts as well.

    The interior is mostly black, and I realized the vehicle is already turned on. I looked to my right and noticed the front passenger seat is open, and the padding between the seats is giving me a bit of a challenge here.

    I have to get up and move my rear on the padding a bit, and then I slam the passenger seat shut. I close the driver's seat as well, and then I tried turning my head back to check and see if there's any oncoming vehicles.

    Seems the back window is completely blocked by the large brown sofa-like chairs, and I decided to back up either way, even if I could've smashed into another vehicle.

    I start accelerating fairly quick, and before I know it, I'm already on the high way. I have amazing control, and I'm turning the vehicle around tight corners at amazing speeds. I'm seeing this all in third person riding the vehicle, and I'm mostly seeing the back and top of the vehicle for the camera view.

    I make a few wrong turns, like going to the McDonald's drive-thru for instance. Everything still maintained a decent about of detail, despite all of the high-speed madness going on here. The atmosphere is mostly gray, and it feels like morning will arrive in a few minutes. After going crazy with these twist and turns, perfectly not hitting into anything, at least not hitting into everything, I'm suddenly in a NASCAR type of race.

    Then it turns into a race where the field is open for any kind of car stunts. It seems Ron Jeremy, during this point in the dream is watching me somehow, and I'm led to this assumption because there's some random guy in a blue racing suit that popped up for a few seconds stating,

    "Ron Jeremy hates it when you're doing this!"

    "He hates it when you're trying to speed up the ramp!"

    I'm speeding up the ramp, and Ron Jeremy doesn't seem to mind at all, in fact, I can sense him encouraging me to do the stunt, which I did with ease. After random driving and pulling off the ramp stunt, things calm down a bit, and Ron Jeremy gives an analysis of what happened.

    I think he gave me an overall positive review, and it's hard to recall the exact words he stated, since they're typed or set out in a blurry font that has a lime green background behind it.
    Women in Tubes and Insane Sex fest (Non-lucid)


    Holy hell, this was just....submission to the extreme.

    Throughout this whole dream, I'm seeing things from above, so everything looks flat, but is still easy to distinguish what's 3D and what's not, but most of the environment and the people I'm looking down at are 3D.

    Spoiler for 18+:

    I can't remember much after that.
    Finding a Hotel (Non-lucid)


    I'm riding a bicycle, the type that hardcore cyclists utilize in those marathon races. I seem to be wearing a completely black outfit that's flexible, and conforms to the curves of my dream body easily. The leggings of this full sports outfit stops between my thighs.

    I'm have lean muscle, and my whole body seems to be fairly proportionate. I'm riding a bicycle on a road, and I have my chest a few inches behind the bicycle front, and I have my arms in the "L" position as I use the lower handles you see in the same cyclist bicycle.

    I'm riding fairly well, and I think a few people are riding bicycles as well. I get a phone call from my mother, and I quickly take it out while having one hand holding on to a handle and a brake. She starts asking me if I have enough stuff with me, and I start getting annoyed by this and told her that I'm just fine.

    I hang up, and reached for my left pocket, and felt a paper-like material inside. I take it out, ignoring the road, and realized it's a $20 bill. It's a bit difficult capturing all the details of the money, but I do see the numbers for it. I put it back inside my pocket, and focused on the road again.

    I started to speed up way more than before when I was distracted with the phone call. I didn't feel any pain whatsoever on my legs, and continued to pedal faster.

    Eventually, the dream shifts, and now I'm near a movie theater that has a red color for it's exterior. It's raining at the moment, and I can feel the rain drops falling down on me sporadically. I quickly find shelter under the Theater thanks to the roofing of random extensions.

    Because of the rain, it makes the atmosphere gloomy, with the dark gray clouds and aura everywhere. Most buildings are dull, consisting of shades of gray and black, while the movie theater itself sustains a high contrast of colors.

    Then I realized that I can't remember the name of the hotel that I bought a room for myself. I worry a bit, but then realized I could call my mother. But then I get distracted, and I decided to explore this place a bit more. I look to my left, and I see a ticket booth with a blonde female inside of it. She's looking at a computer or something, and waiting for people to get near her to buy tickets.

    Then I head for this random hotel in front of me that has a high contrast of colors like the theater, and I have a feeling that this could be the one I bought a room for, but I'm still a bit skeptical about it overall. The carpet within this hotel is mostly dark red, but it has fancy patterns with light brown borders, and a dark green color in the middle.

    I think I have my shoes off, probably because I didn't want the carpet floor to get wet. I have some kind of awareness of where I left off my shoes, and proceeded to walk around bit in this hotel area. It looks pretty fancy, like those really luxurious hotels that cost like 150 bucks or more. The walls have a dark yellow to dark gold color, and the lights on the ceiling have a faded yellow-orange color, mostly leaning towards the yellow side.

    I decided that I should try to find a Help or Information Center within this hotel. I look around the front out reflex, and no employee is apparent, or anybody at all. I could see the transparent Plexiglass doors for the entrance of the hotel in front of me, and I quickly glanced to find it's still raining outside. The environment outside is still sustaining the dull colors that I mentioned before.

    I decided to go upstairs this time, and there's this elderly lady who is coming down the stairs. I really don't pay attention to her that much, but I noticed she wore a fancy light milky pink hat along with a women's suit and dress of matching color that ends near her knees.

    She's dark skinned lady, and I believe she's wearing glasses. For some reason, she starts having a conversation with me, and I don't what she said to me to get my attention. I honestly was focused on finding help, and hopefully finding a phone source I could use, since I think my phone was probably fried from the rain, or that I forgot I had one altogether.

    So I'm conversing with her, and I mentioned how I have a hotel room reserved that I paid $70 for.

    "Only $70?" She replies.

    I'm a bit spaced out with she stated that, $70 is a large amount of money, at least for someone like me, who has no job in the first place. She then starts talking about random stuff that I can't recall.

    She's a good at having a gaff with, or should I say, a conversation with. Though she really isn't enticing at all, and I'm not attracted to her elderly composition at all. She does have a positive personality, an d that's really the only thing she has going for her, but come on, she's old, so I can't really be more insulting than I am right now.

    More elderly women start to come downstairs, and I get a dream shift where I'm seeing things in first person view instead of 3rd person. It seems I'm on the first base that's on top of the set of red carpet covered stairs. I realize the walls have a milky Khaki or milky light brown color to them, and it was the lighting that I mentioned earlier that made it look like it was dark gold or something.

    There are some long dark green leaves perching over the intersection of the walls coming together behind me at the base I'm at with the females. Because it's so tall (the artificial leaves), that's what shows the walls true color, that I mentioned in the last sentence.

    The first female that I can recall is to the right of me, and she's wearing a white shirt with some gray colors mixed in. She has glasses as well, and has a pure mix of gray and white hair with a short hairstyle as well. She's light-skinned, light apricot color to be precise, and I believe she's looking at me or the dark-skinned lady that I mentioned before.

    But I think that same dark-skinned lady is not really present, and now I'm with Whoopi Goldberg, who's wearing a loose black outfit with a swamp green color mixed with some gold lining going vertically along the buttons of the dress shirt.

    Then there's another elderly woman that comes by, and she's fairly obese for her age. I noticed the other female to my left is obese as well, and there's a lot of sagging body parts for both of them.

    I tried my best to just ignore my disgust with how they're looking, and their extremely tight shirts that seem to conform to every disturbing sagging body part for their torso. Apparently, to them, this body form of theirs is beautiful, but I still find that VERY HARD to grasp. I just keep my mouth shut, and then I can't recall what happens next.
    Dude with Measure Tape Tongue (Non-lucid)


    All I remember for this dream is a guy with a measuring tape tongue.

    He has dirty blonde hair, and I swear he's familiar, like a variant of someone that I saw before in my Chemistry 112 lecture course last semester last year as a freshmen. He's wearing a white dress shirt that has light skinny blue lines going vertical and horizontally, along with regular blue jeans, and probably black shoes.

    He sticks his tongue out, and a measuring tape line is coming out.
    Balancing Corona With My Feet (Non-lucid)


    All I remember for this one is that I was holding a Corona bottle for someone. I didn't know who, but I did my best to balance it with my feet. I believe I was on a vehicle that's moving, and I couldn't let it the bottle get too far away from me, or else it would break.

    I spend most of the time moving my feet, trying to keep it in place.

    Then there's dream shift where my Zune HD is on a shelf along with someone's Black Ipod Video device to the left of it. The room inside with the shelves has a dark turquoise setting to it.
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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      What a random lucid, but it sounds pretty fun. X)

      But what is this!?

      I had thoughts that said, "wake up!" "wake up!" but they are immediately eradicated out of my dreaming mentality.
      Why are you trying to sabotage yourself!?
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    2. Linkzelda's Avatar
      It happens, but usually it disappears immediately. I don't why it occurs, the last time I remember it being strong was when I was looking for Kaomea waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in a fairly long lucid I had where I met President Obama, remember that one?

      I thought she wanted me to wake up or something like that, and how she wore red shoes and tried to trip me in a dream lol.
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    3. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Oh yeaaaah, I remember that now. I was thinking something along these lines had happened before lol. I guess you just like increasing the challenge for yourself.
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    4. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Not really, to be honest, I rather have things quick and easy. I don't like the challenges, considering how many non-lucid I've recorded, and any lucid I have, I want it to be used as much as I can with as much efficiency as I can get out of it.
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      Well yeah, I was kidding lol. Who the hell likes challenges?
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      Oh, I'm sorry Alyzarin. I've been spacing out lately throughout the day. Forgive me TwT
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      I'll let you get away with it... this time.

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      We can clearly see who wears the pants in this DJ entry.
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