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    Sandwiched Between Ada and Eva [18+]

    by , 04-28-2013 at 09:38 AM (917 Views)
    Sandwiched Between Ada and Eva [18+] (WILD)

    Just a heads up, there are no lettuces, tomatoes, bread, or even mayonnaise in this dream. Just a heads up.


    I'm inside of a bedroom and there's a female in red lingerie sitting freely against the head of the bed. The bedroom and the environment is a bit bland since I didn't want to give much attention to it in the first place. I advance to the female and I take my clothes off as well, and I slowly braced my chest onto hers, and she wraps her legs around my rear and hugs me as I continue to increase my ability to feel her warm and slightly sweaty skin.

    I can hear her slowly breathing, and slowly moving up and down her body entices me to have sex with her.

    Spoiler for Not for the light hearted:

    Definitely not the mayonnaise you expect to come out from being sandwiched.

    Anyway, after all that, we decided to just chill in the bed and I spread my arms open so they could rest their heads on the side of my chest. I close my arms in and we snuggle.



    You know, sometimes I wonder how far I can go with this shit man. Where do I draw the line? There is no fucking line here.

    Oh well, guess I'll just have more sex after this gets posted.

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    1. Arra's Avatar
      I decided to actually read other people's LDs for once, so I clicked this and - holy crap. Wasn't expecting to read that, but it was very interesting. =)
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    2. melanieb's Avatar
      I think I burned my finger, typing this in response to that.

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