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    Sean Connery's Hideout and Tommy Lee Jones, Penetrating Contest (SDE Day 15)

    by , 08-29-2012 at 01:59 PM (767 Views)
    Sean Connery's Hideout and Tommy Lee Jones (Non-lucid)


    Sean Connery and me were at a beach, and he's just wearing a dark blue beach underwear. He presses some button near some rocks, which opens up a secret door. We quickly go in and it closes, and the insides of this place consists of shades of brown.

    The place was fairly small, but pretty nice for one person living here. I see Sean Connery, though I can't remember what he's wearing exactly, probably a dark brown sweater and khaki pants now instead.

    He's walking around, and I'm just standing there watching him move around his hideout. I try to make conversation with him and tell him,

    "You keep this place pretty clean Connery," and I also mentioned something else about the place he's hiding in, probably related to what conceals the place.

    He moves around a bit some more and tells me,

    "There's still some bottles on the floor."

    I didn't know what to say after that, so I decided to look around the place myself. I looked at window curtains, which completely covered the windows. They had some weird colors, but most of them were dark colors, maybe some white too. I take a slight peek to see what's outside, and I see a lot of houses that are packed together.

    They were long sideways but not so much in length. Most of the houses I'm looking at had bright colors like light yellow for the base and dark colors like dark borwn for the roof. The back of some houses were supported by these thick wooden structures that were deep into the ground, and some houses were even above a slight downward slope.

    I look around a bit, and this place seems peaceful, and at some point in the dream I decided to go to the exit, but not open anything. It was like a big pipe entry that was cut in half. I look around the walls and floor, and one part was different from the rest. Instead of being a darker shade of brown, it looked like it had a gold-ish type of color.

    Maybe that was the switch to activate the exit, beats me. I go back in, and probably did more searching around the house while Connery was busy doing something else.

    The dream shifts, and apparently, someone has found out about Connery's hideout. He's out defending himself, and I'm only watching him, but I'm not part of the action at all. He's just using a pistol, dodging bullets while staying near the secret entrance that's covered up.

    But the environment now changes from a beach to some kind of construction area. The secret entrance was to the left of a small sandy hill that almost went over a gray wired fence. Connery was on that slope, and barely takes any shots at people.

    The dream shifts again, and I don't see Connery anymore, and I'm pointing a gun at someone, but it doesn't seem like they're going to do anything to me. I'm still being cautious because I don't know how I got inside this bus in the first place.

    The inside walls and ceiling were light green, and the seats had a dark turquoise type of color, and this whole section felt so old to me. I had a feeling I ran out of ammo, so I quickly too some gun magazine and quickly slide it into the slot of the gun.

    I put the magazine in the wrong way, because while I'm still holding a gun, I get an angle where I can see under me, and the magazine is clearly not inserted right.


    I had to do something quick, so I pretended to act all serious again in front of these people, and quickly take out the magazine and put it in correctly this time. I aim the gun left and right at the three people near me just to make sure none of them don't pull a fast one on me.

    By this time, the third person was outside of the bus near the opened window behind the driver's seat. I don't recognize her visage at all, looks like a randomly generated dream character. Most of them are wearing white dress shirts and black pants, almost like fancy pilots and flight attendants.

    Then Tommy Lee Jones, a fairly old version of him, comes in out nowhere, and walks slowly towards me. While he's walking on the left side getting closer and closer, he looks at me for a little while, stops where he's at,
    and after that, I forget what happens next.

    Penetrating Contest (Non-lucid)


    This dream is weird.

    Spoiler for 18+:
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      Interesting, one of my dreams involved the coast as well.
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