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    September 2013 - October 2013 Dream Journal Entries

    by , 12-03-2013 at 06:49 PM (592 Views)
    Sitting in Lunch and Comparing Electronic Devices (DILD)


    I had the intention to do a recording of using IamCoder's Halovision plugin for sleeping prior to a WBTB and then after a WBTB. However, since I'm not used to waking up so early after only attempting a WBTB a few weeks ago after months of just focusing solely on reality, wasn't able to get the motivation to move the laptop near the bed.

    Made me realize how much sleep is more enjoyable when you stop making a habit where you would prefer to wake up as soon as you hit that tra

    I'm in a school cafeteria, and based on how my senses were in the dream, the atmosphere or condition of the dream in general was fairly milky and blurry in some aspects. The tile flooring consisted of a milky violet color with black rubber or colored cement separating each square by maybe half and inch to an inch wide.

    It was afternoon within the dream seeing how it was fairly sunny outside by looking through the glass windows. The seating arrangement in the cafeteria consisted of long light gray tables going horizontally in perspective of you looking at this text and light gray circular flat seats supported by a curved J shaped metal attached to the bottom railings of the table.

    I noticed that I'm wearing an general outfit similar to a High School get-up I had horrible sense of fashion in. It was a maroon polo-like shirt with black jeans, joes, and a black wind jacket of some sort. I proceed to an empty seat where to the right was an individual that had a long-sleeved shirt under a gray shirt. Sitting down, I take out a random object out of my pocket, and I started having a small conversation with the dream character.

    I noticed he was similar to someone in waking life that I used to know a little bit in High School, he had an enthusiastic demeanor. I held the electronic device and noticed it's similar to the Zune HD I had. I wasn't paying too much attention to it, just tilting it in a semi-circular motion and noticed the same dream character was listening to something on what seemed to be an iPod.

    Wake Up! (DILD)


    I felt someone's fingers touch one of my eyes to try and open it, and I hear a familiar voice.

    I decide to pretend that I was sleeping, though it seems the dream character knew I was awake. She decides to say "Wake up!" in a casual tone, and I tilt my head and feigned usual sounds when a person is being bothered in their sleep.

    I hear her footsteps trailing away from me, and I hear another female's voice. After things seem quiet, I open up my eyes and I was resting on a white sofa. Its composition was fairly flat and square-like and barely round on the edges. This environment feels very peculiar....too lazy to update on this...

    Lady Spares my life (DILD)


    Shooting people

    Lady almost shoots me but spares my life. Oh, I'm so going to remember this one, hopefully.

    • Mutant being with pulsating heart external from its body
    • Metal Tank with Spiked Wheels grinding everything up except me
    • Coming out with an injured arm
    • Hiding from a female and her group of men that apparenty want to kill me
    • I try to kill the men, but they just won't die
    • Eventually get trapped and I'm held at gunpoint by the lady
    • She smiles and walks off without shooting me
    • I sit there still looking perplexed on what happened just now



    Metal Tank of Death (DILD)


    I believe I'm wearing a warm colored dress-shirt, maybe a milky yellow color that's tucked under a gray dress pants. I'm wearing a gray suit as well along with a brown belt with a silver or brass colored buckle in the middle.

    My hair is shaved off, and I find myself in a dark area. I don't really pay attention to confirming if I'm dreaming or not, this is just one of those dreams where you decide to get absorbed into the adventure instead of destroying the environment and being confused on what to do next.

    the floor consists of milky and faded yellow tile flooring, and there seems to be small hallways, almost built like a maze. I'd presume each hallway was about fifteen to twenty feet wide, and I find myself lurking around the corners.

    I have a dark gray gun in my hand, and I can't really make out all the details because there's several yellow lights in random patterns on the ceiling. After walking a bit, I noticed there's a fairly large entity in front of me about twenty feet away.

    It looks like a mutant, completely disfigured body composition, and I'm wondering just what it actually is. It seems to have a face, but this face looks like it has been mutilated, and it's hard getting its visage in good detail.

    It consists of an dark apricot skin complexion that's stretchy and a bit flaccid in a few areas. It almost looks like it's dead, or just pretending to be dead. I noticed that it's heart was external from its body and was still beating.

    The heart had a dark violet color, and was pulsating in a slow but strong frequency. Things shift and there's a metal tank with two cylinder shaped wheels going horizontally that have small spikes on them.

    I make a run for it, and the machine grinds up the weird mutant body.

    I can't remember what happened next because I wasn't expecting to get a lucid.

    I got an iPhone....wait, just a lucid dream... (DILD)


    I was taking an hour nap from attempting 71 minutes of image streaming. I did 3 hours of it 2 days ago, and it's amazing how quick things come by in my mind lately.

    I'm inside of a house similar to the one I'm currently in, and I go outside and go around the side yard and end up talking to two dream characters. I don't know what I was going to mention to them, and I end up being distracted by the mailman that comes by.

    He's an elderly man, but seems to be in pretty peak condition for his age, and he gives me a brown box with my name on it. I go inside the house and open it up and realized I've been given a free iPhone!

    Some dream character that looks like a relative of mine started to state that someone merely glued all those pieces together and managed to make the phone look like new. For some reason, this prompted me to realize once more that this is just a dream.

    My enthusiasm was sapped, good bye imaginary iPhone!

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