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    She Wants 10 More Men for Sex

    by , 10-25-2014 at 05:11 PM (521 Views)
    She Wants 10 More Men for Sex (DILD)


    I was in bed with another member in this forum because I wanted to meet them, but not through this way. I wanted to be in a more platonic environment, but I guess my mind was rendering this virtual experiential reality as the only way we probably could even communicate.

    And maybe thatís the probability I have to consider, and if thatís the case, I might as well move on with my life instead of trying to rekindle with them directly; especially if circumstances in real life wouldnít make it compatible in the first place. Or maybe Iím missing the whole point, and thereís some underlying and symbolic meaning as to why this emulation of someone else is presented this way.

    Iím mostly watching whatís going on, but Iím aware of sensations of my feet and legs despite looking in a third person point of view. Sheís to the right of me, if youíre looking at the screen just the way you are, and she has the sheets near her chest raised up. Accepting her invitation to do whatever to her, I proceed to do so, until she stated she wanted 10 more men to join in on the fun.

    What is this, Oceanís 11?

    I just couldnít comprehend why a female needs 10 more men to have sex with her; thereís only so many holes to where if you need that much, itís overkill.

    And even if they're just a DC and a figment of my imagination, why do they need to be occupied by so many people anyway?

    I'm probably just missing the point of this dream, so I'll leave it at that. Wish I could censor out 97% of this entry, as it would probably be blatantly obvious to that member of who it is that wanted to have sex with me. Maybe she'll know, or not.
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    1. Dthoughts's Avatar
      Haha, woulden't you want 10 chicks to have sex with at some point in ur life?!
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