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    Short Non-lucid dreams from a little nap

    by , 07-06-2011 at 09:13 PM (713 Views)
    Talking Non-Lucid Lucid

    I decided to take a nap this afternoon.

    Someone who was supposed to come today in reality came, (I didnít do a reality check), and he brought one of his two sons with him. I greeted the father and the son too. As usual, Iím on my laptop doing something and I just tell the little son to just sit on the other black rotating chair and play on his Nintendo DS.

    Then Iím dreaming Iím in school again, I think Iím in the locker room. Everything was vague since I was only taking a nap. But I was going back and forth to certain areas and to the same locker room, each with something different occurring.

    Then Iím in an area with a few tennis courts, and I see some girl practicing her groundstrokes. I didnít get a clear view but, I believe she was blonde and Caucasian. I then go out towards one of the metal fenced gates in the tennis courts to do some running. As Iím running, I see the girl and a few people with her helping her practice.

    Then Iím suddenly seeing some guy I knew from the tennis team whose name is Anston. He is wearing a purple shirt and black shorts. The scenery wasnít clear, but it was a big green field as Iím running around this ever-changing school. Then I see Anston running towards somewhere, but I didnít check.

    I go back to the locker room again and all I remember is that now there are a bunch of guys going to change their clothes there. I go searching for my locker door, and its number was 9900 or more I believe. Before going to this locker room, I see these people that I knew, the most prominent was this African-American named Jasmine I think, but her body looked out of place.

    Anyway, thatís all I remember for that little nap I took. I had my eyes closed, but then I realize it was just a nap I took and decided to wake up since I wanted to see my progress on the Farcry 1 torrent I was downloading .

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