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    Sniping & Ripping Someone's Head Off

    by , 10-12-2014 at 07:27 AM (432 Views)
    Sniping & Ripping Someone's Head Off (DILD)


    This is a very disturbing dream simply because for the first time in a long time, there was something I did that would be very graphic, and maybe gore-y to some extent.

    Iím bending my knees at a hiding point within a train station of some sort. The atmosphere consists mostly of a milky sepia toned overlay, along with subtle hints of brown, and dark mustard gold components as well. Thereís a contrast of very cool colors like blue, green, and violet to the left of me.

    But whatís really important is whatís located to the right of me. Based on my emotions, I felt as if I was having to mentally prepare myself for doing something very bold. Apparently, it was to assassinate an elderly man thatís onboard a speeding train, and I have to use a sniper rifle in order to kill him. It seems this was suitable for some reason due to how noisy the train may be, which would mask out the sound of the sniper rifle shots.

    I canít recall what kind of clothing I was wearing in particular, but I presumed it had to be very light in order for me to traverse around the area quickly and efficiently just in case I needed another reference point to shoot form. And I believe there was someone right beside me that would be my backup/partner/comrade, but I didnít pay too much attention to them, even when being aware of my peripheral vision on the right side.

    It made sense since all I could focus on was the target at hand. I wasnít sure why I was doing this, and it felt as if I was just playing the typical video game where the character has to shoot down some grandiose villain who happens to be proficient in Black Marketing with Uranium, or some other atomically potent weapon of mass destruction.

    I noticed that I seem to be at a perfect angle in order to take several shots at once with the rifle. Imagine being aware right where youíre at now, and knowing youíre bracing your back against the intersection of two walls that would be going out in a ďVĒ formation expanding away from you. Now imagine the scenery shifting from a sepia tone overly, to one consisting of cool colors (e.g., turquoise, violet, green). This will be crucial in distinguishing what would be an implied ďactual time and spaceĒ setting with the cool colored overly, and the sepia tone that would imply that time would be put to a halt while Iím able to move freely at ďnormal speedĒ compared to the space surrounding me.

    I noticed what looked like your casual train going through a linear track system is coming very soon, and I seem to fluctuate between controlling time a little bit, and going through trial-and-error of how I would land my shots. As the train gets closer, maybe 50-100 feet away from my location, I prepare the rifle, and zoom into a first person perspective, and it seems I have auto-assist in the dream or something.

    Because itís automatically shifting my aim sights to the head and chest region of the elderly looking man Iím here to kill. Heís fairly tall, maybe 5í9íí - 5í11íí. Heís wearing a milky violet-blue dress shirt with some kind of dark blue-ish violet upside down triangle material in the interaction of the V formation his attire is exhibiting. Heís wearing a milky blue suit on top of that dress shirt that is covered up by the buttoned-up suit, and is wearing pants of similar color to the suit.

    He seems to be at least within his late 40s, early 50s, but his body composition was deceiving as it implied that he could be very flexible and agile, and yet still have a powerful existence at the same time. Heís just casually standing around inside of the train. Within the train, the lighting consists of watery-lime green overlays, and somehow the attire the old man is wearing makes it easier to track him down.

    Not questioning the weird logic behind this, I prepare to take a shot, and as Iím shifting my awareness to first person perspective, time is slowing down for me. I seem to be fluctuating in visuals of sepia tone, and the cooler color tone I mentioned recently for this dream. Everything seems to be connecting, and I have my sights dead-on at this guyís head, and if not, neck and upper chest region.

    I make no hesitation, and made my first shot that creates a very linear white smoking stream thatís akin to what you may see in a Halo game.

    Just as I was expecting him to fall flat on the ground, it seems that I either missed, or he has an existence that seem impregnable to whatever damage is done to him, or he has a bullet proof vest that can withstand the impact of a sniper bullet coming straight at him at a high velocity.

    I almost panicked a little bit simply because he would now be aware of his surroundings, and try to find the location of where the shot came from. Fortunately, he was in his own state of shock, twisting his upper region along with his head, arms and fingers, left and right as heís anatomically allowed to move to.

    And because the train is slowly moving into my limit of making a sniper shot, I somehow made time go even slower, and shifted myself quickly to another reference point to shoot from, and this time, I was able to fire 3-4 shots into the chest area of the man. But even with this ability to slow time down, and also how the gravity works as well when Iím moving, nothing is working.

    For some reason, I decided to do something very unorthodox, and I canít remember how I did it exactly. Somehow, I threw away the sniper rifle altogether since its weight would probably drag me down tremendously. Then I made a very quick dash to the left side of the train, and found some way to get inside the train.

    From this point on, it seems I had better control of coordinating my dream body movements compared to the previous aiming that felt like I was just a spectator gently guiding the aiming for the dream body Iím looking from a third person behind the back perspective. Taking advantage of the time manipulation, I somehow get the old man to be pushed out of the train through the windows, or something to that effect.

    I immediately jump off just seconds after heís thrown onto the left side of the train tracks. The environment turns back to a sepia tone overly once more, and I guide my hands towards the back of the manís face.

    And then used as much centripetal force, along with making a downward curve that would end in me having my left knee bent in a tilted L-shape, and my right kneed on the ground, to decapitate the guyís head off.

    The moment this happened, the scene shifts to people looking through the window, and a few taking their upper region and heads out of the window in surprise of what was going on. One dream character I seemed to have recalled decently had a weird M-shaped mustache that was very curly and long. He looked more like a pirate rather than a person with a casual shirt and pants attire. The main colors of his outfit consisted of red with gold trimming, along with a white dress shirt underneath the red suit.

    Iím surprised as well on what I did to this guy just now, and this reaction seems to prompt me to shift my awareness elsewhere.
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    1. melanieb's Avatar
      Not bad.


      I liked the decapitation fatality! :)