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    Stay Right Here, One shot, Blonde & Kitty, Killing Spree, Bacon and Anderj101, Starbucks, Steve Jobs

    by , 03-18-2012 at 06:25 PM (1060 Views)
    Stay Right Here, One shot, Blonde & Kitty, Killing Spree, Bacon and Anderj101, Starbucks, Steve Jobs (Non-lucid)


    Spoiler for Extra information:

    Dream 1: Stay Right Here....

    I'm in a classroom, and Lucille Ball from "I Love Lucy" is the teacher. At first I am not taking notice of this, I'm mainly focusing on the fact that there's a bunch of random people here.

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    After a while, it seems that students start to head out of class one by one, then it feels like they're getting even more scared every time one leaves. After a while, there's only a few people left, and I can't really remember the girl to boy ratio, but I saw
    Lucille roll her eyes a little bit.

    She said something about us staying right here, and she's declaring this as if we're her possessions. I try not to worry too much, but I remember a flash before this where one student that I thought was tough freaked out.

    I pretended as if I was afraid of him by purposefully sucking up to him and asking that a tough guy like him should be able to handle this type of situation. I felt kind of bad being sadistic in my own way because his response was that he wants to get the hell out of here basically.

    Poor guy, guess he was just being tough on the outside. Then the dream is back to where I'm in the classroom with the
    Lucille look a like. She's being a little quiet, but she's making sure that no one else leaves the classroom.

    I'm still assuming she's a crazy fuck who wants to make us her play things, but the women in this dream seemed to be perfectly okay with that, or maybe I was paranoid in this dream. I couldn't pick off any kind of fear from these women, if there would be one, it would just be a small expression of being bored.

    I think
    Lucille started to write on the chalkboard "QJ" or "JQ," and it was in red writing I believe with a thin yellow outline or some kind of bright color. Then Lucille said something that sparked an interest to the women in this classroom.

    She said something about a workout plan that we're going to do, and one of girls were filled with joy, and I think they even said that feel like things are going to get better or something like that.

    I think this whole time, I'm pretty much the only guy in the classroom, at least from my perspective.

    I'll just stop there, because I feel I'm just assuming the women's feelings if I continue.

    Dream 2: One shot Kills

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    I'm in a Call of Duty type of simulation dream again, and apparently the mode that's set is all weapons have a one shot kill. I become aware of this because I see the menu and an option hovering over what seems to be one hit kills, or something related to it.

    I'm in this weird place that is mostly water, so there's a lot of mini wooden bridges, with some mini-huts that help link to other bridges. It feels like I'm in a jungle, and I'm actually in the water looking up so I can do a sneak attack to random people in the battle field.

    I see one person crouching wearing camouflage, and I'm literally just a few inches of him noticing I'm right below him. So I take out a weapon, and I'm not paying attention to what it is, but I shoot him.

    It fails the first shot, so I try shooting again, again, nothing works. Then I start spamming the shit out of the weapon. Nothing works, I KNOW I AM SHOOTING HIM, I mean, I'm THIS close from him, missing a shot from this distance would either mean I'm have the competence of shit, or I'm having problems with weapons actually killing people in my dream.

    Then the dream shifts to where I pick other victims, but this time, I think they realize I'm there, and this time, the water that I thought I was using as a means to do a sneak attack is completely gone. At first things seem to be going at normal time, and by that, I mean seeing things in a logical smooth transition.

    Then when I lose grip on holding on to the edge of the mini wooden bridges, everything goes in slow-motion. Even though I'm basically falling, I'm still shooting this person who is also shooting me in slow-motion.

    Things get even slower, and I see a bullet that's slowly coming towards me, and then the first person perspective changes to third person perspective where I see my arms spread out and my legs out. Basically, my body is in a "U" shape formation, probably just conforming to the gravity occurring.

    The bullet is getting closer and closer, and I try to do something about it, and the bullet has a light gold tint to it, but that wasn't my main concern.

    The dream either fades or I'm just too afraid of the bullet actually making lethal contact with my body.

    Spoiler for Extra information on what I did for a failed WILD:

    Dream 3: Blonde & Kitty

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm in this random neighborhood, and the sky sort of gray, it almost feels like it's going to rain or something. It has that mystical feel to it, the weather just felt like it was perfect, and the gray clouds were soothing in some way to me.

    I'm walking on a sidewalk, and to the left of me is a long white fence I believe, maybe it was another color, but my first assumption is that it was coated with white paint.

    As I'm going forward in this random neighborhood, in fact, everything is in third-person perspective for a while, and then I notice a cat resting on the edge of the window outside of a house.

    It was on a pretty high window, and the cat looked like it passed out or something, because it really looks like it's having a good time sleeping to not be concerned about possibly falling down in its sleep.

    I look at it for a while, and then I turn around and I see a female in front of me? I know it was a female, and maybe she was a Brunette, or even a Redhead, or blonde, I'm not too sure on this.

    Then I hear a cat meow for a few seconds, and it seems it's the same cat that took a nap high above the edge of the window of a two-story house. It got closer to me, and I heard it purring for a while.

    I thought it was going to rub itself on my leg and purr, but it came closer to the female in front of me who is standing on the edge of the sidewalk. The cat is trying to get her attention, and it eve pokes her near her ankles for a while.

    Then it starts touching near her waist by extending its body a little bit, and I realized this cat is a little bit longer than your average cat.

    I believe the girl turns around to see the cat is interested in her, but I didn't see her face immediately, despite her turning around to see what was all the commotion with the cat touching her and everything.

    Then I turn my face to the right, and I see a blonde. She's wearing a small white hoodie jacket most likely, light blue jeans, and I believe a blue shirt underneath the white hoodie.

    She comes closer and closer to me, and I believe she's mentioning the content on my Zune HD, and how I have promiscuous videos in it, but when I look at it, I only see a small random clip of an Episode of Danny Phantom.

    (I don't even have Danny Phantom on my Zune HD, nor was a I huge fan of it anyway. I mean, I watched it whenever I had the chance a LONG time ago, but that's just it).

    I didn't really see anything bad on the Zune HD, but for some reason, I agreed with her because I still felt ashamed of what was in it. She started to mention other things, but I forgot most of them.

    Dream 4: Killing Spree

    I'm in a building that's fairly dark, I believe me and three random DCs have to kill a group of people. There were 4 windows, and each of us were assigned to a specific window, and I had the one to the right that was south of the other one.

    I don't know what weapon I'm using, but I'm assuming it has an explosive attachment, since I'm trying to blow up a huge vehicle that is slightly left of my perspective. I try to kill the person inside the vehicle first with regular gun ammo.

    He finds me and looks at me like he's scared, and starts running, but I end up shooting him after missing for a while. The thing is, I don't really recall him actually dying or at least seeing his corpse.

    After I presumably killed him, I started to shoot the vehicle he was in, and hopefully see that it would blow up or something, but it doesn't work.

    Dream 5: Bacon Fast Food & Anderj101 in an Adult Scene???????

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    It's bright outside and I believe I'm with my father, we're going to some fast food that seems that it uses a lot of bacon. We go inside, and I look up at the menu above and see that there isn't a lot of options other than bacon, bacon with eggs, more bacon, and some other stuff I couldn't remember.

    My father is trying to ask one of the employees a question, and I'm trying to nudge at him to make him stop, but it seems he's just ignoring me. I look at one of the employees who is a female. She's kind of overweight, and she's wearing Khaki pants or light brown pants, and she's wearing your typical fast food uniform.

    The uniform mostly consisted of light yellow and dark gold colors, and it seems like she's a new employee, since I see her reading the instructions on how to make something. It looks like she's using a glass container to store some things like a huge block of cheese to fit its rectangular shape.

    She adds some rice on top of it along with a few extra small blocks of cheese while reading the instructions in front of her. She starts to mix if up a little, and then something random came up in my mind.

    The store seems to sell custom made photos of people who come to the restaurant often, and apparently, Anderj101 is their #1 customer!

    As I'm scrolling down this list, I see nothing but Anderj101 pictures, like him wearing a party hat, or with a small dog, and many things. It was funny seeing all these pictures of him, until a video clip came up of him engaging in sex scene with a lady and some other guy.

    He was in a double penetration porn video shoot, and I just can't process my expression after seeing this. I think he even says one point in the video, "Look what I can do!"

    Dream fades and he starts to abuse this woman along with the guy doing the same to the lady as well.

    Dream 6: Starbucks Conversation?

    I'm at Starbucks, and they're keeping the place fairly dark with small lighting. I'm waiting in line, and after it's my turn, there's this girl who skips me, but I let her skip me for some reason because I didn't want to start some type of petty conflict.

    The employee near the cash register saw this and didn't let the girl choose her order, and I think she says that she can after I get to pick what I wanted, so in a way, my silence was rewarded.

    I chose the Vanilla bean milkshake Frappuncino thing, and I ordered it in Venti. I wait a while for it, but I can't remember actually getting it. The dream shifts to where I am holding it most likely, and I go to a random seat, and I see a few familiar faces.

    I saw a girl that looked like Jasmine that I know in waking life, and I believe another person who looked like Kevin. Let's call him Kevin G.

    They're asking me some random questions and are smiling, and they usually are people that smile at me a lot when talking to me, and usually had small conversations while they were working when I went grocery shopping.

    I don't remember what they were asking me, but I sit there for a while and forgot everything after that.

    Dream 7: Meeting Steve Jobs??

    It's afternoon, and I believe I'm calling a person named James that was ranked #2 in a High School I went to in academics.

    I asked him if he knew about the event for the tennis team, and he confirms that he knows about this and says that he's going. I tell him all right and told him goodbye.

    Then I started to walk funny. You usually take a step to balance yourself for the other step, but I stretched my legs a bit further reach step, as if I was trying to rush to get somewhere. I could feel my legs going faster than normal, and I was worried that I might start sweating near the bottom region of my body.

    The environment feels like I'm at A&M at College Station, along with other structures that were probably contained in my unconscious from other large areas. I continue walking funny by stretching my legs far away from my body than usual, and I see two males riding a bicycle.

    They looked like twins, and they were wearing dark sports clothing. They took a break to stop and drink some water or whatever it is they're drinking, and they're doing it simultaneously!

    So before they're almost done with their drinks, I decided to move up a little bit to pass them so that I wouldn't have to wait for them to ride their bikes perpendicular from the direction I was going.

    I move up a large set of steps, and as I'm heading towards the left to go down to another set of wide steps, I see Steve Jobs just walking by with long gray business pants and a black shirt.

    I believe as I'm passing by him, and even before I saw him, I heard voices on people saying that others shouldn't have some kind of new interest in Steve Jobs accomplishments this late in time of his death.

    That's all I remember sadly. I'm not really trying to attempt MILDs, DILDs, or anything like that for now because WILDs are going to be the only thing that will increase my chance in finding Kaomea and Alyzarin.

    The other methods just don't cut it anymore, so I guess I'll be going through a lot of moments being pissed that I missed a lot of opportunities to go into the dream state directly after WBTBs.

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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Anderj would never be in an adult video like that! D:

      Spoiler for ...:

      But I can definitely understand why he was at that restaurant. I wish I could see those pictures.

      These dreams are funny, I like the first one especially.
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      Lol hahahaha
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      Blech, I had a lot of recall too, I don't know if I can get this all written down before we go out to lunch/dinner. I had a couple lucids though, and I finally see how useful RCs can be, I used one inadvertently. I need to start using them regularly!
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      That's sweet! If you're in a rush, just categorize them, I'm sure you'll remember them later on. Hope you have have fun during lunch/dinner.

      I think the only exciting thing I might do today is go to Starbucks and get a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino and go back to my apartment. xD

      Which is funny because when I recalled the Starbucks dream, I had the sudden urge to just waste 5 bucks on a somewhat tasty drink.
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      Thanks! Well, I've already got them all typed out on my phone, just not on the computer.

      Haha, well that sounds fun too.
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