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    Tall Sporadic Lemur Monster & Searching for the Man in the Red Shirt

    by , 03-22-2014 at 01:19 AM (448 Views)
    Tall Sporadic Lemur Monster & Searching for the Man in the Red Shirt (DILD)


    Things start out in a spectator point of view, and I eventually shift into a third person view of myself. Iím walking, being able to feel the soles of the shoes every now and then, and then focusing on my torso region for a bit. Thereís several dream characters walking with me, and one I canít really recall decently enough, but with the other two DCs, I presumed she was a female.

    One was a small chimp or monkey in a 3D cartoon style composition. It had a fairly odd head shape, and the anatomy of it definitely correlated to a cartoon-ish look. It has light brown fur, and a milky caramel color for its face, hands, and feet. I had a feeling this little guy was going to be very crucial for whatever it is weíre going to do.

    Then thereís the next DC thatís very tall, and looks like a lemur with white fur, a dark blue face, hands, and feet. It looks like it wants to murder me anytime it feels like it, and the worst part is that it keeps following behind me. Apparently, if the lemur, that was probably 10 feet or more tall, wanted to cause harm on me, the little guy would hum some kind of tune, or use some form of communication to calm it down.

    I had to deal with this cycle of what felt like every 15-20 minutes in waking life. Thankfully, the little guy knew how to protect me. The other dream character that I couldnít see was most likely female, and maybe a dream character that resembled Natti in waking life. Iím presuming this because another dream where I was with her and a lemur, it seemed as if I was looking at her point of view, and seeing myself through her, just like how it was the same occasionally in this dream.

    I have a feeling that we were communicating, but I put off recalling this dream for most of the day that I canít recall anything except for the fact that weíre searching for an individual. This individual apparently would be wearing a red dress shirt of some sort, and over time, I had a feeling that he looked a lot like Dickson from Xenoblade Chronicles:

    There were a few regions on his visage that were a bit different from Dickson, but overall, he looked the same. For his outfit, he was probably wearing a red version of the picture above along with a dark gray version of the white jeans he wore as well.

    The dream environments looks fairly barren, and the closest connection for it would be akin to the environment of Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time:

    Except, it was a lot more detailed, and less blocky. It wasnít the exact replica of the environment, but there were moments in the dream like walking through mini-wooden bridges, and small cave entrances here and there similar to it.

    Now, for some reason, we didnít want him to know that we were following him, and I had to resort to stopping time in order to see where he could possibly. This seems to be the first time I resorted to manipulating time in a dream, and actually being able to pull it off as if itís second nature to me. The dream atmosphere turns into a Sepia overlay fluctuating with a light brown overlay as well. I can feel my dream body waving left and right like water for a bit before being able to stabilize myself in the stillness of everything and everyone else.

    At this point, all I was fixated on was walking a linear path, and getting a feeling that Iím getting closer and closer to this man in the red dress shirt that. It seems this guy is still able to walk, but very, very, very slowly, and I quickly turn back the moment I find him. Iím not sure if I communicated with the DC that was actually a human, but it didnít seem like it would matter at all.

    At some point in this dream, the lemur monster seemed pretty close from inflicting damage to me, and the little guy managed to save me in the nick of time again. Iím really not sure why this lemur is being sporadic, and it seems to have a contrasting demeanor to the more reserved and calm female type I saw a few weeks ago.

    The direction of the dream starts getting blurry, and I can only recall a few patches here and there. I recall being inside a building, seeing the man in the red shirt preparing to enter a large cave, and then some random DC suggesting something to me in what seems to be some kind of gym.

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