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    Throw the Gum Away, Running Up Stairs, 2 Men & 1 Woman, Eva? Anyone???

    by , 05-04-2012 at 01:36 PM (1591 Views)
    Throw the gum away (Non-lucid)


    I'm sitting in class, and it's almost time to leave, I can just feel it.

    I was doing some project with some people I can't remember, but apparently, people were waiting for me to be able to be dismissed. It took me a while, but everyone started to shift their attention towards me.

    I look at them have that "Okaaaaaay" face on me, I get up, and I think I was chewing gum.

    Guess the teacher wanted me to spit it out for whatever odd reason that prevented us from being dismissed. I wanted to be a hero and throw the gum in the trash can, but I miss, like I always freaking do, and did the walk of shame.

    I heard some voices going, "Nooope" "ahhh ahhh!" "awww" when I was going to shoot the gum in the basket.

    I go back to sit down, and that's all I remember.
    Running up Stairs (Non-lucid)


    I believe I was with a group of people, and one of them was summoning trees to grow larger or something, and then the dream shifts.

    I was in a house, don't know who it is, but it has a lot of small sets of stairs going up to the attic. I was going up pretty fast, probably even skipping a whole set, and turning to the other sets until I'm finally up to an attic.

    I see those same trees that were extended, and they were weird looking trees, they looked more like zoomed in versions of flowers.

    There's this random tree-house attached inside the house, and it extended to the outside. What I mean is that if you decided to go inside of it, it would be in midair, but supported by the house itself.

    It looked unstable, since I tested it but tapping my foot near the floor, and there was some creaking sounds....definitely not going to an unstable tree house outside of an attic.

    Oh, and apparently, mooseantlers (DV member) built the tree-house because a message came up as a chat bubble saying,

    "Mooseantlers built this."

    After that, I can't remember anything else.
    Two Men & One Woman (Non-lucid)


    This felt like a middle school dream or something of the sort, maybe a High school one. I was sitting down near the bleachers in the gym, and I was sitting next to a blonde girl.

    Someone was complaining why we need to eat stuff, well duh, to survive...right?!?!?

    Anyway, I was holding an object in my hand, but can't remember what exactly. The girl I was sitting next to, the blonde, she basically smelled me without making it apparent she was smelling me.

    She was disgusted by it, and shifted to the left a little bit. I ignored her to pretend like nothing happen, and to save embarrassment if other people looked at her and saw that she moved away from me.

    There was some guy sitting one level on the bottom of me, and he was telling me what's up, and how it's been a long time or something like that, but I ignored him. I saw him make the face that said, "Oooh okay, guess I'm not cool or anything." but I didn't care too much.

    I believe she was wearing a white dress shirt, blue jeans, and based on my peripheral vision, she probably had freckles as well. The instructor/teacher requested everyone to arrange themselves to where there would be one female and two males for a group.

    She said that,

    "It would be best to have it with two males and one females, because having a female in it will give more attention to you all" or something like that.

    There was this new girl sitting next to me, and based on my peripheral vision, she looked like she resembled a Biochemistry classmate I had this semester. I forgot her name in waking life though, and she was Hispanic as well.

    She wore a black sports jacket with white stripes along the sides of her arms, and had a red shirt underneath it. I believe she was wearing long black sports pants as well. There was another guy with us, but I didn't care too much about him, he was sitting left of her.

    After a while, I think the dream starts to fade, and this is probably one of those dreams where I get closer and closer to finally getting a CANWILD technique done.
    Eva? Anyone??? (DEILD)


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    Okay, so......IT WORKED IT WORKED, now to just keep up with the technique. I set my alarm on the computer to wake me up after four hours of sleep instead of the usual 5-6 that I tried this week.

    I told myself that when I hear the alarm, I would wake up, keep my eyes, closed, and remain still. Worked like a charm! In fact, I woke up from a dream naturally, kept my eyes closed.

    I presumed that since I woke up, it was probably a few minutes before the actual alarm set off. So I told myself in this void state from coming out of a dream that I would still keep my eyes closed and remain still, and it works!

    So the CANWILD tech, although I came out of a dream naturally, I was able to listen to the alarm passively. Once I heard it, started getting ready to get into the dream state.

    After maybe 10-20 seconds of being still, started to feel this fuzzy feeling around my head and neck region, but I kept calm, with my eyes slightly open, but I closed them shut, and then I realize it's my dream eyes.

    But to make sure I wasn't opening my real one, I closed them and imagine what the room would look like.

    My dream eyes opened naturally. I was laying on my left side in the bed, and when I was looking inside of the room, the walls were white, and it definitely was NOT my apartment this time.

    I think it was either me in someone's house, or maybe this is just a new setting my mind wanted me to explore a little bit. I do a nose plug reality check, and from that point on, I focused on stabilizing the dream.

    Stabilization was my main objective, along with trying to summon Eva, of course.

    Anyway, the same bedroom I'm in, it had stickers all over the walls. I couldn't tell exactly what they represented, but I know there was this dim light blue light radiating from the bottom somewhere, probably to serve as a nightlight for whoever house this is.

    I open the door, and slowly walked out to the living room. The flooring has a wooden shine to it I believe, and it's fairly empty, but everything is pretty vivid in this dream. I turn on the lights, because there were a lot of doors arranged in this dream, and I was a little fearful that something random might pop up.

    I kept holding my nose and breathing through it to remind myself that I'm dreaming, since the place would be an environment that I would take for granted and become non-lucid or something. There was some temptation to roll my eyes, which has a nasty tendency to wake me up, but I suppressed the urge, and still kept myself in the dream.

    I'm walking around the living room, and there's a light lamp shining from above, while all the other areas such as the kitchen and dining room were left in the darkness.

    I decided to summon a T.V., didn't expect it to work but, it did! An HD widescreen T.V. showed up, and it was gray on the external layers on it.

    Wow.....that's amazing, summoning something simple as a T.V. was a challenge for me. I think I either turned on the T.V., or listened to another one in the house.

    A commercial was playing, or some clip of a random movie, but I never seen anything like it, so I guess it's just a collaborated event going on. There's this blonde female in the shower, and there's two men in it I believe.

    Don't think it's porn scene, lol. Anyway, she looked like she was afraid of something, and walked over quickly to the strong and muscular guy for protection. It was kind of short, the clip that is, and I focused my attention back to myself.

    I even rubbed my hands slowly as well, finally getting a sense of what it's like to feel my dream hands. Things shift from third person to first person perspective for me a few times, and I believe that's what caused me to get the dream stabilized, since in most of my non-lucids, it's mostly third perspective.

    So I guess I just need to get used to being in first person perspective in these lucids now, will help tremendously.

    Anyway, I figured that since I'm stabilized in this dream long enough, even though I should've stabilized some more, I decided that since I summoned the HD T.V. in front of me, I said,

    "Eva!" and waiting for someone to appear, but nothing. I mean, I knew that it might've taken a while, and that I should've been patient, but since that didn't work out, I decides to say,

    "My previous dream guides!"

    .................................................. ......
    .................................................. .........................

    Nothing lol.

    I was sitting on a small soft chair meant for one person to sit on, and I think I had one of my legs over the other.

    Disappointed, I get back up again, and then the dream starts to fade, and I think it's because I was starting to see myself in third-person perspective.

    Anyway, glad I got a lucid from autosuggestion and setting the alarm after 4 hours of sleep for the successful DEILD, so even though I didn't do the CANWILD like I thought I would do, I still did it because I told myself that I would be aware of the alarm, and remained still and keep my eyes closed.

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    1. littlezoe's Avatar
      Gotta read after this CANWILD... This self-suggestion to wake up and remain still sounds like it could work for me, as i succeeded with DEILDs already ^^

      Congrats on the dream
    2. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Thank you! And yeah, going back to the technique that got me a lucid months ago was a smart move on my part. I just have to be consistent, and get better at it.
    3. sinoblak's Avatar
      edits: Thought the first comment would be mine.
      Next time don't wait for Eva to show up, Link, just tell her to go to hell or whatever. She will come and even will insist to stay in your dream.
      Updated 05-04-2012 at 02:03 PM by sinoblak
    4. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Your logic is going to fuck me over lol.

      No thanks, I'm not going to tell her to go to hell, because she just MIGHT. What's wrong with you woman!?!?

    5. sinoblak's Avatar
      A slut like Eva couldn't bear being rejected, lol!
    6. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Hey now! She was forced to do those horrible things with Volgin, so she can get information from him.

      His crotch wasn't going to grab itself, you know!

      And besides, it was either that, or her being shocked with 10 million volts of lightning..=(
    7. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Okay, now I see what you did there, you made me defend a fictional character.....ugh...damn you.

      Yes, yes...."nice guy."

      But after the PM I sent to melanieb on what I would do to Eva, I guess I might as well play along with your game, lol.
    8. sinoblak's Avatar
      Link, I want to think that you don't expect to meet the exact game character called Eva in your dream. It won't happen, lol!
    9. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Updated 05-04-2012 at 03:32 PM by Linkzelda
    10. sinoblak's Avatar
      Because you wouldn't be at ease around Volgin.
    11. Linkzelda's Avatar
      10 Million volts on my nuts? Of course I wouldn't!

      You know, he like males as well. Though Hideo Kojima never confirmed his possible bisexual nature.
      Updated 05-04-2012 at 05:08 PM by Linkzelda
    12. sinoblak's Avatar
      Keep safe, Link.
      And I deleted the message. Who knows how drunk I can get, so you're right in a way to warn. Nvm, interesting read.
    13. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Lmao, I knew something was wrong with you. I guess you tell the truth when you're drunk.
    14. sinoblak's Avatar
      Lol! Nothing is wrong with me!
      I just know how it feels someone to make your secrets public.
      yes, I tend to tell the truth when I'm drunk, and not only, though I haven't been so mean to tell my friends' secrets to other people so far.
    15. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I guess it's because you're comfortable around me.
    16. sinoblak's Avatar
      Lol, yesssssssssssssss....
    17. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      Congrats on becoming lucid man! Sucks that you could not summon Eva though this time. Have you ever thought about using mirrors to summon her?
      Alyzarin, sinoblak and Linkzelda like this.
    18. littlezoe's Avatar
      Lol at these comments, haha
    19. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Congrats on becoming lucid man! Sucks that you could not summon Eva though this time. Have you ever thought about using mirrors to summon her?
      Nah, not really good at getting things with mirrors to be honest, if I was good at phasing through objects, yes, but other than that, I just gotta booty call her or something.
    20. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      Nah, not really good at getting things with mirrors to be honest, if I was good at phasing through objects, yes, but other than that, I just gotta booty call her or something.

      Ah, i see. Ah, well then..try this technique. (don't know if you done it yet) Go near a mirror, take your finger and write her name on the mirror, and tell her to appear, That should work like a charm.

      If all else fails i got plenty of options for you man.

      Oh, and Goodluck!
      sinoblak, Linkzelda and Alyzarin like this.
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