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    Tight Seating, School Bus, Code Lyoko Monster Fight, Sensui & Beach?, Promise, Caterpillar

    by , 03-17-2012 at 09:00 PM (1959 Views)
    Tight Seating, School Bus, Code Lyoko Monster Fight, Sensui & Beach?, Promise, Caterpillar (Non-lucid)


    Dream 1: Tight Seating in Restaurant

    It was afternoon time in this dream most likely, and I'm in a restaurant that doesn't have many lights on because the sunlight provides enough of it.

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    I try to find a seat somewhere, but most are occupied, so I end up taking a whole tour around the section of seats in the restaurant until I found one. There was a male who looked like a guy named Julio I used to know in High School.

    He and some other familiar people that I know I met, but just can't get their facial patterns. As I'm sitting near the empty seat, I find it really hard to try and get through the tight space, but from my perspective it looked like I was going to be able to sit down with no problems.

    But as I'm trying to sit, my chest is being pushed from this short space, and for some odd reason, instead of getting out of this space, I continue to go deeper and deeper in this limited space.

    It seems that I ignore this, but I'm still feeling the pressure from sitting from such a tight seating area, and I'm probably talking to Julio about something.

    Dream 2: In School Bus

    I believe I'm sitting inside of a High School Bus with my friend Rudy in waking life, and we're talking about a few things that I can't really remember. As the bus stops to let people who live in the area come out, Rudy has to get off from this stop.

    I asked him if he has to get off from this area, and he probably says yes or something like that. And since I was probably sitting on the left side of the seat we're in, I get up to let him pass and exit the bus, and then I went back to sitting down.

    Then after a few people pass to exit the bus, I decided to leave it as well to go somewhere. I get out of the bus, go to the front of it, and then slowly walked to make sure there weren't any vehicles passing by because the bus was blocking my side view.

    Everything is safe, and I proceeded to go forward, I don't know where I'm going, but I see my friend Rudy still walking somewhere in my direction behind me. As I'm going to make a turn, Rudy tells me "Take care, Brandon," or something along those lines.

    I reply back and said, "See ya later, Rudy." Then he makes a turn to go wherever he's going and the dream fades after a while.

    Dream 3: Code Lyoko Monster Fight

    It seems I'm walking with the main group of characters from Code Lyoko, and apparently, Odd is sick, so he can't really go to some field trip to some restaurant or something. There's this contest to where if you can hold a certain food without eating it for a certain time, you would get a free meal from the restaurant.

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    Then the dream shifts to where Jeremy is checking an alert message popping up from his computer. I assume it's X.A.N.A., who probably activated a tower. (X.A.N.A. multi-agent program that the group has to fight against in the actual series)

    But it seems to be a false alarm because Jeremy isn't really picking up anything from X.A.N.A.'s end. So everything is okay for now, until ANOTHER alert message shows up, which is enough for us to go into Lyoko and find the activated tower.

    Apparently, Jeremy did something to mess up something, which gave X.A.N.A. an advantage to set out an attack, and Ulrich is slightly bothered by Jeremy's recklessness I believe, because he made the situation more dangerous than it should've been.

    Jeremy responds that he's going to try and fix the problem the best way he can.

    The dream shifts to where I'm in Lyoko with Ulrich, and probably Odd and Yumi, but what I was doing at the time was a little bit too tense to check on the others. I'm top of a ramp, and I see Ulrich using his motor vehicle to build up speed to ascend towards the fairly huge monster in front of us.

    And it also seems that we're in the Forest Sector, but it seems that the same ramp was the only type of ground surface we could rely on, so the Sector was probably close to being eliminated.

    (Which means X.A.N.A. most likely controlled Aelita by brain washing her with one of his monsters (The Skipazoa to be precise, but I didn't see the monster) to enter 'Code: XANA' instead of 'Code: Lyoko' that she normally inputs to deactivate the tower and make a return to the past before X.A.N.A's plan at the time is done).

    He uses that acceleration to land somewhere on top of the monster and stab it. The Monster looks like some elongated mechanical bug. I just know that its top region was light silver or gray, and it had some weird looking dark blue oval orb on it's head.

    It definitely looks like a product that X.A.N.A. would make to fight off against the Lyoko Warriors.

    I'm on a vehicle as well, but things are in first perspective, so I can't really identify what it is, and I start to accelerate down the same light green ramp, and as I'm going up towards the boss, I use something to stab him and hold on to that object (probably a sword just like Ulrich's weaponry).

    It seems this new monster isn't really taking too much damage from my thrust to its body, despite going really fast from a ramp to create deadly amount of force. Then I notice something weird, there's a screw contained in one of its body's lower regions.

    I decide to go near this area, and I don't know how I'm still holding on to the monster, but I am, because if I let go, I'll probably be destroyed completely if I fall into the Digital Sea. I unscrew the screw, and it drops the lower region of the monster's body to the Digital Sea, and we finally destroy it.

    Dream 4: Shinobu Sensui and Alaskan Beach features?

    Yuske from Yu Yu Hakusho is running along some character that looks like Itsuki, who is behind him. The situation seems to be intense, because a yellow light is rotating fast and constantly as if an alarm has been triggered.

    (You know how you watch movies and hear the alarm sound off and the whole place is glowing with red light with loud noises? Yeah, it was like that, except that it's glowlng yellow and sometimes orange).

    As they are running, one of them said, "Your penis is this big." The other replies, "Shut up!" while still hanging on to the process of saying "up" for a few seconds.

    They manage to get out of the exit, and it's like seeing the white light getting closer and closer as you're trying to rush away from the darkness. When we get out (and I mean we because I'm in spectator mode in this dream), it's dark outside.

    The dark sky had an attractive vibe to it. It had a dark voilet type of setting, and as I'm recalling this, it felt like I was getting closer and closer to the shared dreaming location that Kaomea, Alyzarin, and myself agreed on.
    (But instead of being highly suggestible and speculate on the wonder of that possibility, I'll just continue on to the dream)

    I believe the surface we are standing on is white sand, which again, I don't want to be highly suggestible, this sand did carry on features of the shared dreaming location for me, Kaomea, and Alyzarin. It felt like the Alaskan beach, but it was so vast, and I mean VAST, it's just that I didn't think about it much because of it being a non-lucid experience.

    In front of the two characters is Shinobu Sensui in his younger days before he had the traumatizing experience in the actual series that caused him to split his whole personality to cope with the fact that the Humans he thought he was helping to save from the demons are in fact are just as or are even more horrible than them.

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    I'm including that because the look on his face, it was so innocent, his face was like a naive child who had the skills of a cold-blooded killer. You could say that seeing him, it's as if his countenance was completely filled with the idealistic ambition of a black and white view on what is right and wrong, just like he was in the series.

    It seems that the Kazuya side to human must be at its early phase. (Sensui had Multiple Personalities Disorder, but it wasn't so much of a chaos since the individual sides came out independently to conform to the given situation, so Kazuya most likely came out because he's the side that is completely sadistic and the cruelest out of all that deals with the bloody and digusting acts).

    Kazuya is talking in his accent just like in the show, which sounded like a Biker Punk in a way, like how Yusuke described him in the English dub. Kazuya is talking about random things like "Help to make me?" and then he starts snickering.

    I didn't realize this, but when he said that, I realize he was basically saying things right from what he actually said in the series.

    Then I see a huge blast come out of nowhere, and it has to be Yusuke's Spirit Gun coming at us. From what I assumed in the dream, Yusuke probably teleported so fast to shoot from afar, and then teleported back to where we were, or maybe it was really just a random blast of energy coming out of nowhere.

    Sensui dodges the attack since it seemed to be directed only towards him. Then I see Yusuke in his demon form looking up, saying he wants to build a community????

    The dream fades before I see Yusuke walk a few times towards this vast environment that had some features of the Alaskan beach Kaomea set up for us.

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    Also, a fragment that happened somewhere along in this dream for sure was me actually being Sensui, and I'm riding a bicycle along with a few people at night, but that's all I remember for that.

    Dream 5: You Promised me....

    The dream starts out where I'm in a hallway. It seems I'm in a school related dream, and in front of me is a dead end with a door to a classroom. There were more doors on the side of where I am, and there are a few people waiting for a class to be over with.

    While they're busy standing around, I think I get a little impatient, and I knock on the door. I move back a little, and I see the door open slowly. For some odd reason, I'm afraid of who is going to come out.

    The person is wearing a gray hoodie, and they have the hoodie over their face, but the fact that I was so afraid because the person looked pissed that I turned my back to the group of people waiting near the dead end.

    One of them smiles at me like they wanted to say that I probably shouldn't have knocked the door. And I felt like someone was going to tell the person that I knocked on the door, but I make the silent NO! expression to them.

    After a little while, the people in the same classroom I knocked the door from come out. While they are coming out, I go in, and I see a female in front of me. She looked a lot like Ashely from the tennis team I was in at a High School. Let's call her "Ashley H." for the sake of being private about her being.

    It seems Ashley H was passing up slips, or pieces of paper for students coming inside the classroom. She's really close to me, and I gaze at her cuteness for a little while. Then to the right of me is a girl that I knew from Middle School.

    She was the type of girl that had an insanely big ass for her small figure, along with perky breasts as well. She had fairly big lips, but not too big to where it become a distraction, in fact, she had red lipstick on them.

    Before I had the chance gaze her red and enticing lips, I feel in the back of my mind a person coming out of another door. I believe he is talking to someone, but I can't pick out who. He told the person,

    "You promised that you would let me fuck her mouth."

    I was a bit bothered by this because as he was saying this, I was looking at the girl to the right of me with the insane body ratio. I was looking at her red lips, and only looking at them. I saw the creases on her mouth, and it was as if they were going to pull me into a vortex or something.

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    When I finally broke free from looking at her lips, I walked around a bit trying to find a seat. I saw a person who looked like James that I had in AP Government in High School, along with a bunch of random people.

    He's looking up at me, but just glancing and going back to what he was doing, and I try to find somewhere to sit.

    I think I do find a vacant seat, and that's all I remember unfortunately.

    Dream 6: Caterpillar and Old Man Screaming

    All I remember for this dream is that I was walking around somewhere, and one area was off limits for me because whenever I stood near this area, the dream resets.

    It almost felt like someone was pushing me back.

    I think another part of that happened after was me observing a preserved jar of some type of Caterpillar. I expected it to be still since it was contained in a gel type material, but I saw it moving a little bit, as if it was trying to swim in it.

    Then another dream shift is where some guy is pissed off at something, and he bends his back as if he's going to do a long and loud, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" voice.

    I know I had more experiences, but I just forgot them. But I guess my recall is getting okay now, better than not remembering anything at all I suppose, so I should be grateful that my mind is being nice to me like always in remembering these things, even when waking life does bother me from getting them down quickly.

    Focusing on emotions, and other senses, like Kaomea told me, helps a lot, and I think I'm getting used to it now to the point that I could go more and more into the dream, and really think about everything mentally to where I can associate so many things from only a few fragments that can extend.

    Again, this is one of many reasons why I find Kaomea a suitable partner for Shared Dreaming along with Alyssa as well.

    And I might as well focus on all things that I can since when I do meet them, or at least one of them at a time, I can capture the emotions we experience to where we won't have a warped recall, like how Kaomea helped me go through a parking garage, but I felt hazed out because I thought it was something else, and we actually ended up having a non-lucid (for me) shared dream together .

    (Apparently, that seems to happen a lot when people don't try to match up REM stages), but it amazes me that when I think a dream is random, when Kaomea or Alyssa finds something similar to that, it makes me believe both in dream telepathy and the dream plane itself.

    Either I try so much to become aware about myself that I end up knowing how certain people will feel in their dreams, I guess it's just an ability I should take advantage of, because it'll sure to have positive results in the long run.

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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      I wish I could suck people into a vortex. Maybe I'll work on that as a lucid power....

      Ah, you're getting closer to the meeting place! I still haven't really had a dream location that seemed to match it yet. :T I wonder if I could try getting there by just flying up into the air in a random direction and expecting it to show up....
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      That could work, especially how you talked about flying insanely fast.
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    3. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Alyzarin: Ah, you're getting closer to the meeting place! I still haven't really had a dream location that seemed to match it yet. :T I wonder if I could try getting there by just flying up into the air in a random direction and expecting it to show up....
      Bet ya could... I think I found a place similar to that, that lagoon area... in fact, I had two lagoon-ish type dreams recently. The next time one of us gets there, they're responsible for creating a massive vortex and yanking the other two to them. Mhm. So if anyone gets interrupted in a wet dream, NO GRUMBLING!

      As they are running, one of them said, "Your penis is this big." The other replies, "Shut up!" while still hanging on to the process of saying "up" for a few seconds.

      Again, this is one of many reasons why I find Kaomea a suitable partner for Shared Dreaming along with Alyssa as well.
      Seems like a good mix. Not sure if the snake dream I had was relaxed to Aly but who knows. I'm not complaining either way... gonna try and focus on her a bit more since I've gotten a number of looks at you, Link. New energy is hard to recognize (for me at least) but I've got a pretty good feel for how you appear in dreams, Link. I'm glad some parts are making sense and similarities are showing. I'm excited for the day where we all come back like, "Oh my god, the dragons!" the other person is like, "And then the cannibals!" and the last person, "And that part where Link had two heads, COMPLETELY HILARIOUS."
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