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    Tranquilizer Gun Fails, or I'm a Lousy Shot, & 120+ Subjects Learned?

    by , 04-15-2014 at 05:49 AM (789 Views)
    Tranquilizer Gun Fails, or I'm a Lousy Shot (DILD)


    Iím hiding behind a rock thatís probably 5 feet wide, and maybe 3-4 feet tall. I have a tranquilizer gun on me, and I believe Iím wearing a black tac suit as well. The environment resembles a jungle, and the ground itself had a color of white rock material thatís covered by all sorts of minerals, dirt, and grass.

    The areaís pathway Iím on seems to be curved like a ďC,Ē where if I were to reach the end, I would probably have to jump off from a pretty high elevation to get to the lower section of this area. Iím as the bottom end of the ďCĒ shaped area, and thereís a soldier patrolling around the section farther away from me.

    He looks kind of like a Panamanian guard that you would see in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, though Iím not sure if the design for the Gamecube version was different from the XBOX.

    How I conceptualized the whole experience seemed to have involved me looking at my dream self through third person point of view, and occasionally feeling my dream body as well. I try to take my time to aim the tranquilizer gun at the guard, and it seems this experience in the dream had to be reset several times because I was either missing the shot completely, or I didnít shoot him anywhere in the head to hopefully make him unconscious quickly.

    One experience within the reset was that when I took a shot, and miss, some kind of random object launched its way over to the guard. The object was hard to see from afar, but I remember that it had a violet color with a slight overlay of blue. The guard turns around, looks alert, and isnít hesitant in calling for backup.

    I can visualize how said backup would arrive, and thereís soldiers wearing some kind of dark yellow camo outfit with brown spots spread around it, along with them wearing black masks where only their eyes are portrayed through a horizontal oval cut-out.


    120 Subjects Learned? (DILD)


    Apparently, I tell someone that I learned over 120 subjects in High School and at a University.

    Words come out of my mouth like crazy, and I felt like it was just coming by naturally without any intention of having to cover anything up. I think I stated I learned 110 in High school, and the rest at a University.

    Even though the dream didn't make any sense, it's kind of true of how you barely learn crap at a University, other than:

    Spoiler for university/college logic:
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